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Openings: Arthur Avenue's Zero Otto Nove Coming to Manhattan

Just poking fun Adam ;) as usual.Seriously though,I have never been to Eataly as it really goes against my personal belief about retail and the mega stores in Manhattan.Off topic I know,but I wonder what effect this Batali led monster has had on the fortunes of the Butchers,Bakers and candlestick makers of Little Italy etc.
I refuse to enter a Walmart and the like,preferring to spend the extra and support the Mom and Pops where possible. ( Though I hear Eataly isn't exactly going after the budget conscious)

Openings: Arthur Avenue's Zero Otto Nove Coming to Manhattan

Did Eataly close its doors ?

" The only pizzeria of a similar vein is La Pizza Fresca (reviewed here) about 3 minutes away on 20th Street just off Broadway."

John Riepenhoff's Recursive Pizza

I'm like you Adam,I can't stop looking at it.What a great piece of art.
Quit fucking with my mind will you !

Donatella Arpaia's Blinged-Out Pizza Oven

I have no hate for anyone ( well almost!).
I was commenting on the quality of the finish not the style,and it's just my opinion.
How "Fab and Glam" is your opinion.

Donatella Arpaia's Blinged-Out Pizza Oven

Considering all the hoopla over the building of this oven and the coverage it got,it looks like a piece of shit compared to Mangieri's pre fab SF in SF.
It looks like the mosaic was laid by a cowboy from Albania after a night on the piss.Sad.

Una Pizza Napoletana SF Menu

Website Special Alert ...
You left coasters better get the big bottles of water at $3 a pop instead of the little ones at $7.It'll make that $20 Marinara so much easier to swallow .

Inside the New Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco

Back on topic.......
I really like the new UPN space,but he should be paying royalties to DaMichelle.The Mondrianesque steel fence around the work area is yet another nod to that institution.The sky blue oven is a nice tribute to the Napoli team also I think.

Inside the New Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco

"The Nella and Spaccanapoli ovens in Chicago look very similar"

Same builder.

BTW Thanks for the Ricardo Dalisi info.Now I know why they look so unique!
The vid I linked to looks like Pepe,but it's too blurry to really tell.

Inside the New Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco

@Pizzablogger .......the link Seriouspizza gave of the Nella Pizzeria is a Forno Napoletana built oven.

I believe that is incorrect.

Inside the New Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco

I disagree UnaVia there are picures available on the internet,I know of someone who was allowed to video the whole process,and I have photos i've taken myself.The video I linked to was not the ovens being built in New York AFAIK in case you are confused by that.

Inside the New Una Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco

"Every single Acunto or Stefano Ferrara oven I have ever seen (in person or in pictures.....I have obviously not seen them all) definitely has "Acunto Napoli" or "Stefano Ferrara Napoli" around the opening."

Reheat: Jeffrey Steingarten's Epic 3 a.m. Di Fara Denunciation

Seems like he's in a pickle. Cornichon (e) or Cornicione? I guess he's like me and decides to go on a rant after a bottle or two of Rioja.
Having never been to DiFara - the balance of cons always outweighed the pros,I can't really comment too much.From the photos,hygiene reports,reviews,hype etc everything told me no. I can tell you that IMO everything that I have tried from every lauded pizzeria is overrated.
I love pizza,but even making it myself ,for me ,with the slightest modification for personal taste,I still can not hit my sweet spot every time.Throw different people making the dough,balling it,stretching it,preparing toppings , topping it and cooking it into the equation and the likelyhood of perfection diminishes further.That's why UPN was on the right track being pretty much a one man band,but even he was hyped up beyond belief and everyone drank the KoolAid (including him ).

"Di Fara's is the Tomoe Sushi of wood-baked yeasted flatbread."

Really , DiFaras - wood ?

Naples, Italy: Pizzeria Da Michele and Europeo di Mattozzi

man i'd be scared if I bumped into you in Forcella, GL !
I hope you don't think my pizza tastes like shit now you've had one at DM to compare it to ;) Ha ha .
We need to get together and hit a few of the new spots in town when they open.
BTW how come you're not wearing your favourite Roman fooball shirt in Napoli?

Dear Slice: Try Enrico's Pizza in Sturbridge MA

" our 900-degree, Napoleon-style oven doesn't dry out toppings "

What chance for the pizza when they can't get the basics right?
I was there a few years ago and it was not worth the detour i'm afraid.
Maybe new ownership again?

Washington DC (Columbia Heights): RedRocks & Pete's Apizza

Opening Tuesday, June 8th.....

Orso Pizzeria
400 South Maple Avenue
Falls Church, VA 22046

Soething else for the DC crowd to chew on.

From the Mid-Atlantic with Love

Serious Pizza to open in Baltimore?

Pizzaiolo Wanted (Baltimore)

Date: 2010-05-24, 4:50PM EDT

We're a brother-and-sister duo developing a business plan for a serious pizza restaurant in this pizza wasteland that is Baltimore. We've been scouting locations and setting up our financing, and we're looking for someone with pizza-making or baking experience to work with us on creating the recipe for a fantastic pie, to help us select equipment, and to make pizza. In other words, we ideally want to hire someone in a consulting as well as in a cooking capacity.

A bit about us: My brother and I are in our mid-30s, he's got some restaurant experience under his belt, and I'm a refugee from the NYC legal profession. We both love to eat, to cook, to read about food, to feed people... and we're both pizza whores. Naturally.

So if you love pizza as much as we do and want to help us make it. . . well, we're waiting to hear from you.

Location: Baltimore
Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
Please, no phone calls about this job!
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
PostingID: 1757505139

Openings: Golosi, Midtown Near Grand Central

I'll not comment on the quality,but this joint gets the best Bang for Buck in the City as far as I'm concerned.After 3.30PM the Combo is available for $4.99 :
Margherita slice+Canned Soda+Cup of Gelato (about 20 + Flavors ).I asked if this was a regular special and was advised that it is offered from around 3.30 - 4.00pm.

Pizzaland: The Pizza Place in the 'Sopranos' Opening Credits

Nice write up.I'ts refreshing to read and not have either of you playing up the Soprano connection too much.The guy comes across as a typical hard working Pole who is very happy doing what he doesThough this style is not to my own personal tastes ,it obviously delivers what a lot of people do like in N.Arlington,which has to be one of the most pizza saturated areas in the country.

Nella Pizzeria Napoletana shows Grassano is still queen of the oven

I hear she may be joining the list of the shortest reigning queens ever?

Dear Slice: Some Neapolitan Oven Facts

Actually FP,no,I was thinking of another.My guess is that with Ferarra having an Agent / Office in New Jersey,the UL already in place and a track record going back some time now in the US,it makes life easier for operators here to go with his ovens. ( Regardless of opinion )
BTW looking at the photos of the cupola,those bricks look identicle to the alu refractory bricks I used in my oven.I wonder if Stefano gave Anthony Mangiera any Earthquake certification with his new oven.I've got a feeling he may be going to need it !

Dear Slice: Some Neapolitan Oven Facts

Please accept my resignation. I don't want to belong to any club that will accept people like me as a member.

(and that include APN,VPN,CNN, or any other F in N )

Dear Slice: Some Neapolitan Oven Facts

"Now I know what a good oven is. This one is very forgiving.(Acunto) Like a good car, it's very easy to drive. The one I have in Brooklyn (Valoriana ) is much more temperamental, much more difficult to keep at the same range. This oven is very, very friendly. It makes a nice pizza. The temperature of the stone is always in balance with the temperature of the inside of the oven, so that the pizza is cooked on the top and bottom in the same time. It's not raw on top and burned on the bottom."
M.Palumbino/Village Voice


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