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Polish Summer Soba Salad From 'Salad Samurai'

Is a 1/2 cup of dill for the dressing accurate?

Where to eat in Richmond, VA

I'm probably too late, but Mamma Zu and Sticky Rice should not be missed! If you have room for dessert, Bev's is a must. Basil ice cream, mmm. I dream of it.

German language cookbook recommendations?

Thanks so much for your help, @ockeghem and @geekrockchick! These are both great suggestions.

Tips for repurposing vegan sour cream? It is otherwise inedible.

Actually, pmarie, I do have chickens! I'll make a little snack for them.

Gluten free beer

I really enjoy New Planet raspberry ale! If your guy isn't into the fruity beers, New Planet has a great selection otherwise. Hope this helps!

German language cookbook recommendations?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a German language cookbook? My boyfriend decided he wants to get more into cooking (yay!), and I want to gently encourage our new shared hobby by combining his love of linguistics and spaetzle. Google has proved relatively useless as I know no German to even begin a basic search. Anyone have any good leads or suggestions? Thanks!

Tips for repurposing vegan sour cream? It is otherwise inedible.


So, I bought vegan sour cream as a soup topper, and turns out it's absolutely terrible. I now have 12 oz of the stuff and no idea what to to with it.

Any ideas for recipes that would help me mask the off-puttingly sweet flavor? I was thinking tzatziki but am otherwise drawing a blank. Help, I really don't want to waste it!


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