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Where to eat in Richmond, VA

I'm probably too late, but Mamma Zu and Sticky Rice should not be missed! If you have room for dessert, Bev's is a must. Basil ice cream, mmm. I dream of it.

German language cookbook recommendations?

Thanks so much for your help, @ockeghem and @geekrockchick! These are both great suggestions.

Tips for repurposing vegan sour cream? It is otherwise inedible.

Actually, pmarie, I do have chickens! I'll make a little snack for them.

Gluten free beer

I really enjoy New Planet raspberry ale! If your guy isn't into the fruity beers, New Planet has a great selection otherwise. Hope this helps!

German language cookbook recommendations?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a German language cookbook? My boyfriend decided he wants to get more into cooking (yay!), and I want to gently encourage our new shared hobby by combining his love of linguistics and spaetzle. Google has proved relatively useless as I know no German to even begin a basic search. Anyone have any good leads or suggestions? Thanks!

Tips for repurposing vegan sour cream? It is otherwise inedible.


So, I bought vegan sour cream as a soup topper, and turns out it's absolutely terrible. I now have 12 oz of the stuff and no idea what to to with it.

Any ideas for recipes that would help me mask the off-puttingly sweet flavor? I was thinking tzatziki but am otherwise drawing a blank. Help, I really don't want to waste it!


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