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Daily Slice: Steamboat Pizza, Nantucket, Massachusetts

Interesting, unpocojmoney...

...but that's not a limerick.

The Best Surface for Baking Pizza, Part 12: All-Clad Soapstone

Thanks, Donna; that difference in charring certainly makes a good argument for the soapstone's heat retention (or something).

Here's an idea you could perhaps include in your summary piece -- could you possibly contact the manufacturers and get some kind of official verdicts on the "maximum temperature" issue? Several of these products have "up to 400 degrees" kind of specifications, and it would be nice to have some assurance that 500+ degree cooking won't shatter the things or leech something horrible into the food (or into the air).

To put it another way, selling a pizza stone that can't be used over 400 degrees isn't a very attractive proposition to pizza nerds (I think; I'm not one) so the manufacturers should be eager to assure customers that 600 degrees is no problem.

Jon Stewart Rails on Trump for His Pizza Transgressions

So you're saying she should consult with you each time? Seriously, the "bubble" you list is entirely in your own head. Is Jimmy Kimmel OK? Jay Leno? Conan? FunnyorDie? It would be a lot easier on her if she had a list of the safe sites...

Perhaps you're missing my point. Let's be clearer. Neither you nor I has any business telling a web site what they are allowed to link to based on political or other unrelated misconceptions and... oh why the hell am I still feeding this! Shutting up now...

Capers- Yes or No?

I went FAR too long without eating capers. I thought they were a garnish more than a food, and that they were some kind of crustacean or fish thing. Wrong on both counts! (They're pickled flower buds.)

They're delicious. Nice and tart and salty. Yeah, a little like olives, but not oily or fruity. They go great in lots of things. Sauces, pastas, absolutely. Similar but much less funky than anchovies.

We got a big jar at ye olde Costco and so far it's lasted forever.

Bread Baking: Sweet Cinnamon Pizza?

Looks like a delicious home made danish, without the weird cheese inside. Works for me!

What Do You Think of the USDA's New 'Nutrition Plate' Replacing the Food Pyramid?

smoore, the problem really wasn't the stripes themselves so much as trying to reconcile them with the concept of a "pyramid". The cognitive dissonance was just too strong. Instead of trying to interpret the slices, my brain spent all its time repeating, "but THAT's not a pyramid! but THAT's not a pyramid!"

T he dark side of Trader Joe and cheap tomatoes

I guess you're talking about

But Trader Joe's is small potatoes (no pun intended) -- where are all the big regional supermarket chains, the SYSCOs, etc.?

I am part of the willingly ignorant masses and don't understand this issue entirely, like why a penny raise needs to be guaranteed from the top down (by customers) rather than workers being paid a fair wage to begin with, but I guess anything is a start. It's not exactly a secret that immigrant labor is underpaid, particularly in that industry...

Eating in Bologna

I just know it has a first name...

have you eaten what you've killed (fishing not included)

I'm pretty sure I'm killing the vegetables and fruit I eat; does that count?

Cookie Monster: White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

Can I assume we can just sub in the good stuff and the recipe will still work?

What Do You Think of the USDA's New 'Nutrition Plate' Replacing the Food Pyramid?

David, you really need to check out how monstrously they'd mangled the "pyramid" over time. It was no longer anything like a pyramid. There's a link to a PDF version of the last shooting-rays edition in the Talk thread.

Inspired by the hack your ramen post here.. hacking rice..

You should definitely check out the Roger Ebert book about this subject.

Cookie Monster: White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

Nooooo! First Mrs. Fields drops the semi-sweet chocolate macadamia in favor of white "chocolate", and now you too? Ah well, to each...


Jon Stewart Rails on Trump for His Pizza Transgressions

Dude, yes I am quite sure about it, because she long ago quit her job as an elected politician and she currently swears up and down that she's not campaigning for any office or any political cause in her nice painted bus. What, you don't believe her? Again, neither of the two people in the video is a politician. Trump inherited a real estate business and does TV, and I think she is paid by Fox News and by various public speaking gigs.

Please let Meredith know which comedy shows she is allowed to reference at Serious Eats. Since they have all mocked politicians I am surmising you would forbid all of them?

Fraudulent Charcoaling?

Burger, how long do you need to focus on each briquette? It sounds like it would take forever with a torch....

The Best Surface for Baking Pizza, Part 12: All-Clad Soapstone

Congratulations on completing (??) the series, Donna! It's been very informative and fun.

Honestly, in the scheme of things that doesn't look like that much charring at all. Looks quite good.

Soapstone is very cool, but that price... Hmm, somebody in your last article mentioned ordering some custom made.

Fraudulent Charcoaling?

Thanks, so it does seem we've got some agreement that Kingsford, at least, makes worse charcoal than it used to. It disintegrates too quickly, and doesn't burn any hotter for the trouble.

Thanks for the paper towel idea, dmc, I'll try it. Yo dawg, we heard you like chimneys, so we put a chimney in your chimney so you can burn while you burn.

Since the Kingsford is much worse than it used to be, its "value proposition" disappears, so maybe I'll buy more of the lump and hardwood...

Avocados at Subway

Their veggie subs are already pretty tasty, actually. I'd just add it to that. Hopefully they're sliced thinly.


Nitpicker? We don't have any of those. :)

Daily Slice: Steamboat Pizza, Nantucket, Massachusetts

Did anyone mention that "Nantucket" can be used in a limerick?

The Pizza Lab: On Flour Types, Foams, and Dough

Or, just maybe, you've finally reached the point where you can agree just how many angels are dancing on the head of that pin, and where you can peek at Professor Marvel behind that curtain.


I keed, because I love.

Your favorite chocolate ice cream brands???

Steve's? Isn't that long gone?

Ah, the plot thickens.

The original is long gone.

But there's a spinoff with the same name.

And the real founder has gone and relaunched one himself!

This is very similar to Reuben Mattus's story.

Poll: Do You Judge People Based on How They Eat Pizza?

Yup, didn't show up in profile yet. Whew, my secret cave of wonders is safe!