Just a girl with some sporadic free time and an intense love for food. Mostly, I bake; it's what i'm most comfortable with. Occasionally I dabble in savory, and i'm a sucker for sides, salads, soups and appetizers. I'm not very "main-dishy."

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  • Location: saint louis, missouri.
  • Favorite foods: Depends on the day/season/smells coming out of my kitchen. Gingerbread, anything with lemon, a simple roast chicken, eggs done any way.
  • Last bite on earth: Currently i'd fly Christina Tosi in and have her make me the chocolate chip layer cake from the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook.

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Share Your Sweets Topic for July 10

love this week's 'Share Your Sweets' topic; it made me giggle a little bit. "For the love of everything, PLEASE don't turn on your ovens to bake something! the world is hot enough already!"
agreed. :)

9 Ways to Use Summer Vegetables In Dessert

that's my favorite typo EVER. "freshly sucked corn." yum. :)

Share Your Sweets: Almond Sweets

hi @carrie vasios! looks like you have "becca's jam macaroons" listed instead of "shannon's jam macaroons."

Bake the Book: Entenmann's Chocolate Chip Loaf Cake

I feel like i want to want this cookbook; I grew up on Entenmann's and it holds a special place in my heart. I've put off getting it because i've read some mixed reviews on it, so i'm excited you're doing a Bake the Book segment on it! I look forward to seeing how some more recipes turn out. This looks delicious, and I hope you change my mind.

Testing Momofuku Milk Bar Cookie Mixes Against Milk Bar's Cookies

love this post! I recently got the Milk Bar cookbook and have experimented with the blueberries and cream, the compost, and the cornflake/chocolate chip/ marshmallow cookies on my blog. They're not the easiest cookies to make from scratch, and it took a few attempts with different cooking methods to get them exactly right, but they're totally worth the effort. I've never tried the Williams Sonoma mixes, but now i'm intrigued and may do some comparisons on my own. :)
I haven't done the corn cookie yet (it's on the list), but here are my results:

blueberries and cream cookie:
compost cookie:

Where are you posting from in 2012?

posting from saint louis, missouri. i should, yes, be more specific in my profile. i'll get right on that. :)

The Pizza Lab: How to Make Pizza Bianca at Home

Kenji, that looks beauuuuutiful. can't wait to try it.

The Worst Thing I Ever Found in My Food

these are so incredibly gross to read, and yet...i can't stop reading them.

I once found a large bolt in my salad when i was a kid. I told my mom, who immediately informed our waitress. She, in turn, went to find the manager, who came out, removed the bolt in question, and proceeded to say "thanks! we were looking for that. it came off a machine in the back." After that, she walked away, bolt in hand.

needless to say, we never went back.

Get to Know Us: Stella Parks, BraveTart

Stella, you're my baking hero! I love your SE column and your blog. I wonder if there's a correlation between baking and cereal obsession...because i have the same weakness.

Four random ingredients, one course...


short ribs

Oatmeal Banana Breakfast Bars

@Carrie Vasios, we are literally on our third batch of these around here. I'm completely addicted, and i think the rest of the house is as well. CRAZY DELICIOUS. thanks!

Wake and Bake: Oatmeal Banana Breakfast Bars

I just finished making these bars...i thought my daughter would like them. I was right! They're delicious. thank you! I'll be making these again soon.

Duck Sauce

I cannot WAIT to try this recipe; i'm so tired of the packet stuff but had no idea how to make it from scratch. thanks!

Thin is now IN, Holidays are OUT

i'm getting back into my daily workout routine after a few months of being less than, well, active. it makes me feel better and honestly, i don't know how anyone doesn't gain weight making food for food blogs. :) i can't help but snack my way through a post.

i've stocked my fridge with interesting things to make salads with, ingredients for simple vinaigrettes, and there are veggies taking up the rest of the space. it's detox time for me, but not in a starve-myself way.

Happy New Year, Serious Eaters!

happy new year to everyone at SE! thanks for being my favorite food site.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

anything my husband can think of. rice, broccoli, egg casserole, mac and cheese, noodles, combined with sour cream for a dip, egg rolls, get the idea. it's an illness.

Happy Holidays, Serious Eaters

Happy Holidays, SE! I've really liked getting to know you this year. Thanks for being a constant source of inspiration and information to me on a daily who am i kidding--hourly) basis.

How did you do with 2011's New Year's Food Resolutions?

I did really well on my food-related resolutions. I had a baby in august 2010 and vowed to get the rest of the weight off during 2011 by eating well and working out (done!) I also made a promise to myself to expand my cooking/baking skills, and i've done pretty well with that too. eating correctly/ working out has gone down the tubes in the last few months (what a surprise; thanks, holidays), so i hope to be getting back on track with that soon. At some point i'll stop eating my weight in cookies, also. :)

Winter Bark!!!....Outstandingly Good

@teachertalk, thank you so much! i love doing the's a practical way to indulge my baking addiction. those pigs in a blanket are SO addictive, we almost can't make them around here except on special occasions, as they get devoured. they'll be making a christmas eve appearance for us. hope your friends love them tonight!

Winter Bark!!!....Outstandingly Good

@dmc, happy you liked the bark! in the (probably) 15 times i've made this recipe, i've always used high-quality chocolate and it's never steered me wrong. @teachertalk, you're right, what's the point if it's not good? I also always use Planter's cocktail peanuts...they seem to have just the right type and amount of salt, and it really gives the finished bark a nice flavor. we're on our 4th batch here at the house...we've given some as gifts and managed to snag a few pieces for ourselves in the process. well...more than a few. :)

Pie of the Week: Lemon Meringue Pie

Just wanted to say: that is a beautiful pie. i'm a sucker for citrus in the winter anyway, but this puts it over the top for me.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Cookie Season

There was some feverish cookie-baking going on here this weekend so my husband could take cookie trays into work yesterday. Lots of decorated sugar cookie trees, raspberry shortbread bars (HUGE hit), homemade twix bars (millionaire's shortbread), and chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies. Thankfully, there was enough time to get them all together in a little holiday cookie post. :) contains the recipes for the sugar cookies and the raspberry shortbreads.
for millionaire's shortbread:
for chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies: