I'm a main dude in town.

  • Location: Tahlequah, OK
  • Favorite foods: Possibly everything.
  • Last bite on earth: If its my last bite, does it really matter?

Roast Beef Po' Boy

The hardest part is getting that bread they use in Louisiana. Can't find it anywhere. Real thin crust.

Philadelphia: Navajo Frybread Tacos at the Shiprock Pop-Up

They abound here in Oklahoma. Chili usually is in place of the beans, though.

The 11 Best Things I Ate in Chile

Wait, where are the party pics from Valparaiso?

Taste Test: Dreyer's (and Edy's) Holiday Ice Cream Flavors

Braum's Peppermint (also, peppermint chocolate chip), Pumpkin, Egg Nog, Maple Walnut, and Apple Pie ice creams are the best I've ever had. Insane good. Try them!

A Pizza My Mind: The Best Frozen Pizza, PERIOD.

Stouffers French Bread Pizza!!

We Try Every Flavor of Archway Cookies

I miss lemon coolers

Cereal Eats: What's the Best Milk for Cereal?

My family has always used Half and Half for cereal in the morning. It is delicious.

Coleslaw in Chinese-style Dressing

What makes it red??

Easy Swedish Meatballs and Smashed Potatoes

Don't they usually have dill?

10-Minute Lime Cracker Pie

It's better with those Maria's mexican cookies!

Memorial Day Grilling Giveaway: Win This Delicious Cap of Ribeye

Mexican Chickens!

Memorial Day Grilling Giveaway: Win This Delicious Cap of Ribeye

Mexican Chickens!

Sweet Technique: How to Make Tapioca Pudding

My family always folded whipped up egg whites into the pudding, making an airy delicious item. Is this not traditional?

We Try 25 Kinds of Oreo

the Dulce De Leche Oreo's are teh bestest. None will beat them.

Easy Kale Quiche

I often times par bake some hash browns as a crust, it works nicely!

SXSW Guide: Where to Eat in Austin

Why in the world would you not go to Uchi, or Uchiko, or Vespaio | Enoteca.

Uchi has a great happy hour with 3 dollar beer/wine/sake and 5 dollar small plates!

One of the best brunches anywhere is at fonda san miguel, an austin institution. Yum.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

Fast Food: Wendy's Chili

I love Wendy's chili! It's low fat, a dollar a cup in my area, and I can get a baked potato and cup of chili for about 2.20. You can also ask for a packet of "hot" seasoning, and it really adds a nice kick to it. Yum!

Cereal Eats: We Admit Our Cereal Habits

I use half and half instead of milk, try it!

Olive Garden

I know a guy who owns a Carrabas's and they get to make their own creative daily specials, and the soups are made in house. I usually sit at the bar and get chicken soup and a glass of wine. I don't go often, but it's far and away better than OG.

The 25 Best Eats at the Texas State Fair

We had Funnel Steak at the Oklahoma State Fair. Spicey steak shot in funnel cake batter into the deep fryer topped with gravy or ranch.

Pimento Cheese

Longhorn Cheddar and another cheese of your choice run through a meat grinder is the best way to get little pebbles of cheese. Provides the best texture of the old masters.

Cook the Book: Boston Cream Pie

Ha! I Just made one of these yesterday!

Hot Dog of the Week: Sonic's 4 New 'Regional-Style' Hot Dogs

Yeah these are pretty good.

I like the new york dog and coney the best. and the 100 percent beef dogs are WAY better than whatever they previously used. They do grill real onions on the flat top. I generally dont like sonic but I like the hot dogs. They also make their limeade with sprite, not soda water.

Braums is the where the money limeade is.. mmm..

Weekend Cook and Tell: Celebrating Sardines and Anchovies

Banh Mi with fried sardine is the winner Banh Mi

What to do with too much blue cheese!?

I was gifted POUNDS of point reyes blue cheese, and am looking for ideas on what do with with it all. I have made pasta sauce, at it on salads, pepper jelly, made salad dressing. Need some idea that uses a large amount... Thanks!

The best food in Oklahoma

Sometimes I think my state is overlooked in particular gems of the food world. Also, that my state is overlooked in general, and I love it here! If any of you have certain Oklahoma food memories i'd like to hear them.

Things that enjoy about my state are..

1. Braums! I know there are a few outside of oklahoma, but none are more than one days drive from the dairy in Tuttle. Braums is one of only two large independant dairy's in the United States, and the Products are very, very good (cottage cheese, milk, ice cream (best i've had packaged), cheese, ect) plus its a hamburger joint! I know some are dirty, i'm not sure why.. but In the next year all of the stores (ice cream and dairy stores) will be serving pure, oklahoma beef! Also, its the only skim milk that is double concentrated by a process they invented. Hooray for Braums!

2. Del Rancho. Its the best chicken fried steak i've had in my entire life. and you order your meal over a phone.

3. Okarche (eichens) fried chicken, the best fried chicken i've ever had, in the oldest bar in oklahoma. insane whole birds served on white paper with a basket of pickles, onions, and white bread.

4. There are two places, on in oklahoma city (Juniors) and in tulsa (Celebrity Club) that are pretty famous for table side ceasers, fried chicken, and steaks. The decore is straight 1950's, red velvet, piano player every day, and sunkin bar. foil lined wall paper is great too.

5. Jamils! The best Lebonese steak house. In business for over 60 years, the setup is great. Hickory smoked steaks, and the meal before the meal. Cabbage rolls, hummas, tabouli, pita, smoked meat tray, salad, veggies, and that homemade steak sauce, all included in every dinner.

6. Fin and Feather resort. Its basically the resort from dirty dancing, with themed buffets every night, giant organ and girls dancing to the sounds of that themed night! Lake tenkiller!

I could go on, but what have you experienced?