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  • Last bite on earth: I imagine this would very much depend on the circumstances of my demise.


    Fresh caught salmon grilled over a flame, all crispy and fatty and burnt at the edges and soft in the middle.

Food Terms that should be banned from the media

I just read through all the comments, and I realize now that mine should have been a general comment, and not just directed at ByrdBrain.

And seriously, I don't care whether or not anyone uses the word za. I've also never understood how one could work it into a sentence comfortably. I just want them to keep it in the Scrabble dictionary.

Food Terms that should be banned from the media

@ByrdBrain, please don't take away my za! I need it for Scrabble.

Super Bowl Giveaway: Wings and More from Rack and Soul

I don't really follow football, so I'll probably flip a coin on game day. Or ask my little brother who to cheer for.

7-Layer Dip Showdown

@dbcurrie, my money's on "the people who liked the canned version really liked the canned version. That, or the non-voting 66% of the party preferred the canned version. Maybe there is a larger, general correlation between canned food consumption and voter turnout. I smell a conspiracy theory!

Cakespy: Groundhog Day Cake

@charm city: Ah, I see... I am bizarro you, geographically speaking.

Cakespy: Groundhog Day Cake

@charm city: Wait, you're not a Baltimorean??

Why the lack of contributor profiles?

I hear what you're saying, tho, @whyuseafork. Even with the little blurbs on the article, it's kind of like, why does this person's name link to a page if there's nothing on it? It feels kind of like a missing feature to me.

That said, I have not filled out the 'about me' portion of my own blog yet, so I'm not really one to talk. Maybe I'll start working on that...

The Best Oatmeal in NYC: The 2011 Edition

I totally second the 'wichcraft comment. But I think it was mentioned in the 2010 Edition. Does that disqualify it?

Birthday Menu Help- Salmon seasoning

Hmmm... I much prefer just S&P, then grilled over a fire, charring the delicious skin, but... I grew up in Alaska and when my dad would serve salmon from the freezer and not straight from the river, we usually doused it in a sweet sauce, like a teriyaki or something molasses-y with ginger. My little brother likes to stuff a section of salmon with onions and throw some bacon on top and cook it that way. (pic) He loves this, but I have never tried it.

Hope you find something you like!

Boiled Water Recipe

I am trying this recipe right now and must say that I made the same decision to be safer than sorry as @retrpga;. I think we both may have made a mistake. Is the water supposed to disappear and leave only silt? Did I add too little water? Perhaps I should have been stirring it? I had no idea that dirt is nothing more than boiled water! Learn something new everyday, I guess!

Also, should the aluminum core of my Farberware pot be melting and pooling on the stove? How long does the aluminum melt for? Will it, too, disappear? Serving suggestions?

Market Scene: Hillcrest Farmers' Market in San Diego, CA

grumble grumble

Cook the Book: 'The Essential New York Times Cookbook'

Meta Given's Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking

Winter Drinks With Will: Hot Buttered Mai Tai

Doesn't vinegar dissolve eggshells? Can you just remove them that way, since you'll be pickling them anyway?

{digital grains of salt for the taking}

This theory is based on a hazily remembered ninth grade biology demo.

Must-visit hometown haunt bucket list

Before I was born, when my dad was in his twenties, he had long hair, rode a motorcycle, and worked construction in Florida with his brothers.

Since then some of that has changed. When my dad reminisces about those days, he often mentions a place he calls Dirty Ernie's, but that everyone else in the world just call's Ernie's, because that's it's name. The adjective was added, he says, because it was a dive and kind of dirty inside with philosophical quotes glued all over the walls. And, you know, cuz it rhymed.

The story goes that after a long day of work, he would go there and eat huge portions of conch chowder and bimini bread.

Apparently, ownership of Ernies has changed. My dad says the food isn't quite the same, and it has been cleaned up and jazzed up quite a bit. And my understanding is that the supply of conch in the world today is very different than forty years ago. That said, I think this place still qualifies as a hometown haunt for my dad, so I thought I'd throw it into the mix:

Ernie's BBQ, Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

EVERYTHING. Unless it's dry.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Belle Farms Foie Gras

the tea duck at grand sichuan in chelsea

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

brussels sprouts all the way, today

Condiment Confessions

@eaguk - I am so with you on that Subway chain smell! I used to walk dogs for a living, and one of my clients lived in an apartment above a Subway franchise. I couldn't do that. I couldn't live in an apartment that smelled like that bread all day long. No other bread in the world smells like that. I can understand how someone could like it or generally have positive associations with it, but if they didn't, then, like it is for me, it is this totally alien and specific scent produced by whatever chemicals they put in their bread. What is that all about!? I mean, shouldn't it just smell like a regular bakery? What mad science is behind this?

Condiment Confessions

Oh dear, I take it back.

Last year, with high hopes, I made caesar dressing, using bacon grease as part of the fat. (see SE/FoodLab: Baconnaise) I disliked that. Bacon needn't be infused in dressing, nor in whisky neither. I'll take it straight up.

Condiment Confessions

I honestly can't think of a condiment I haven't liked.

Even when I want to not like a condiment... take chutney: something about chutney of any kind makes me look at it askance, but put it on my plate and I'll try it, and, despite myself, I always fall in love.

Disappearing recipe paragraphs

Also... I dunno if this is happening with other pre-new-recipe-system recipes, but I looked up the Mediterranean Flavors: Baba Ghanoush recipe, and most of it is just blank. Like, the most important steps...

Also, sorry if this topic is already being discussed somewhere... I have been away for a while...

MacGyver cooking tips?

@gindeejao, that reminds me, my dad had a paint stirrer drill bit that he kept in the kitchen, and he'd bring the drill in from the garage and voila! perfectly stirred peanut butter. It makes a great inversion blender and only costs a couple bucks for the bit.

Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Garlic Scape and Basil Pesto

Thank you for this!

macrobiotic in nyc?

I don't know that much about macrobiotic food and what it entails... but Caravan of Dreams on E 6th St is a Vegan and Live (raw) foods restaurant that's really tasty. And they have at least one menu item that specifically has "macrobiotic" in the name.

continued search function non-function

Hi, I just wanted to follow up on what's happening with the serious eats search function. Ever since the website upgrade a few months ago, the search function has not worked reliably. Sometimes it seems to, but then I double-check on google using the same search term plus "", and it returns far more results.

Is this still being fixed, or is it going to stay this way till the next upgrade?

Speaking of Curry Hill: Good Non-Veg Indian Food in Manhattan?

The only place I've gone to for a nice Indian food dinner is Vatan, which I love, but is also vegetarian.

I need a recommendation for a non-vegetarian Indian food place for dinner. Preferably not as expensive at Vatan. Would like to be able to walk away with paying less than $35 a person. (Including drink, tax, tip.)

Anybody have any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

Roasting a chicken and baking a cake, at the same time?

Does anyone ever do this?

If I'm roasting a chicken, and just using the beer can method, so I won't be opening the oven every 30 min, or whatever, and I want to bake a cake at the same time, in the same oven, at the same temperature... will the cake end up tasting of chicken?

Boxes of old cookbooks... free

I neither have the ability to carry this many boxes, nor do I live close enough to this posting even if I did, but I thought someone on this forum might have an interest:

A craigslist posting in Long Island for free boxes of old cookbooks:

Fear of Broiling in Gas Oven

I grew up in an electric oven/stove family. Every house we ever lived in came with that electric appliance, and I don't know if that was my parents' preference or just circumstance.

I never knew that other ovens had a use, beyond storage, for the little drawer at the bottom.

As an adult, every apartment I've lived in has had a gas stove. Well, that is, if it had a stove at all.

Getting accustomed to the stove part was easy enough, and investing in an oven thermometer has solved most of my baking apprehensions (the necessity of the oven thermometer owing more, I imagine, to the cheapness of my ovens, and their seemingly uncalibrated controls). But for years, broiling was a mystery to me. I never stored my pans in that bottom drawer, because there was clearly fire down there. Also, I realized that the broiling pan fit on the rungs beneath the fire, but it looked too cramped and close to the flame... I was wary.

Then one day I was at a dinner party, and the host made garlic bread using her gas broiler. Seeing her nonchalance as she just threw the pan with the bread under the gas fire, I thought, "So that is it! So simple."

A whole world of flavor possibilities had opened up to me and my kitchen... until the fire alarm went off, and I think someone screamed, and the pan was yanked from it's broiler drawer, bread in flames.

Someone sensible put out the fire. Someone less so threw another batch in the broiler. After all, we'd been pretty excited about eating garlic bread. The second batch was well tended and came out ok. The third went up in flames, but was caught in time to still have edible parts.

For these reasons, I am afraid to broil in my cheap gas oven. But I love the crisp... the caramelization... of broiled food! I am on the cusp of throwing all caution to the wind, and just broiling up a storm, but I thought it more sensible to first ask advice of other gas oven owners out there.

Does anyone have any tips for care-free indoor fire cooking?

Food Ennui: What to do with leftover Pernil?

Lately I've just not been that hungry or food inspired. A couple days ago I roasted a 6lb pork shoulder. We (two people) ate a good amount of it the first night, but now I have pounds of juicy, falling-off-the-bone roast pork just sitting in my fridge with no plans for consumption.


How to Make Goat Cheese

This easy (no wait, ridiculously easy) recipe doesn't require rennet or a backyard farm. All you need is goat's milk, lemon juice, cheesecloth, a candy thermometer and some herbs. Bam. You are a cheesemaker. More

Cakespy: Homemade Candy Corn

This surprisingly simple recipe yields large, plump candy kernels infused with a sweet vanilla flavor. I found that using salted butter adds a nice, rich finish. Conclusion? These homespun tricolor treats are definitely worth the time and effort. Once you've tasted them, you may never buy candy corn by the bag again. More


Note: Read about making animal-fat mayonnaise for a full recap on the science behind these recipes. The jarred mayonnaise added to the food processor at the start makes it easier to create a more stable emulsion. If you are an... More