Daily Slice: Steamboat Pizza, Nantucket, Massachusetts

Interesting, unpocojmoney...

...but that's not a limerick.

The Best Surface for Baking Pizza, Part 12: All-Clad Soapstone

Thanks, Donna; that difference in charring certainly makes a good argument for the soapstone's heat retention (or something).

Here's an idea you could perhaps include in your summary piece -- could you possibly contact the manufacturers and get some kind of official verdicts on the "maximum temperature" issue? Several of these products have "up to 400 degrees" kind of specifications, and it would be nice to have some assurance that 500+ degree cooking won't shatter the things or leech something horrible into the food (or into the air).

To put it another way, selling a pizza stone that can't be used over 400 degrees isn't a very attractive proposition to pizza nerds (I think; I'm not one) so the manufacturers should be eager to assure customers that 600 degrees is no problem.

Jon Stewart Rails on Trump for His Pizza Transgressions

So you're saying she should consult with you each time? Seriously, the "bubble" you list is entirely in your own head. Is Jimmy Kimmel OK? Jay Leno? Conan? FunnyorDie? It would be a lot easier on her if she had a list of the safe sites...

Perhaps you're missing my point. Let's be clearer. Neither you nor I has any business telling a web site what they are allowed to link to based on political or other unrelated misconceptions and... oh why the hell am I still feeding this! Shutting up now...

Capers- Yes or No?

I went FAR too long without eating capers. I thought they were a garnish more than a food, and that they were some kind of crustacean or fish thing. Wrong on both counts! (They're pickled flower buds.)

They're delicious. Nice and tart and salty. Yeah, a little like olives, but not oily or fruity. They go great in lots of things. Sauces, pastas, absolutely. Similar but much less funky than anchovies.

We got a big jar at ye olde Costco and so far it's lasted forever.

Bread Baking: Sweet Cinnamon Pizza?

Looks like a delicious home made danish, without the weird cheese inside. Works for me!

What Do You Think of the USDA's New 'Nutrition Plate' Replacing the Food Pyramid?

smoore, the problem really wasn't the stripes themselves so much as trying to reconcile them with the concept of a "pyramid". The cognitive dissonance was just too strong. Instead of trying to interpret the slices, my brain spent all its time repeating, "but THAT's not a pyramid! but THAT's not a pyramid!"

T he dark side of Trader Joe and cheap tomatoes

I guess you're talking about

But Trader Joe's is small potatoes (no pun intended) -- where are all the big regional supermarket chains, the SYSCOs, etc.?

I am part of the willingly ignorant masses and don't understand this issue entirely, like why a penny raise needs to be guaranteed from the top down (by customers) rather than workers being paid a fair wage to begin with, but I guess anything is a start. It's not exactly a secret that immigrant labor is underpaid, particularly in that industry...

Eating in Bologna

I just know it has a first name...

have you eaten what you've killed (fishing not included)

I'm pretty sure I'm killing the vegetables and fruit I eat; does that count?

Cookie Monster: White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

Can I assume we can just sub in the good stuff and the recipe will still work?

What Do You Think of the USDA's New 'Nutrition Plate' Replacing the Food Pyramid?

Washington Post has an interesting historical infographic dealio.

What Do You Think of the USDA's New 'Nutrition Plate' Replacing the Food Pyramid?

David, you really need to check out how monstrously they'd mangled the "pyramid" over time. It was no longer anything like a pyramid. There's a link to a PDF version of the last shooting-rays edition in the Talk thread.

Inspired by the hack your ramen post here.. hacking rice..

You should definitely check out the Roger Ebert book about this subject.

Cookie Monster: White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies

Nooooo! First Mrs. Fields drops the semi-sweet chocolate macadamia in favor of white "chocolate", and now you too? Ah well, to each...


Jon Stewart Rails on Trump for His Pizza Transgressions

Dude, yes I am quite sure about it, because she long ago quit her job as an elected politician and she currently swears up and down that she's not campaigning for any office or any political cause in her nice painted bus. What, you don't believe her? Again, neither of the two people in the video is a politician. Trump inherited a real estate business and does TV, and I think she is paid by Fox News and by various public speaking gigs.

Please let Meredith know which comedy shows she is allowed to reference at Serious Eats. Since they have all mocked politicians I am surmising you would forbid all of them?

Fraudulent Charcoaling?

Burger, how long do you need to focus on each briquette? It sounds like it would take forever with a torch....

The Best Surface for Baking Pizza, Part 12: All-Clad Soapstone

Congratulations on completing (??) the series, Donna! It's been very informative and fun.

Honestly, in the scheme of things that doesn't look like that much charring at all. Looks quite good.

Soapstone is very cool, but that price... Hmm, somebody in your last article mentioned ordering some custom made.

Fraudulent Charcoaling?

Thanks, so it does seem we've got some agreement that Kingsford, at least, makes worse charcoal than it used to. It disintegrates too quickly, and doesn't burn any hotter for the trouble.

Thanks for the paper towel idea, dmc, I'll try it. Yo dawg, we heard you like chimneys, so we put a chimney in your chimney so you can burn while you burn.

Since the Kingsford is much worse than it used to be, its "value proposition" disappears, so maybe I'll buy more of the lump and hardwood...

Worst food/drink trends

Hey, I like pie too!

Avocados at Subway

Their veggie subs are already pretty tasty, actually. I'd just add it to that. Hopefully they're sliced thinly.


Nitpicker? We don't have any of those. :)

Daily Slice: Steamboat Pizza, Nantucket, Massachusetts

Did anyone mention that "Nantucket" can be used in a limerick?

The Pizza Lab: On Flour Types, Foams, and Dough

Or, just maybe, you've finally reached the point where you can agree just how many angels are dancing on the head of that pin, and where you can peek at Professor Marvel behind that curtain.


I keed, because I love.

Your favorite chocolate ice cream brands???

Steve's? Isn't that long gone?

Ah, the plot thickens.

The original is long gone.

But there's a spinoff with the same name.

And the real founder has gone and relaunched one himself!

This is very similar to Reuben Mattus's story.

Poll: Do You Judge People Based on How They Eat Pizza?

Yup, didn't show up in profile yet. Whew, my secret cave of wonders is safe!

Fraudulent Charcoaling?

Adam recently linked back to a post that mentions going through 3 or 4 chimneys worth of charcoal.

That reminds me of a question -- do the amounts of coal used on TV shows match your reality?

The America's Test Kitchen demos always show surprisingly small amounts of coal in use -- their cookbooks are similarly frugal, with advice like "3/4 of a chimney" during long and slow cooking.

But in practice I've found that unless I really fill my (big Weber brand) chimney to the point where the coals form a dome and start overflowing, I don't really have enough coals to either (a) completely cover the grill or (b) last more than a cycle or two of grilling. It doesn't matter if the coals are to be "banked" to one side either. I'm using regular old Kingston brand.

Does this match your experience?

Goodbye, Food Pyramid! Hello, Plate.

I've complained a few times here about the ridiculous morphing the USDA food pyramid had undergone recently...

It had been changed from a graduated pyramid indicating recommended proportions into a meaningless vertical rainbow with a peculiar emphasis on dairy.

You can still see it in a PDF file.

But they've dumped it! Hurray?

It's now a "plate"...

Same special treatment for "dairy" though. Gee I wonder what possible incentive there is to continue to pretend and advocate that dairy products are an essential ingredient for life?

I don't usually whine about "special interests" but this is so blatant it's hard to avoid... Something supposedly aimed at educating children to make a healthy populace amounts to nothing more than a scorecard in a battle of corporate lobbyists.

Big Alcohol

Should alcohol be more closely and honestly regulated as a drug?

Should monstrosities like the kid-appealing day-glo malt liquor cans with freakin' fruit juice recently reviewed here be controlled in the same way that Joe Camel skateboarding with cool teens is (or should have been)? Or like allergy and erectile dysfunction ads are?

An article at Science Daily covers it...

Or as the Fark submitter puts it, "Hey yeah, why ISN'T the alcohol industry regulated like all the other drugmakers?"


Problem with DBCurrie Cast Iron Pizza Comments

This happened once before; comments are getting stuck in limbo. I think it has to do with the dash in the article title and URL. The last time it happened Adam had to create a new URL for the article....

There are supposed to be 5 comments, but none are appearing.

Barbecue (Chip) Battle

Okay, folks, what's your favorite barbecue flavored chip, and why?

Mine is Wise Dipsy Doodles Bar-B-Q Flavor -- hands *@#^$!*(& down. It's just delicious, the great Dipsy Doodle ridges make it terrifically crunchy, and there's usually (but not always) a quite generous lathering of the toxic red BBQ/MSG flavor coating.

It is tragically hard to find though, and a bit pricey per pound if you can't find the 25 cent snack bags (a better buy)....

These are corn chips, but of course my question is open to potato, pita, veggie, and all other chip breeds. (I was recently rather pleasantly surprised at the quality of a supermarket BBQ potato chip brand.)

Entertainment Coupon Books?

I see the yearly Entertainment coupon books are down to $15 (with coupons good through September).

Do you use them?

I haven't tried in years, but I think there are a lot of potential drawbacks, including:

1. Restaurants arbitrarily stop honoring them.

2. It can be embarrassing using a coupon when "dining out".

3. Not everything is covered.

4. Uncertainty as to tipping.

5. Potential grief from establishments.

6. Lockout periods for popular days / times / dishes.

7. Coupons may not be combined or may not be used as one expects.

8. Most of the coupons will NEVER get used.

9. Savings in the end may not be great or enough of a reason to pick one venue over another.

10. Using coupons for places you DO already like seems like a disservice to them.

I rarely eat out (restaurant food is generally disappointing) but I'm wondering how the SE visitors think of these coupon books (or for that matter their much more trendy BS Internet counterparts like "Groupon").

Ridiculous Protein

Okay, so I like imitation bacon bits, so sue me.

I was gnawing on some the other morning (they were particularly "fresh" so I ended up eating the whole bottle) when I noticed that there were 3 grams of protein per serving, and 11 servings per 2.8 ounce bottle.

So after finishing off the salty tube I ended up with 33 grams of protein, which isn't a terrible breakfast. (The sodium's not QUITE as bad as you might expect; only half the daily RDA.) And just 330 calories for the jar.

After all, these are basically Textured Vegetable Protein soy flakes, dyed red and flavored. So I think it could be worse.

Anyone else have some interesting and completely ridiculous protein choices? Strange animal parts? Questionable dairy products? Odd legume formations?

No More Good Eats

Alton says bye-bye with his first (ugh) "tweet".

Care of Fark (yes, again).

So he's leaving the show he's great on and staying on the show he's kind of obnoxious on...

Recent In SE Blogs -- 2008??

I thought it was because I had temporarily logged out, but even after logging back in and refreshing, the "Recently In SE Blogs" sidebar, on both the NY and Talk tabs, is currently displaying articles from 2008.

From SE: New York: City Bakery's New Bad Economy Beer Menu

From Slice: How to Make a Pizzarito

From SE: New York: New York Cabbage Farm In Danger, Could Hurt National Kraut Industry

From SE: New York: Thu Tran's Wacky Food Party, Fourth Webisode In Works

From A Hamburger Today: Haché, the Best Hamburger in London? Let's Hope Not

It was the "Cabbage Farm Danger" article that caught my eye.


Just FYI.

Speaking of Rice...

I rarely make basmati but picked up a huge bag at an Indian market.

Two questions:

1. Any tips on proper cleaning/prepping/cooking?

2. I noticed a BIG swing in pricing, on the order of 300-1,000%, among various brands. What is the rationale for that range? (These were pretty much all imported Asian brands.) As usual I was too shy to ask anyone at the market.

Another Cooking School Success Story

An article at The San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate, care of Fark.


"For the next 20 years, Matt Foist will be paying off his $46,000 in cooking-school loans, and all he says he has to show for it is a useless chef's diploma, a nice set of knives - but no job.

He said he'd be lucky to make $15 an hour in the culinary world, even though the school told him he would land jobs with annual salaries of $45,000. So he's gone back to his software career.

The 46-year-old, who believes he was scammed by San Francisco's California Culinary Academy, is one of the representatives of a class-action lawsuit in which a $40 million settlement offer from the cooking school is pending."

The Asparagus Snap Myth

The very latest edition of Cook's Illustrated magazine perpetuates the "snap the asparagus base and it will magically cut itself at the exactly correct tender point" myth.

But just glancing at the illustration one can see that it's simply going to snap at the centerpoint of where the cook happens to be applying pressure. It's silly.

Some say to trim with a knife, some say to snap, and others say to whittle down the husky ends with a peeler.

Apparently Cook's itself has vacillated back and forth on this repeatedly over time.

I just hate to see blatant bullcrappery repeated again and again. Do you chuck out perfectly good greenery? How do you deal with these stalks?

Subway Falafel

It looks promising, but these guys at NPR are way down on it....

It looks neither too dry nor too moist, which are the cardinal felafel sins (all other sins are amenable to repair through saucing).

From having read that page I think I like the sandwich more than I like those reviewers?

"Can It Core A Apple?"

Subtitle: Coring Apples Is For Weenies.

I'm just wondering whether anyone else thinks "coring apples" is a big waste.

I was following a recipe over the weekend and, as is typical, it called for the apples to be "peeled and cored".

Well, most times these days I simple peel the apple, halve it, and cut slices against the core, from the inside outward, starting the knife right against where seeds are visible.

a. I feel I'm getting more apple this way, including more interesting roughage near the core,

b. It's marginally faster,

c. The resulting apple slices are a lot prettier with their clean straight edges than a cored apple would be with it's jagged, rounded, gouged surfaces.

d. Again it seems less wasteful than blindly jabbing a tool down the center and discarding 1/3 of each apple. (Sometimes I would be dismayed over just how much edible apple was being thrown out with the baby's bathwater.)

Oh yeah,

e. I haven't seen my corer in a long time. :)

The ends are a bit trickier, and I'll sometimes try the Jacques Pepin thumb-down-swirl-around technique to trim them cleanly and economically.

To you folks is this un-coring approach common, uncommon, right, wrong, indifferent?...

Vegan Meat Photos

Oh this should be interesting. I see on Metafilter that the vegan magazine VegNews has been "caught" using photos of non-vegan meat dishes.

I think the "expose" is led by this link.

Anybody care? Who's got the real butter popcorn?

Chopped All-Stars Champion

Man, Chopped really gets no respect, does it? Even though SeriousEats celebrity Nate Appleman (featured two different times in the last few weeks) was in it against Anne Burrell and others, and he WON the whole series several days ago, I can't even find a mention of it here?

It's the only decent Food Network show (and the only cooking competition / reality show that dares to show food being prepared), and yet it seems like it's always the least favored child...

Anyhow, congratulations to Mr. Appleman! His kid was adorable.

Freeze Chipotles in Adobo?

Quick question -- would freezing these turn them even more into mush?

I'm sure I can find a use for the open can if I have to, but it would be nice to put the decay on hold by chucking them in the freezer for a while. (The can's covered in the fridge at the moment.)

Crock Pot Onions - mcwolfe v. Cook's Illustrated

In one of our periodic tithes to support the gods at Cook's Illustrated and Chris Kimball's retirement fund, we got their new slow cooker book.

It turns out they have a recipe for caramelized onions in a crock pot that is reminiscent of mcwolfe's semi-famous Serious Eats posting on the same subject.

Theirs differed significantly only in that they, as they seem to do with all crock pot recipes, precooked the onions. Rather than sauteeing to go for the caramelization right away, I think they just cooked off some liquid first to jump start things. (They also did their usual "oh and if we didn't do this the results were such a disaster" detective story yarn.) I don't think they recommended the periodic stirring that many of mcwolfe's commenters advised.

I can't seem to find the recipe anywhere online (it was titled something like "Big Batch Caramelized Onions") but maybe I'll transcribe it when I'm in front of the book. I think it included butter and oil and a few other ingredients.

Any thoughts on these two variations?

Harry & David Bankrupt

Does anybody, like, care?

I don't think I've ever bought anything from them. It's the kind of stuff businesses send to their customers for Christmas...

As Fark lists it, "Harry and David files for bankruptcy after discovering that in a recession people suddenly don't want to pay $100 for baskets filled with 5 bucks worth of produce and some stale popcorn".

I do usually see some old moose munch gathering dust at TJ Maxx though.

No Preview for Recipe Comments?

Was this always the case? I just noticed it.

While composing a comment in the Recipes section of Talk there's no live preview of what you're typing. (At least for me at the moment.) Tried in 2 browsers.

Not a huge issue though. (I hope this bug report doesn't further enrage Adam; I don't want to end up as chiffonade.)

Print Recipes w/Comments Broken?

Is there a known issue with the "print recipe with selected comments" feature?

I'm trying to print recipe with photo + comments, but the comments never show up on the preview page.

By the way, I've not often printed recipes from here before, and I congratulate you on the design -- the options are better than the ones at other sites including the NYT.

Also, on the subject, could you please add a "select all" button at the top so comments don't have to be individually checked to be included? Thanks...

How to Make Bagels at Home

I don't use the word magical lightly, but there really is something wondrous about making bagels at home. Maybe it's the shape. I think most everyone understands a loaf of bread, but the round shape with a hole ... well, it seems like a whole lot more work than simply plopping some dough in a loaf pan. But it's not. Really. Try making just one batch of these, and I'm sure you'll have the process down pat. Put on your sorcerer's robe and follow along! More

Eat for Eight Bucks: Coconut-Vegetable Rice Pilaf with Peppercorns

This rice pilaf gets much of its flavor from plain old pantry peppercorns, to the dismay of the rest of my stocked spice rack. By frying the whole peppercorns in oil at the beginning you extract much of their flavor; cooking them slowly with the rice mellows them enough to make them palatable. Vegetables, almonds, and fatty coconut milk add to the savoriness of the pilaf, but in large part the deliciousness of this hearty rice is owed to these peppercorns—which is good news for your wallet, no matter how stocked your spice rack is. More

Trader Joe's Suggestions?

I've never been to a Trader Joe's and there are none where I live. But I just noticed one not far from where I'm working. I haven't been in yet, but from what I gather (by comments here) it's somewhere... More

Video: Making Tofu at Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland, CA

"If you get your conventional tofu here and you serve it in Asia, nobody would eat it, simply because its not delicious," says Minh Tsai, the founder of artisanal, organic tofu company Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland, California. Tsai couldn't find the same quality of tofu he grew up with in Vietnam, so he decided to make it himself with the idea of making "the best tofu you've ever eaten." See how tofu is made at Tsai's soy beanery in the latest episode of Food Curated from documentarian Liza de Guia. More

Caramelized Onions in the Crockpot

I was putting up a bunch of these today and thought that some of you Serious Eaters might be interested in trying them. I started with five pounds of Mayan Sweet onions, peeled then sliced them thin in the food... More

Spice Hunting: Chinese Fermented Black Soy Beans

I'll be upfront about Chinese black beans. They look like something that should be thrown away. They smell like they've gone off, and they may alarm even a fermented food enthusiast. By no accounts do they seem like something I want to put in my body. But these unattractive legumes, which taste like the solidified composite of soy and fish sauces, are little nuggets of umami joy. More

For the vegans out there...

I go through favorite food phases...I had intense cravings for bread, but now rice; before was tempeh and tofu, but now beans. I'm running out of proteins ideas. Any vegans out there that could recommend other food sources (besides dark... More

How to Make Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

Gluten-free bread. I'm the first to admit it suffers from a bit of a bad reputation. The premade loaves tend to be expensive and homemade recipes often are dense and fall apart when sliced. What's a gluten-free eater to do? Live without bread? My answer to that is an emphatic "No!" Gluten-free bread can be wonderful. For my first column on Serious Eats, I wanted to share my recipe for Easy Sandwich Bread. Let's get baking! More

Uses for pesto?

Hey everyone, I'm new to this site! What an awesome little community. I'm so excited to meet some of you! Anyway, I'm not sure why my previous post on this topic seems to have been deleted so I'll try again!... More

Thanksgiving Pies: Pecan Pie Recipes

Whether made with corn syrup, maple syrup, golden syrup, or honey, pecan pie is a dessert favorite. But have you ever spiced yours up with kumquats, chocolate, espresso, or bourbon? What about orange peel? While I love a classic pie, these recipes all look pretty tempting. More

Gift Guide: Kitchen Equipment

We're kicking off our holiday gift guide series with 8 pieces of equipment that can help your loved ones (or yourself, if you're the self-gifting type) become better cooks. Whether it's something as fancy as a $96 thermometer (essential!) or an under $15 stocking-stuffer timer (also essential!), there's something here for everyone's budget. And I can almost guarantee that at least one item on this list isn't already in their kitchen collection. More

Wok Skills 101: Stir-Frying Basics

Stir-frying makes for the quintessential weeknight supper. It's my go-to method when I have a fridge full of ingredients and a half hour to put dinner on the table. Because the actual cooking is so fast, it's an ideal summer meal—no heating up the apartment with a hot oven or a long-simmering pot. Since ingredients cook so fast and retain so much crunch, it's also the ideal way to showcase all the beautiful spring and summer produce that's around these days—there's no reason that stir-fries have to stick to traditional Chinese ingredients! Asparagus, corn, summer squashes, string beans, peas, fava beans, all of them make for wonderful stir-fries. More

Equipment: How to Buy, Season, and Maintain Cast Iron Cookware

Having just adopted a French bulldog named Dumpling, I'm quickly finding out that taking care of a puppy is very similar to taking care of a good cast iron pan, and in some ways, almost as satisfying. They both require a little work, a little patience, and a whole lot of loyalty. The main difference is that in return for my investment, my cast iron pan gives me golden-brown fried chicken, sizzling bacon, corn bread, apple pies, charred hash, perfectly seared steaks, bubbly pizzas, and, yes, crisp dumplings. Dumpling the puppy, on the other hand, gives me mostly licks, chews, and a whole lot of poop. You do the math. More