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Quick and Easy Homemade Ricotta Gnocchi

Made these for the family after a day of skiing and they were such a hit I had to make another batch. The only ricotta that I could find up in the sticks that fit the bill was 8 grams of fat per serving but I had no trouble with the cheese sticking to the paper towels. This will be one of those recipes that I commit to memory and use in a pinch!

Cheese 101: How 4 Simple Ingredients Yield 10 Zillion Different Cheeses

I love reading these too! Can't wait to visit the cheese shop this weekend.

nr706: "how can you credibly lump those all together as "bacteria"?

The same way that you can say that beer is made with only four ingredients as well: barley, hops, yeast and water yet there are dozen's of types of barley, hops, and yeast (water comes in a million different flavors as well, right?). You couldn't write about all the yeasts, and all the barleys and all the hops in a short informative post right? If you did it would be like a "zillion" words long!

Why Beer Costs What It Does

@ex_snob: I could be wrong but I have a feeling that you left a comment on this post after reading the title of the article and nothing else. If you did indeed read it, you would come to understand (as I did) that all the variables involved in ordering and pricing craft beer are quite complicated and certainly no where near the "food related basics for the uninitiated" that you eluded to in your comment.

The Food Lab: The Hard Truth About Boiled Eggs

@Pirendeus- I'll second what Elinore said in that you need to keep the eggs at a low simmer regardless of the setting on the stove (Kenji recommends a low setting in his recipe but every stove is different!). Also he never mentions salting the water in the Food Lab or the recipe itself so that could (and I'm not smart enough to know either way) alter the results.

Either way, I've used the steaming method four or five times now (both hard and soft) and I am impressed with the end results. The soft boiled eggs are perfect (albeit I'll tweak the recipe 30 seconds or so either way dependent on the person eating it) and the hard boiled I've done have been beautiful and easy to peel (especially using Kenji's technique of doing under running water with a sieve underneath).

Drunken Cookery: The Pizza Edition

@BP: As to your claim that I've tried to "troll" here before, you must be talking about my response to your comments on Kenji's vegan mayo taste test. You "trolled" the article initially by claiming that the whole taste test was an advertisement for "Just Mayo" and, therefore, Kenji's article and the work done to explain his taste test and his article had no validity (nowhere near enough snark to rag about there right?!?). He explained his case (which invalidated your initial comment quite explicitly) and I simply asked if you had anything to add after his extensive response to your initial trolling (I was hoping for an apology for Kenji and his hard work but trolls don't do that). In any case, I don't think anyone could say that I got "real upset" (as you put it) because I certainly did not get upset at all.

As far as my "melty" comment, I wasn't the first to comment on @FMFats comment and no one else had anything to say after my comment was made so either my point was well taken or nobody cared what I had to say. I certainly didn't "catch some", as you claimed above.

As far as this thread is concerned, five separate people, in the comment section for this article, took time out of their busy lives to let you know that they do not enjoy your comments (before you argue with me about who @Prawo Jazdy was pointing to, he/she mentioned that the offending person is a frequent commenter of which I am certainly not and @protorp made a very clever play on words by using the word Butthead (with a capital B) at the end of his/her comment which, also, clearly points to your user name) and your course of action is to criticize (or in my case: attack) three of the five who called you out.

But, according to you, I am the troll.

Drunken Cookery: The Pizza Edition

@XXDavidsonXX, @jim s:

My new game is to guess what article BP is going to comment on with sanctimony/bitchiness/overall humbuggery before I actually click to see the comments. Today my sure bet was on Kenji's Deviled Egg post but I got taken to the cleaners by missing the Exacta on the drunken cookery/spoon rest line! Oh well, I'll try and make my money back on the weekend!

And since I don't want to post without making a comment pertinent to the posted topic: Do not try to cook a frozen pizza on campfire. I can't imagine I would ever need to need to figure this out again but I am curious to know if anyone ever had any any luck doing so!

And @protorp: I see what you did there!

The Food Lab: Maximize Flavor by Ultra-Smashing Your Burger

@FMFats: Yes, we certainly cannot argue that the word "melty" is not in the dictionary but we can argue if you are intelligent enough to realize what "melty" means especially given the context.

Ultra-Smashed Cheeseburgers

Just made these with some fresh ground chuck from the butcher and they work exactly as advertised. Delicious, quick and easy!

Vegan Mayonnaise Taste Test Produces Surprising Results


Any rebuttal to Kenji's response to your accusations on the validity of their taste testing processes or do you just drop your troll bomb and run? I hate to be advertorial but I can't help myself.

Cream Potato Lefse From 'The New Midwestern Table'

We called this potetskake growing up. I just started making it on my own a couple years ago after being gifted the lefse iron, rolling pin and lefse stick. Unfortunately, I can't come close what my norwegian born bestemor could make. At least I can do a killer risgrot and kringle to make up for it!

We Try Every Barefoot Bubbly

@schnook: Maybe, on the other hand, this was a review for people who are interested in buying inexpensive bubbly without regard for fussy terroir endorsements.

How Do You Pay the Bill at Restaurants?

I tend to eat out in smaller groups with similar tastes (a drink or two with dinner and maybe share an app or two along with middle of the menu main courses) so splitting the bill is never a problem. If someone has an extra drink or a little nicer main I don't mind spending the extra $10-15 in disparity to spend a childless night out with good friends. On the other hand, if I feel my wife and I's share is more than it would be if split equally, I'll grab the check and put my credit card down and let the other couple(s) decide how it should shake out.

On the other side, if I feel like the other parties have rung up a bigger tab, I'll grab the check, decide what my share is and put the cash on the barrel.

From what I've read above, most of the problems originate with the choice of dining partners although sometimes we have to bite the bullet and share a meal with people we would rather not!

DIY vs. Buy: How to Make Sugar Cubes

My Norwegian grandfather would let me dip a sugar cube in his coffee and my grandmother would shove one in the end of an unpeeled orange and I would squeeze and suck the juice out through the cube. Funny how this article jogged those memories.

What Would You Ask A Bartender?

What is the tipping ettiquette on buy backs (I'm in NY and it is fairly typical to get a free drink on the third or fourth)? I typically drink beer and tip a dollar per pint (five bucks) and tend to leave about half the cost of a pint plus the buck I would spend otherwise on the buy back. Typical situation is I drink 4 pints, one is free ( so my tab is 15 instead of 20) and I leave 7 bucks for a tip. Am I doing right by my bartender? Cheers!

From Behind the Bar: On Tipping

What about tipping "buy-backs"? It is typical in my neck of the woods that the 3-4th round is "on the bartender". I will usually tip a dollar a beer plus half the cost of the free round but maybe I am doing it wrong. Any thoughts on tipping on the "buy-back" round?

Anyone Else Like Pork Roll?

The first time I had Taylor Ham it was on a breakfast joint in Vermont. As I had never heard of it before, I imagined that it must be some kind of magical ham that is cured in some obscure part of North Carolina or something. Anyway, the sandwich arrives and the ham tasted awesome and I knew my assumptions about this "Taylor Ham" must be true.

Fast forward a couple of days when I hop on google to try and source out this amazing stuff only to find that it is basically "fancy" spam...

Lets just say that what little food snobbery I had in me got kicked to curb that night and I'll get me a Taylor Ham, egg and cheese on roll anytime I can find it!

Lunch and Dinner in Cooperstown, NY: where to go?

First off, this is my first comment on SE so hello to all!

My wife and I just spent some time in the area about a month ago and I must recommend the Ommegang Brewery (about 10 miles south of Cooperstown) for lunch. The Belgian inspired menu was chock full of local and regional ingredients along with a good family friendly atmosphere. The quality and selection of their on-site brews and imported Belgians is amazing if thats your thing and the building and grounds are quite pretty. Anyway, I hope this helps and here is a link to their menu:

Cafe Ommegang