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catering price

k thank you so much for all your help it is much appreciated

catering price

i am only doing meats they are doing sides and drinks . . it will be buffett style. i can handle a party of that size. i have been smoking for different events for a good amount of time now. just never been a paying job just me doing it for fun. ussually the amount of people i cook for is fourty give or take. and i will make three butts or turkeys and dont ussually have leftovers. i will do the cleaning up for it. i am not sure about the leagally thing.. why would it not be leagal? i do not have to rent anything. its an hour drive. yes i can haul it all..... i think i answered all the questions.... lol.... like i said i have done several events with around fourty people at them and have never had any issues... i just dont know price points because i have never had to worry about that before.

catering price

they asked my dad if i would do it and he was not sure what to quote them so they told him to talk to me and let them know what i wanted. i smoke food alot for events but it has always been just for fun. so i have never thought about how much i would charge if a situation like this ever came up.


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