I'm a function-over-form fitness nut who loves good food. I do mathematical programming and modeling to pay the bills, and enjoy the contrast between my work and play.

  • Location: Martinsburg WV
  • Favorite foods: Food: nut butters, broccoli, eggs, liver, fish, avocado, pork, Brussels sprouts
    Drink: scotch, coffee, tea, water
    Seasoning: salt, cinnamon, cocoa, cayenne
  • Last bite on earth: Grilled catch of the day with a side of broccoli, finished off with a spiked mexican-style hot chocolate.

What are your Favorite Savory Foods to Deep Fry?

Sweetbreads. Rich, fatty goodness.

Pantry and Fridge Frustrations. Has It Happened To You?

I live alone, so this problem does not happen, however it did when I lived with my parents. Relevant comedy skit by one of the best:

Weekend Cook and Tell: Lovin' Liver

@Ken: that sounds awesome.

I love liver. Aside from the usual suspects(pate, liver and onions, etc.), I like to use liver to bind together meatloaf, make a savory chocolate mousse, as a thickener in sauce. If I'm getting some from my farmer friend, I'll even eat a little bit raw.

Favorite meatloaf base:
1-2 onions, 1 lb ground pork, 1 lb. ground veal, 1 lb calf's liver or grass-fed cow

Order of operations is to sweat the onions, then puree them with liver. Form a loaf with all the meat, and bake.

Unfortunately I don't have measurements for the mousse, but it's basically whipped egg whites and folding in a puree of liver, cocoa powder, and an egg yolk or two, sometimes with a pinch of cayenne. I want to try it with adobo sauce sometime.

From Behind the Bar: On Craft Distilleries

My favorite at the moment is the shine coming out of these guys. Their Catdaddy spiced spirit is incredibly unique and dangerously drinkable. The only thing I haven't liked was the lemonade stuff - it tasted too much like that powdered junk.

Sneaky Skinny - Healthy Tips That Don't Scrimp on Satisfaction

@annet - I usually go for 2:1 ratio of ground meat: liver, but you can still taste the liver. You could probably also do 3:1 or even 4:1 if you add an egg or two.

Sneaky Skinny - Healthy Tips That Don't Scrimp on Satisfaction

When I make meatloaf, I ditch the bread/egg binder and filler combo as well as some of the ground meat for super-nutritious liver. It holds together like nothing else, and I now can get all my vitamin A for the day from a single slice of meatloaf.

Peanut butter, banana, and... Sriracha?

I ate something similar not too long ago. I had an unripe banana that was going to go bad before I could eat it (going out of town) and my freezer was full, so I decided to cook it. I made a sauce with PB, sriracha, and a touch of tamari - delicious.

Foods that get you "goin"...

Bacon and eggs. No lie.

Let's talk about Eggs!

Has anyone tried anchovies? The thought just hit me and it sounds delicious n my head.

Quick healthy breakfat

Bulletproof Coffee
Cottage Cheese with some nuts, sardines, or fruit
Blend avocado with some yogurt, coconut milk, fruit, or cream and cocoa powder

And pretty much any non-baked eggs. Hardboiled eggs can even be prepared way in advance in giant batches.

Let's talk about Eggs!

I've always wanted to try some with a little miso paste or maybe with a whole shrimp.

Win Pop Chart Lab's "Constitutions of Classic Cocktails" Poster

Sugar=The Devil?

@Les: I agree on the GI, and also want to point out the glycemic load as another factor. Interestingly, the GI of whole wheat bread is pretty close to a snickers bar, so too much bread can also pose a problem.

Sugar=The Devil?

You can also cook your veggies in good fats, like butter and coconut oil. Throw in some more cheeses and other fermented dairy help too. Eggs are also a fantastic source of fats, protein, and nutrients.

Cook the Book: 'Bi-Rite Market's Eat Good Food'

I go right to the farm. Nothing better than seeing your dinner before its packaged up.

Sugar=The Devil?

Fruit is less problematic because the fructose is bound up in the actual fibers and protein of the fruit. Fruit juice, sucrose, HFCS, agave nectar, molassas, etc. don't have that so the fructose hits the liver immediately. If your glycogen isn't depleted from exercise, this will be stored as that belly fat that afflicts so many (visceral fat).

I limit sugar intake by eating more veggies, eggs, and meat.

Does anyone use beef hearts?

I usually braise mine with veggies and leave some of the fat on to aid in making the post-braise sauce.

I wish I had a meat grinder, since that sounds like a great idea too.

Here's 50 bucks....

$40 worth of bacon wrapped shrimp and $10 or brussels sprouts.


Super Bowl Giveaway: 10-Pound Box of Pat LaFrieda Sliders

Probably tuning in from a streaming service since I don't get TV.

Paleo Diet?

@Lorenzo: It is unfortunate that we need a name for it, but I can hardly blame some people who have been trying to eat well using completely incorrect guidelines from government agencies. Promoting massive quantities of grains, replacing natural animal fats and healthy oils with nasty vegetable and corn oils, limiting dietary cholesterol from healthy foods like eggs, etc. have been repeated long enough and often enough that no one ever bothers to question it.

Paleo Diet?

It's actually a misconception that Paleo is low carb. Low carb works the best for people who are metabolically damaged or have gut issues (e.g. diabetes, ulcerative colitis, etc.), but otherwise carbs are fine. Athletes especially are recommended to carb up as necessary.

What is different is the source of carbs: replace the pasta, grains, and empty starches with sweet potatoes, yams, bananas, squash, berries, and the like.

The diet is really easy to follow. It basically boils down to: eat real food, eat when you are hungry, and get enough sleep. My only caveat is that while the diet allows for eating nuts, it really shouldn't be a mainstay and a lot of people who try the diet go overboard on nuts. Nuts (including chocolate) contain many of the antinutrients that cause inflammation. The other stopper for some people is difficulty in dropping the nasty oils (canola, safflower, peanut, vegetable, etc.) for healthy fats.

Good luck!

Midnight snack attack!

Most of the time "hunger" at night is actually thirst (especially if you had a nightcap), so I always grab some water. So far it has worked every time.

Settling for less...?

Oils and butter. I will not purchase cheap vegetable or seed oils (for rancidity purposes). All my coconut oil is be extra virgin and my butter is from grass-fed cows.

Cleveland: If Michael Symon Weren't Already a Celebrity, B Spot Would Make Him a Star

All that food looks amazing. Now if only I had an excuse to go to Cleveland...

Boneless, skinless... chicken hockey pucks

Ages ago I bought a bag of skinless chicken breasts. Then, over time, they were buried in the freezer until I unearthed them yesterday. I thawed one to see if it was edible... and since the seal on the bag was apparently punctured by a fish carcass months ago, it has thawed into inedible leather.

My first instinct was to toss the lot, but on second thought I had the idea of trying to coax some level of flavor out of them by using them to make stock. I wont get any meat (or at least meat I would trust). Anyone try this or something similar? I don't want to waste aromatics on a fruitless pursuit, but I also don't want to waste a bag of meat.

Serious Cheese?

I have the SE guides to pizza styles, hot dog styles, etc. bookmarked as good reference material.

I also noticed an old article with the label "Serious Cheese:". Was this planned to be a series? As someone who avoided cheese while learning to cook (OMG fat!), I never developed a real understanding of the umpteen thousand cheese varieties. Considering the ubiquitous nature of cheese, a SE series on cheese sounds awesome. Was it ever planned? Would it be considered? Or am I alone in thinking this would be awesome?

How do you take your coffee?

Simple topic. Consider 3 situations:

1) At home, with quality beans.
2) At a coffee shop.
3) At a place of mass brewing of mediocre beans (work break room, diner, etc.)

For me its:
1) Black as night.
2) With a touch of milk to cut the (usually) poor brewing.
3) With a touch of salt.

How about you guys?

The Pits

I get most of my daily carbs from fruit, and so am constantly throwing out fruit pits. I have seen several fruit pits and seeds roasted and sold (apricot, punpkin, etc.), but as I was halving one of my favorite foods - avocado - it struck me that I never actually researched which pits are edible and tasty. Have you ever roasted an avocado pit or something even more bizarre? If so, how did it turn out?

Raleigh, NC

So I am attending a week long workshop on optimization algorith... math, in Raleigh, NC.

Now obviously, I must get some Q while I am in the Carolina's, but I would love to sample as much local flavor as possible. Has anyone been to/live in the area who could recommend places to go?


So with all the fresh produce coming out, I find myself in the situation of having too much excellent berries, rhubarb, mint, etc. to eat before it goes bad. In the past I have frozen the ones that take well to freezing, but the other day I had an idea.

I love infusing liquors, and have been known to drop coffee grinds, pepper, vanilla, tea leaves and the like into the drink to extract extra flavors. I have not, however, done this with fruit or non-dried herbs, and so I am now trying some basic vodka infusions on my excess produce.

Has anyone tried this procedure on fresh produce? If so, what did you do and how did it turn out?

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