Cook the Book: 'Everyday Thai Cooking'

Definitely curry with pre-made paste. My go-to clean-out-the-fridge meal...

Win Tickets to the Joy of Sake Event in NYC

Miya's in New Haven. Not quite authentic, but fun and delicious.

Bake the Book: Balaboosta

Cook the Book: 'The Food52 Cookbook, Volume 2'

caramelized onion and ricotta salata calzones

A Pizza My Mind: On Planning a Pizza Crawl

@TheKaz a bit out of the way, but you can't forget Zuppardi's!

Coconutty Thai Iced Tea

any recommendations on what types of black tea taste best?

Food at the Sweetlife Festival: Serious Eats Muffuletta and Serious Sweets from Bouchon Bakery, Momofuku Milk Bar

Time is on my Side- Rolling Stones (still in a mad men sort of mood...)

Cook the Book: 'The Art of Eating Cookbook'

count me in for the Gourmet nostalgia

Nordstrom's Tomato Basil Soup

Fantastic recipe! It might be my pride as an inexperienced cook talking, but this is exactly what I want when I'm craving tomato soup. I did make a few minor changes- I halved the amount of heavy cream, and replaced one of the cans of peeled roma tomatoes with crushed tomatoes with basil (tuttorosso brand, for those who are particular about tomato brands). Though I agree, this makes WAY more than 4 servings- but I won't mind the leftovers with this one. Thanks, Blake!

Food Commercials? Which ones tempt you (or not) the most?

i know better, and i never give in, but taco bell ads get my stomach growling every single time. olive garden does a pretty damn good job taking my appetite away though. philadelphia's "cooking cream" commercials make me a bit queasy too.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Cured Meat Experience

with ricotta, honey, and arugula on foccaccia. bonus points if it's blackberry honey. best sandwich ever.

Poll: Ranch Dressing on Pizza - Way or No Way?

Ranch can save a bad slice of pizza, but I'd NEVER do that to a good slice.

Cook the Book: 'The Big New York Sandwich Book'

total guilty pleasure, but there was a deli in my hometown that was a local legend (lines out the door for most of the day). My personal favorite was the appropriately named "gasm"- Garlic toasted hero topped with chicken cutlet, bacon, melted mozzarella, russian dressing, and coleslaw. Add a giant cup of their homemade iced tea, and it was the sort of meal you can only eat guilt-free when you're 16 (and probably why most of their business comes from the local high schools).

seriously though, the way i'd get through finals in college was promising myself that i'd get one of those sandwiches when i got home for the semester.

Goodbye, Dumpling

Absolutely heartbreaking- i always loved the"this week at serious eats hq" slideshows, to see what Dumpling had been up to each week. My deepest condolences to you, your family, and everyone at serious eats.

Where to Eat a Pre- or Post-Theater Dinner in NYC

@mandyeats I'll second hallo berlin!

Cook the Book: 'Serve Yourself'

pasta with sauteed peas, onions, and prosciutto- simple, quick, delicious. yum :)

New Haven: Delicious Thin-Crust Pizza at Bar

also have to agree with the salad recommendation- that plus the eggplant pizza is my personal favorite. now if only they sold it by the slice...

Noteworthy in New Haven, CT?

Oh! and burger purists might cringe, but Prime 16 is the best for pub fare. (getting a burger on one of the pretzel rolls might lead to a mess, but one that's worth it)

Noteworthy in New Haven, CT?

Miya's for the most delicious, unique sushi you'll ever have, Miso for a more classic take on sushi, Pacifico for awesome ceviche and other Latin/seafood treats (plus, absolutely killer sangria, mojitos, etc.) , Thali Too is always fun for Indian (or just Thali if you're a carnivore) , Barcelona for tapas, Istanbul Cafe is always a lot of fun, Scoozzi for slightly off-beat Italian. Thai Taste is probably the best Thai in the immediate area , but the service is sometimes shaky.

I've actually had hit-or-miss experiences at Ibiza, and as a New Yorker, don't think Pepe's lives up to the hype (Modern is better, but I still think they're all overrated...) Bentara and Soul de Cuba are also great, but not at the top of my list of must-try's, and York Street Noodle House is the best thing on a disgusting, blustery day.

Poll: Do You Go for a Corner, Edge, or Center Slice?

always couches or beds, never the ottoman ;)

Grilling: Keftedes

just tried the recipe today (with beef, not lamb). absolutely fantastic, although you weren't kidding about them being a bit soft for the grill! still, with a little homemade tzatziki and a pita- wonderful!

My first cookbook...

wow...thanks for the suggestions everyone! looking forward to doing a bit of research (hopefully of the edible kind! :) )

Poll: Do You Toast Your Pop-Tarts?

@tomk2: not weird at all, i'm the same way. i would never toast any of the fruit-flavored ones, but toasted brown sugar cinnamon... yum!

(i freely admit, poptarts are my guilty pleasure)

Smashburger To Open 20 Locations in Long Island Starting This Year

any news of where on li? excited to try it!

Do Gals Eat Less When Guys Are Around?

am i the only one this actually does apply to? although, i wouldn't say i eat less around guys as much as i eat MORE around girls.

for the most part, my guy friends (or boyfriend, if i'm lucky enough to have one at the time) never want to share anything, they'd rather have their own dish.

my girl friends, on the other hand, will gladly share a massive plate of french fries, or an enormous ice cream sundae (after all, if we're sharing, we must not be eating THAT much of it, right?)

My first cookbook...

I'm a recent college grad moving into my first apartment, and excited to have my very own kitchen for the first time. I've always been crazy when it comes to food, but this is the first time I'll really have the full resources to cook for myself.

However, I'm not quite sure what to do about buying a cookbook to start out. All the "beginner" cookbooks i've seen seem too simplistic ("how to boil water!"), but I'm also not too confident in my cooking yet. I've always just trusted my family's very VERY old copy of Joy of Cooking, but am curious if anyone has any other suggestions for a good "starter" cookbook.

anyone have any advice?

Italian Breakfast Cookie Mystery

Maybe someone on here can help me figure this out:

When I was little, my Italian (Sicilian) grandmother would always serve these amazingly delicious breakfast cookies. They were long, flat ovals, extremely sweet, very very soft (almost cakelike), and had a sort of vanilla glaze that covered them completely.

Unfortunately, I never asked her what they were called- I think they're a type of biscotti, but they're not hard. I asked my father if he knew what they were, but he just shrugged and answered "breakfast cookies." I've seen them in bakeries a few times, so I know they weren't just something my grandmother made (of course, I never thought to ask the bakers what they were).

Does anyone have any idea what these cookies are called?

Eat for Eight Bucks: Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Last week I finally got around to whipping up some pesto with pumpkin seeds, playing the part of pine nuts, and now I am smitten. I've tossed it with cold whole wheat couscous, twice I've stirred it into pasta, and I've eaten it by the spoonful while the baby begged for her fair share. With plain sliced tomatoes, pasta with pesto becomes a simple but filling celebration of summer. More

Eat for Eight Bucks: Farro Salad

This will not look like much of a meal to some of you, but for me a bowl of simply dressed grains and vegetables is about as good as it gets, at least when I can't devote much thought and energy to satisfying my stomach. This farro salad is wonderful to have around, since it can serve as a healthy snack or emergency provisions if a big dinner is taking longer to prepare than you had anticipated. More