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Adam Kuban's '8 Pizzas That Haunt My Dreams,' 2014 Edition

Great to see something from you Adam. Gotta try Prince Street, looks fantastic. Like so many others, I cannot begin to tell you how much I miss Slice. Nothing that SE has done on the pizza front does anything for me. I might drop by SE once every couple of months, usually when they sent an email under the Slice label and I check in to see if anything has changed. Never does, its always just a way to reel us in, but there is nothing worth sticking around for.

Photo Series Captures the Elusive Pizza in the Wild

Why are you sending out an email with this item that was posted "Posted: 22 Apr 2014 09:00 AM PDT?" I used to be on Slice pretty much every day, usually with quite a few page hits. It was a great, useful site with a great community. Now I'm on Seriouseats maybe once every few months, just not what I'm looking for. If you are trying to bring Slice users into the fold, sending out old posts with marginally funny but otherwise not useful information isn't going to cut it. Reconstitute the old Slice, or something very similar and I'll be glad to come back.

Pizza in Madison Wisconsin

Thanks RachelB3! Meatntaters - thanks, but what is the name of the place you're talking about?

Poll: Do you Fold your Pizza?

One must always respect the will of the slice. More importantly, where is that slice in the picture from? It looks FANTASTIC!

Cape Cod?

Vacationed for many years on Nauset Beach in East Orleans (short drive from Chatham). Loved Orleans Villa Pizza on Rt. 6a (87 Cranberry Hwy, Orleans. (508) 255-5111. The place is a tiny dive in the corner of a small strip "mall." Easy to miss. If you're going to Chatham because you like "fancy" this isn't the place for you, but if you're just looking for good pizza, its great. I prefer the Sicilian, but the NY style regular is also very good. FYI, they have square Sicilian slices in the store, but make it round for takeout. I tried asking about this several times and for some reason it was a very sensitive topic - very odd! It has been a couple of years since we've been on the Cape, so I am just assuming that it hasn't changed. Someone else mentioned George's. That is Greek style pizza, good for that style, but would be a disappointment if you are looking for a more NYC type of slice.

Los Angeles: The Deep Dish on the Mysterious Hollywood Pies

I've been assuming for years that I was crazy as I've never been able to discern corn meal in the Chicago pies I've had (and loved) in my too few trips to Chicago. Glad to hear it wasn't me! Amazing how pervasisve the corn meal myth is.

A Pizza My Mind: The Best Frozen Pizza, PERIOD.

A second for Tree Tavern! Used to love the stuff. It hasn't been that good in recent years, but I understand that a few months ago they moved production to another plant and it is now a little more faithful to the 1970s version - haven't had a chance to try it yet though. I used to drizzle a little olive oil on top, maybe add a few extra slice of mozz. Tasty. Also, I think it is "all natural." I don't think they pitch that aspect of it, but I think the ingredients were basic, not a bunch of chemicals.

Daily Slice: M Cafe De Chaya, Los Angeles

Is that an actual wicker basket? Interesting that a place that sounds like it focuses on healthy food would serve food in/on something that will be reused, but cannot truly be cleaned effectively.

Is College-Town Pizza A Recognizable Style?

My son goes to Cornell, so I've made the trip dozens of times in the last couple of years. The comment calling "The Nines" a bar that serves pizza is right on the money. There are at least a half dozen better places in town. Personally, I prefer "Collegetown Pizza," primarilly due to a really nice sauce, but Sammy's, Napoli, Sal's and others are better options than Nines. If you have time (I haven't), I am told that New York Pizzeria in Trumansburg (20+ minute drive) is actually the best in the area.

Tomato Schenectady, NY!

Had a couple of slices from Perreca's today as well! I pick it up on my way into work once a week or so. The slices were a little on the thin side today, it is normally a bit thicker. Always a ton of sauce, and yes some Parm sprinkled on top. Pizza in this area isn't very good in general, but this is a nice slice, obviously not a typical style for most of the country though.

The Pizza Lab: Homemade Philadelphia Tomato Pie

@dmcavanagh, Perrecas is definitely worth a stop if you are nearby. The bakery is mainly a morning/early afternoon business - you always run the risk of them being sold out of the tomato pie and bread if you get there too late. The restaurant is breakfast/lunch/dinner. Check the hours on the links I put up. The bakery is like walking into the 1950s or earlier, its really just a little shop. They 've got a coal fired oven they do the bread in, I'm not sure about the pizza. You can see a little of the stove in some of the pics in their gallery on the website. The bread is very good by itself, makes a great panini as well, and I hear they do a french toast with it in the restaurant (haven't had it, but heard it was great). Really good soups, some nice cheeses, etc.

The Pizza Lab: Homemade Philadelphia Tomato Pie

@Deb07 - That pizza was likely from Perreca's Bakery on Jay Street. The pizza in the capital region of NY is really bad, but the Perreca's tomato pie is a bright exception. In fact, my lunch today is going to be a couple of slices I picked up yesterday. I'd post a pic, but can't figure out how. Here are links to their bakery facebooks for them and their next door restaurant. They do a real nice job. I've bought bags of their croutons to munch on for lunch they are so good! Now if there was just a place that made really good NYC (or better, New Haven) pizza...!/pages/Perrecas-Bakery-Italian-Bread-Pastries-Soups-Cupcakes/55737276386?sk=photos

Chicago: Embrace the Stuffed Pizza at Porretta's

Looks like a fantastic stuffed - do they deliver to Upstate New York?

Chain Reaction: Bertucci's Roman Runaround

Add me to the list, good pizza and great rolls! On the other side of the customer service you experienced, I once asked if I could buy some of the rolls to take home as my family (six of us altogether) and I were finishing our meal. The waiter delivered a bag of close to 2 dozen rolls to our table and said, "Enjoy, no charge." Didn't really cost them much, and obviously it made me a customer for life.

Chain Reaction: Papa Gino's

I grew up in and around NYC, so that is where my primary pizza preference tends to fall, but I love New Haven and Chicago as well. I first tried Papa Ginos while vacationing on Cape Cod, and really enjoyed it. It doesn't hold up to a good NY or NH slice, obviously, but in my opinion, it is light years ahead of any national chain, and an equal to just about any regional chain I have tried (I do like Regina Pizzeria, noted above and Bertuccis, both also found in New England). Where I live now, near Albany, NY is essentially devoid of truly good pizza, and if there were a Papa Ginos here, it would certainly be my most visited pizza place, but there are no shops here anymore (there were a couple ten years or so ago).

Here is the bad news. Whenever my family and I are in Papa's region, we make sure to hit it up, even if it just to take some pies (and cheese breadsticks, which are excellent) home. The last two times we have done so we stopped at two different stores on the way home from Boston. The pizza and breadsticks were, to put it bluntly, terrible both times. If this is what we had experienced the first time we are at a one, I seriously doubt we would ever have gone back. It seemed like different pizza entirely, and normally their pizza is pretty comparable from store to store. What seemed to be different is a different dough, inferior to what I have previously seen, and maybe even more important, conveyer belt ovens instead of traditional pizza ovens. All the other Papas I have ever been in had purely traditional ovens, or the rotating ones (but still with heavy metal decks as cooking surfaces). I sincerely hope that this is not the beginning of some company wide changeover, because the product really sucked. Anybody seen/experienced this in the past 6 months or so?

Would You Hire This Man?

True, but disturbing nonetheless! :)

Would You Hire This Man?

Great story. The only disturbing thing is in the video - what is with everyone eating pizza with a knife and fork??? In NYC???? Oy vey!

Killer Greek Pies on Cape Cod at George's Pizza, Harwich, Massachusetts

George's was a required destination on our annual family vacations on Cape Cod. We must have started going there when it first opened if it has been around for 42 years; I'm 52 and remember being a kid going with m Dad to pick up some pies to bring back to the family. Not really a fan of Greek pizza, but their's was always pretty good.

The 10 Best Pizzas in NYC

That Di Faras sicilian pie looks out of this world good!

The Food Network's 50 States of Pizza

Just scanning the thumbnails, my first reaction is that two disturbing trends continue. 1) Piling up more and more ridiculous things on a crust doesn't make it good, in fact it helps obscure whether the essential pie is any good. 2) I like art. Many of these "pizzas" are very artful, very pleasing to the eye. That has essentially nothing to do with the fundamental question, "Is this pizza any good?"

The Best Surface for Baking Pizza, Part 12: All-Clad Soapstone

Soapstone is great for heating and cooking. We put in a unit when we put on an addition ten years ago with a fireplace and a bakeoven. It looks like the attached photo, except the fireplace and bakeoven are on opposite sides. The fireplace faces an area where we have several comfortable leather chairs and the bakeoven faces the kitchen. It takes a while to "learn" the bakeoven (how hot to get it, how long to let the heat soak in, where in the oven to place things, etc., but once you do you can cook almost anything in it. Its obviously great for pizza, bread, etc. We also put in soapstone countertops, and they are also fantastic for working on. You do have to season them, but we find that that happens automatically if you use the surface for working dough, etc.

I'd agree with at least one of the comments above that the thickness of the allclad stone seems somewhat thin, I would think thicker would give even better results. And as far as temperature, we have had our unit up way past 500 - around 675 if I remember correctly.

Portland, Maine: Micucci's Sicilian Slabs

That is really, really good lookin' pizza!

The Best Surface for Baking Pizza, Part 7: The Pizza Screen

I've used Abest Kitchen to buy screens and other pizza and kitchen stuff. The prices have generally been reasonable and the quality of what I've gotten has always been good. They've got a half sheet pizza screen - pretty weird looking.