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Win a Copy of 'Baked Occasions'

Guinness Chocolate Cake with cream cheese frosting and chocolate ganache filling.

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

Roasted chicken.

And British racing green because of the name.

Manner Matters: Help, My Friend Chews With Her Mouth Open

I second (or third) the comments by Ocean and machellebelle. I have an Asian co-worker whose desk is next to mine. She too eats loudly, chewing with her mouth open and making slurping sounds, not to mention the belching. While I find it extremely irritating, I'd be completely uncomfortable saying anything for fear of offending her. This is after all acceptable behavior in her home country (I assume). I deal with it by taking advantage of headphones and timing my lunch break so that I'm not at my desk when she's eating, but it's still incredibly annoying to me.

Win a Copy of 'Robicelli's: A Love Story, With Cupcakes'

I have to go with good, ol' classic yellow cake with chocolate ganache frosting (and rainbow sprinkles of course!)

Oahu Eats


Town (Honolulu) - Excellent meal! Interesting menu (consisting of locally-sourced ingredients). Everything sounded great, we couldn't decide what to get. The homemade bread with olives were outstanding - no idea what the green olives were but they were great. Entrees were just as good, and so was dessert. Plus, the drinks! Really good. Can't say enough good things about this place. Average prices to slighly on the expensive side, but worth it. I guess the only downside is parking was a pain, but we found a spot on a side street nearby.

Roy's (Waikiki) - The only meal we had that topped Town. Pricey, but oh so delicious food. Even the salad was delicious! Everything I tasted was a new and interesting flavor and texture combination. The fish in the sushi tasted super fresh. Very strong martinis - you'll only need one! This was a little bit of a splurge for us, but it was fabuluous.

The Yard House (Waikiki) - We went here only for drinks. I had some kind of bourbon drink with an orange twist. It was so flavorful and refreshing and strong. (...we honestly hardly ever drink, but this was vacation!)

Cheeseburger in Paradise (Waikiki) - We went here because we heard they had the best burgers and drinks. However, the Pina Colada was definitely the worst drink we had our entire trip, and we didn't wind up ordering food because the burgers cannot be cooked to rare (they cook all burgers to medium). This indicated to us that the burgers are pre-cooked or not fresh, so we went to Duke's instead (where they make a good rare burger!)

The Goofy Cafe (Waikiki/Honolulu) - Cute little place on the second floor of a building next to the Hilton complex. Uses only locally sourced ingredients. Breakfast sounded really good, but we got dinner: fried rice and a pork chop dish. Both were really good, tasted like good homemade food. Good prices for a quick, casual meal.

Protea Cafe (in the Luana Waikiki hotel) - On the pricey side for breakfast. I only here once and had an omelet and potatoes. They were pretty good, but nothing special. Hubby ate here a few time, getting the egg sandwich served on french toast. He swore it was awesome, and I take his word for it because it's not the type of thing he'd usually eat.

Honolulu Airport - all I'm going to say is they have the worst food options of any airport I've ever been to.

I've reviewed many of these places on Yelp:
Souvaly Thai:
The Elephant Truck:

Anyway, hope this helps future Oahu travelers!

Life choices based on food?

I despised my ex-BF's eating habits. Totally incompatible with mine. I don't like to eat take-out on a regular basis -- he did. He thought he was an amazing cook, but he was really just okay. We were also incompatible in many other ways, but I'm pretty sure this played in a role in us breaking up because we argued about dinner all the time.

Bake the Book: Puddin'

How could I ever choose between chocolate and banana? How about a little of both?

Vegan Sweet Potato and 2-Bean Chili With Hominy

Are these peppers supposed to be fresh or dried? My supermarket definitely doesn't carry any of those fresh (I couldn't even find a Jalepeno last weekend!). They usually have Poblano which have a nice flavor I think, but not sure how they compare to any of those, and maybe New Mexico on occasion.

Did you make a wedding cake? What went right? Wrong?

I haven't baked a wedding cake, but Smitten Kitchen has a series of blog posts on the subject:

I'd start there. Also, maybe Martha Stewart has a book? I know I've seen her make wedding cakes on TV before (with Julia Child!

Stress-Baking: Any good recipe suggestions?

For stress baking, something with chocolate of course! These are one of my favorite brownies, and very easy because you don't need chocolate, just cocoa (best with good Dutch process cocoa):

They adapt well to all sorts of mix-ins (choc chips, PB chips, nuts, pretzels).

Also, if you want something that takes some time, try these:

Burgers around Newark Airport?

Newark is very close to White Castle... if that's the kind of burger you want.

Win Pop Chart Lab's 'The Various Varieties of Fruits'

Avocado? That must be a fruit, right? And definitely a favorite.

New Ways to Prepare Oatmeal

I haven't met a fruit that doesn't work in oatmeal. As I type this, I'm eating a bowl with apples, raisins, and cinnamon. You can never go wrong with banana. Try stirring in a spoonful of peanut butter, too. Leftover mashed sweet potatoes or squash can also be really good. Peaches, apricots, pears, any and all berries (fresh or dried, or even frozen).... they all work.

Best Cardamom Substitute

Cardamom is a pretty unique flavor and I agree with Teachertalk that it's not like those spices listed. That said, I doubt you will miss it at all in a lentil soup. With something like lentils, I'd be inclined to use Cumin in place of the cardamom.

4 Foods of the Apocalypse

On second thought, sourdough bread is a prepared dish I think, plus I'd have flour... So scratch that and give me coffee beans.

4 Foods of the Apocalypse

If I'm going with sensible: quinoa, kale, beans of some kind, and sweet potatoes.
If I'm going with what I really want to eat before I die: chunky peanut butter, chocolate, mangoes, and sourdough bread!

Where to eat on Oahu?

Thanks so much for these suggestions. I'm going to look all of them up! Very excited about this trip :)

New Recommendations in San Fran

Unfortunately, I didn't get to any of these places, but they're on my list for next time! That's a major downside of (a) traveling for work with a jam-packed schedule all week, and (b) being left largely to the whims of co-workers who've already arranged several working lunches and dinners. I would have loved to try Zero Zero but instead we ended up at the place right next door, Restaurant LuLu. I'd give that a solid "OK" - food was good and atmosphere was pleasant, but nothing overwhelmingly outstanding.

I must share, however, the best place I ate during my quick SF trip: The Sentinel ( 35 New Montgomery St). Hands down the best sandwich I've ever had (or at least in a very long time). The rolls were absolutely amazing, service was prompt, prices were great. A really great no-frills but delicious lunch.

New Recommendations in San Fran

Thanks for the suggestions, and tips regarding my faux pas... I've been in New England my whole life...