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Cioppino or ?

Paella would be good, or a nice Bengali fish curry with coconut milk.

Afternoon snack attack

Apple juice and graham crackers. Reminds me of kindergarten.

Weird food quirks?

In college I used to heat poptarts against a halogen desk lamp. I am not proud of this.

Weird food quirks?

Whoa - not jaw fetish, JAR fetish. I will even buy some things just because the jar is appealing. I once bought a jar of Philipino jellied coconut strips because the jar was nice and fat with ribs on the sides and lid had a sticker of a smiling coconut on it. I kept homemade lime pickle in it, then buttons, then salad dressing, then I had to leave it behind when I moved.

Weird food quirks?

I like salt and pepper on ice cream. Crumbled potato chips are good on ie cream too. Something about the salt. I also like salt and pepper on fruit, like sliced pears or cantalope. I even put pepper in my tea. Yes, a nice cup of strong Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast Tea with a hefty dash of black pepper, and of course, milk. Starts me off EVERY DAY. I also eat canned pumkin pie filling daily, on my morning toast. A long time ago I read that the ancient yogis could live for months in their meditation caves eating just a little raw honey and a tiny handful of black pepper corns. And this isnt really a food Thing, but I have a really bad jaw fetish. I soak off the labels, dry them, and savethem. I use them, but I have way more than I should. I moved last year and had to toss 4 big shopping bags full. I don't want to know what Freud would saw about this.

Thali in NYC?

Vatan on Lexington, around 30th Street is excellent.But there are others on Curry Hill (Lex. between 27th and 31st) that are good. I like the thalis at Pongal, Madras Mahal, Tiffin Wallah, and especially Sarvana Bhavan. At any of these, be prepared to wait if you go for a weekend lunch. I think Vatan is only open for dinner.

What do you slather on bread?

Every morning I have a slice of toast with pumpkin pie filling and cottage cheese, sprinkled with himalayan salt and black pepper. Every day!

How to store ghee/clarified butter?

You can keep it out in a dark cupboard. I lived in India for years, and we kept the ghee on a cool shelf. Also, if you keep it long enough, like a year or longer, it becomes medicinal and is a good salve for skin problems. Ghee mixed with lamp soot makes soothing kajal, or eyeliner that even babies in India wear.


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