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I eat pizza every day of Pizza Month (October) and take photos, edit video, give out awards, and blog about it at

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  • Favorite foods: Pizza, Burgers, Burritos, Chips & Salsa
  • Last bite on earth: Pizza...surrounded by friends and family

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'Pizza Slice' Gaga Parody Lyrics Performed!

Thanks for posting, drbubbles and Adam! Robin and I had a blast singing and recording the song. Let's see if we can get it on the top 40 ;)

Goodbye, Dumpling

Good bye to the only one I could count on to be sincerely happy to see me every Friday. The feeling was mutual. I miss you, Dumpling.

Help 'Slice Out Hunger' on June 9

Looking forward to it, Scott! Good pizza for a good cause...I love it!

The Corner Slice: The Best Slice on Eighth Between 30th and 31st

Couldn't agree more. I'm in this neighborhood all the time for the awesome improv comedy and when it comes to pizza...Suprema reigns supreme!

Daily Slice: Carmine's II, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Thanks, Pizzablogger! You know, the guy that edited the ChuckECheese vid is also the guy that I went to Carmine's II with - Shawn Amaro. He even took the photo of the steam coming off the pizza above. Thanks for the made my day!

Pizza in Louisiana

My favorite New Orleans place is SLICE (and I'm not just saying that because that is the name of this website!). Just the thought of the shrimp and andouille pie elicits a Pavlovian response in me. Here's my review (

Pizza Obsessives: Sean Taylor, National Pizza Month Hero

Hey Passion (Cary or Lillian?), nice meeting you last year as well! The costume is owned by everyone's friend, Scott Wiener (of Scott's Pizza Tours). This year I went on one of his pizza tours on the last day of Pizza Month...which, of course, is Halloween! Scott showed up in costume and let folks on the tour put it on if they wanted. I couldn't resist. Btw, if you haven't yet been on one of his tours, they are INCREDIBLE! I'm in the process of writing up the experience for Day 31 but, suffice to say, it was awesome!

Thanks, Adam, for the interview and for joining me during the quest this year!

Everyone else, wanna grab a slice sometime?

Dear Slice: Where Can I Find a Good Grandma Slice in Long Island/NYC?

Tomato & Basil (226 4th Ave, Park Slope, BROOKLYN) serves my favorite grandma slice...but I haven't yet been to several of the suggested ones mentioned above.

Stamford CT: Colony Grill, Awesome Bar-Style Pizza

Great recommendation. I'm looking forward to visiting!

NYC: La Pizza Fresca (or, 'How the VPN Is Like THX Sound')

Great write-up and amazing photos. I have to go away or I might just take another bite out of my computer screen.

Comment of the Day: 'Di Fanboys'

I like that you use the word "temple" but I would go so far as saying Di Fara is the Vatican (or the Mecca or the Israel) for pizza lovers. And even the most devout do not visit that frequency. The ones that do obviously are not bothered by it.

When I go to Di Fara, which is less than once a year, I go for the pizza and nothing more. If I get a seat...bonus! If the table is clean...bonus! If someone leaves their slice unattended...bonus!

If you're looking to bring your germaphobic friends, or your OCD family members, or your significant other on your anniversary - Di Fara is probably not the best choice.

But, if you go with the people on this board, that's one sacred pilgrimage quite a few of us love to make...and would rather it not be called "Grooooosssss."

Dear Slice: 'Barring Di Fara, Where Should I Go for Pizza on My NYC Visit?'

Go to Di Fara. The way you phrased your question it seems like Di Fara is your #1 choice.

Co., Motorino, and Lombardi's are all likely to be there when you return but I wish I could say the same for Di Fara. Make it work. Go at an off-peak time (late lunch before they close to prepare for dinner). It's 40 minutes from Times Sq by subway. Otherwise you'll come and likely enjoy any number of great pizzerias but you won't have been to Di Fara. If you have time for a second choice, then consider those others, but if I were you, I'd pay a visit to Dom.

Hope you like NY!

Video: Paulie Gee's Backyard Pizza

Thanks for linking my video, Adam. :) This whole pizza experience was unreal. I'm looking forward to not having to travel to Warren, NJ to eat it again.

[ DO NOT PUBLISH ] Roberta's the 'Best Naples-Style Pizza'? Really, Village Voice?

Good spot, Adam. I went there for the first time this year - Holy Moly, love at first bite. Definitely some of the best pizza I've ever had. I see the Village Voice qualified it as "Naples-Style" because the serving size feeds one. If that's the case, I had Naples-Style coffee this morning and am thinking of taking a Naples-Style nap when it wears off. Oh, and it will be the BEST NAPLES STYLE NAP this year!

An Epic Quest For Pizza Immortality: Eating Nothing But Sausage Pizza for a Month

Yes! Another observer. I love it when people celebrate pizza month eating pizza everyday. Whether they do it with me or by themselves, there is no more delicious way to enjoy October. I've been doing this since 2002 ( and am excited to see people do the same. This guy eating nothing but sausage pizza is quite extreme. I definitely have gone plenty of days eating only pizza but putting that restriction is fun in the beginning but by about now (mid-month) I think his significant other and friends are going to be a bit tired of it. No non-pizza dates, no spontaneous snacks, no popcorn at the movies, no peanuts or wings while watching the game, no ice cream to cleanse the palate. Sure, he can toss some of this stuff on a nearby sausage pizza but, in my experience, the sausage-pizza-everyday won't be the problem, the ONLY-sausage-pizza-everyday will make him pretty unfun to be around. I am curious though. I'll check out Ronnie_Suburban to see how he's doing. Happy Pizza Month, everyone!

Openings: Vertuccio's, a New Brick-Oven Pizzeria in Williamsburg

Looks sorta expensive...I'll start saving now and hopefully see what all the fuss is about (I've heard good things) this October.

When Is Totonno's Opening? New Projected Date Is Late September, Early October

I hope it's ready for October...I've been here several times but never during Pizza Month. This is the year!

Pizzeria Boom Actually Harming New York Pizza as We Know It, Newsweek Says

I heard from a friend that Sal from Sal and Carmine is no longer with us. I'm hoping I have been misinformed.

Co. Pizzeria Soft Opening Photo Gallery

Oh man...Great pix! I've gotta try this. Thanks, Adam!

Paulie Gee Profiled in 'Pizza Oven Lifestyles' Piece

Hey Paulie! Looking good - you & the oven. Nice meeting you in person the other day.

During October, National Pizza Month, Sean Taylor Celebrates Accordingly

The awards ceremony (and screening) is this Thursday (December 4th) at 7:30p at the Parkside Lounge (317 E. Houston St.). For details, check out the top part of my newly renovated Pizza Month '08 ( ).