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Do You Have Any 'Once In A Wifetime' Recipes?

Moose. She thinks they are cute. I think they are yummy. Problem is that people around here hunt them for food and sometimes put them in food and don't tell you that it is not hamburger. I guess what she does not will not hurt me. ;)

Seattle: The Greasy, Cosmetically Dubious Fare at Burgermaster Is Good Enough

You missed out by not having a shake. Best thing on the menu. That is where the fries come in. You use them to eat the shake. Like a frosty at Wendy's.

Seattle: Red Mill Burgers Makes 'em Big 'n' Sloppy 'n' Ordinary

I don't get where that the whole rivalry thing comes from. I grew in Seattle and have never even heard of Red Mill. Maybe it's because I grew up going to Dicks. But even my Seattle-centric friends who are the kind of people have never even spoke of it.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Banana and Brown Sugar. Why have I never heard of this before? Sprinkle Reece's Pieces on and it would be akin to ambrosia.

Cook the Book: 'Put 'em Up!'

The growing season is so short up here that preserving is one of the only ways to get half-way descent produce most of the year. Good produce does not really exist.

Poll: Did You Take Home Ec in High School?

We dis not have home ec. I would have liked to take it. Not only would I get to learn to cook, but spending more time with the ladies is always good. ;)

Cook the Book: 'Farm to Fork'

I am not fortunate to have my own yard and the growing season in Alaska is pretty short but I love to take the rhubarb fresh out of my friends yard and eat it strait. The leaves make a great salad also.

Famous people, famous food quotes

"The most dangerous food is wedding cake." - James Thurber

My wife and I had that with our wedding cake.

Cook the Book: 'Mary Mac's Tea Room'

MMM southern food and tea. A perfect combination.

McDonald's May Be Sued by Nutrition Watchdog Over Happy Meal Toys

Warning: This is a rant.

There is absolutely no way that the government should be involved in this. It is up to parents to feed their children. While a child may want to eat something with a cartoon character on it they will also be interested in eating what their parents are eating. Part of the problem is that so many adults have poor eating habits and they are emulated by their children. I know that is the case for myself. While my parents always made sure that we had some kind of vegetable and protein and starch at dinner there was not much in the way of variety and I never learned to like vegetables and fruit. Now I am fat and I am trying to teach myself to eat better so that when I have children they do not end up with the same bad eating habits I have. The problem is that since I never developed the taste for these foods as a child it is very hard to now.

Obese children are the product of parenting and in a larger sense our society that does not allow one parent to stay at home and make sure that the family gets to eat home cooked meals and not prepackaged foods full of salt and sugar.

The statistic was that only 6 percent of happy meals were being ordered with something besides fries. That means the PARENTS were ordering fries 94 percent of the time. Not the children.

I applaud the attempt of McDonald's and other fast food companies for their attempt to add healthier options in their menus. It is up to the consumers to choose the healthier options. If a child is given apples at home with his or her meals then that child is more likely to eat the apple slices in their happy meals. Or hey, just order it anyway. If the child is hungry then he or she will eat it.

Once we start allowing the government to make these choices for us then they will keep trying to take over more control of our lives. There is already talk about a ban of trans fats. Next could be refined sugar. We need to take responsibility for our own choices and stop letting the government try and decide for us. That is what liberty is all about.

OK. End of rant. Sorry for self-righteousness.

Poll: Do You Share Straws?

straws = evil
I like to drink directly out of the vessel. Then there is leftovers in my mustache. mmmmm...mustache milkshake.

Mayo On A BBQ Burger?

@leebo While I believe that a proper burger requires nothing more than salt and pepper and can have the additions of American cheese, bacon, and possibly caramelized onions; sometimes I am stuck at a restaurant (Denny's or the place I ate at today) that I do not expect a good burger so I get one with BBQ sauce to add some flavor to their overcooked burger.

Maybe I should be more selective at the restaurants I eat at and cook properly at home more often. It's not like there are many good places to eat here anyway. Anchorage is a poor food town. I'll stop now before I start to rant. Grr.

Poll: How Do You Eat String Cheese?

While I usually eat in the traditional string method that is not my preferred. After all string cheese is nothing more than mozzarella sticks that are not yet complete. I prefer to complete them either in the deep fryer or bakes.

mmm deep fried cheese.

Movie theater food: what's your favorite and are you a smuggler?

My wife and I are horrible movie people. We smuggle in food. In the summer we use her purse. In the winter we use my coat. If we feel like hiding it that is. And we usually sneak in to another movie after the first.
I do not feel bad about this in the least. She used to work at this theater and they do not care if you bring in food. The only time she ever saw someone getting turned away was when they had a large pizza in box. We are both also trying to lose weight so a popcorn with 1200 calories is not a good idea. Plus this place is run so poorly that they don't care about profits at all anyway.

If we go to any of the non-corporate theaters we behave much better. We have one up here that sells some of the best pizza I have ever had and makes their own beer. Plus they even deliver your food during the movie.

Perfect fried chicken

Take some flour and season it as you wish. I usually use salt, pepper and garlic. Sometimes I add others as well just depends on what I am in the mood for.
Divide the dry mixture in two separate bowls.
Add water to one and create a batter. Experiment with thickness. I prefer a relative runny one.
Coat the chicken in the batter and cover with the dry.
Place in a deep fryer. I know pan frying can give a crisper texture but It take far longer, sometimes the chicken is still not cooked all the way through, and I always break off some of the crispy goodness when I take a spatula and flip. Deep frying is superior.


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