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Yucat√°n-Style Pickled Red Onions in Sour-Orange Juice

Couldn't you just make a Sachet d'Epices and save yourself from accidentally getting a berry or bay leaf?

The Food Lab: A Quick Guide to Stuffing Omelettes

This must be a regional thing, think mid Indiana and eastern Illinois. Especially at the nursing home I work at now. Any color whatsoever to the eggs and the omelet gets sent back for a redo.

The Best Barbecue Beans

I'm in the way to sweet and get it in the smoker camp. Ditch the ketchup and sub in a robust non KC style BBQ sauce. Nix the now ever present chicken stock and go with jus from smoked pulled pork or brisket. Cut back on the extra added sugars including what's in the rub. Now we're getting somewhere. Yes, I did try it as written first.

What to Do With Leftover Tomato Paste

@Ragingrio Niki mentions fairly early in the article that's exactly what she does. I am greatful for all the ideas. Thanks Niki.

The Ultimate Fully Loaded Nachos

Sub out the black beans for a meat. Flank or skirt fajita. Pernil or cuban roast pork, pulled pork or chicken. At the very least generic taco meat and the would be fully loaded.

22 Supermarket Items You Should Leave on the Shelf (and What to Get Instead)

I agree with everything Kenji has said in this article. However the pre-grated cheese irks me most. I buy 8 oz. Blocks for about 2.38 compared to somewhat more then 4 for the pre-grated stuff. Yeah, I spent 40 for a meat grinder that has a grater attachment. It's paid for itself in cheese grinding alone.

The Comfort Food Diaries: All I Want Are Some Potato Skins

Made it about three paragraphs into this post and skipped to comments. A Hoosier puking in the bathroom? You could have just generalized and just said tourist. Yep, I live in Indiana. From my service in the military i've lived in, worked, and been a part of many communities, many in Europe.Many were better then anything New York has to offer. Green onion stink? No, it's a highly desirable aroma especially in crabcakes. Openly bit#&ing about your boss? Not a good avenue for climbing the ladder. If no wonder associate is in your job title.

How to Make Irish Guinness Beef Stew That Really Tastes Like Guinness

A definite must try on my short list. As always the first try will be as written. Then tweak to my taste. Which is doubtful. I wish, nay hope, you would spend this much time and effort into coming up with an Chicago Italian beef recipe. A home cooked full flavored beef sandwich. Not that atrocity that Nick posted. It has nary an Italian herb, added clove, and used sliced deli meat. Or was that Ed's? Anyway since beef prices have come down i'm going to give this a go.

BLT Sandwiches with Candied Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato Jam

To sweet? Didn't the word candied in the title give you a clue? The BBQ competition circuit calls this pig candie. It's also good if you mix in enough maple syrup to make a glaze and brush that on when the bacon is about half done.

Easy Pan-Roasted Pork Tenderloin With Bourbon-Soaked Figs

Just made this for a lunch party. I also didn't have maple syrup and used honey. Still it turned out amazing and to raves from the guests. Definitely a cheftap keeper.

A Tale of Two Tapenades (and How to Make Them)

At one place i work we used a vertical (buffalo) chopper and added ingredients in three stages. First batch was chopped into a paste. Second into a rather fine chop. The last into a course chop. The whole process took about five minutes. I assume the same can be done with a home food processor.

How Horror Star Vincent Price Eerily Predicted America's Culinary Future

@Tomatohead you are a tomato head. It was price and he's listed in the credits.

I inherited the original from my mother and remembered I have it now (in storage). Time to dig it out and read it again. Will order a new one in support of it and serious eats. Thanks for the article and reminder.

Homemade Sriracha

No, the seeds won't puree. They are strained out in step 3.

Crispy Cheese Tacos

I don't get the cool down either. The breakfast crew at work do something very similar on thier flat-top. They lift them off and flip them onto a cutting board. They get filled, folded, and plated. Crisp up before they hit the window.

Chicken-Fried Chicken With Cream Gravy

I agree with the others. Gravy is made after in the same pan while chicken is kept warm. Pour off most of the now chicken flavored fat with fond and proceed. The salt needs to be cut back if you find yourself using enhanced chicken. The added cream isn't needed either. Plenty of mouthfeel from the roux.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite No-Shame Snacks for When No One's Looking

Slice of cheese swiped with mayo then another slice of cheese swiped with muffuletta olive salad. Repeat until inch thick and a final slice of cheese. Heated until melted if functional. Cold if barely standing.

How to Clean and Cook Morel Mushrooms

Once again something that is incredibly easy to enjoy has been over complicated by SE. Morels do not need the soy umami boost or anything else for that matter. I've been hunting and eating them for forty plus years and have never heard of such a thing for cooking and enjoying fresh harvest morels. Just soak in salted water to rid of critters. Flour very very lightly for some texture and brown in butter/oil at medium heat. Why would you distract from a good thing with all the extras? Just doesn't make since! Oh and watch out for the mushrooms that looks the same but isn't hollow. The solid ones can be lethal. Just saying.

The Best Way to Store Fresh Herbs

While I won't/can't disagree with any of this. I will agree that basil and even rosemary are special. Given trimmed stems, upright storage, in unclorinated fresh water. They both can be propagated. Given time and care, both will develope roots and can be potted or planted. I now have four basil plants and two rosemary plants growing in pots on my windowsills from store purchased boxed herbs.

Just 1 Bottle: 9 Cocktails to Make With Vodka and a Trip to the Grocery Store

Love these posts. Except now I have four bottles instead of just one. Thanks Nikki. Yeah, a bit sarcastic but thank you all the same.

Coq au Vin (Chicken Braised in Red Wine)

This looks perfect for my first acidic recipe in my new-ish Lodge Serving Pot (smaller dutch oven). As we are a family of two I'll just cut the recipe in half. Cooking times should be similar. The temperature for the breast might shorten time a little so I be careful to monitor that. Tomorrows dinner!

The Bird That Bites Back: How Nashville Hot Chicken is Made

Buffalo chicken take off? Sorry son, hot chicken has been around for decades longer then anyone even thought of coating worthless chicken parts in hot sauce.

Entertaining Made Easy: Store-Bought Frozen Hors D'Oeuvres We Love

I second selyar. There isn't a Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods within a hundred miles from where I currently live. Where are the more common national brands. And seapak isn't one of them.

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

@KevinGardo you skimmed the post didn't you? Have another go at it and read it this time. Especially the review for Campo's.

Slow-Cooker Sage and Sausage Stuffing

The bread isn't included in the ingredients list in the microdata format for offline viewing. Love this recipe have made it three times at 1/3 scale just to have some on hand for easy side or breakfast. Freezes well but goes fast.

The $29 Thermopop Digital Thermometer Measures Up

@Arielleeve the thermopop is still a viable option for you. When/if you order. Do so from and search for and add pot clip to your order. The stainless one is part # PH001.


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