Fried Chicken Prep - freezer question

Not trying to make your idea sound like a bad one. But, most fast food chicken places receive their buttermilk marinaded chicken frozen. Its thawed then breaded. Of course it's a buttermilk analog type deal. Thawing in buttermilk sounds better.

The Best F&$king Grilled Chicken Sandwich Ever

This needs a IMHO added at the end of the recipe name. With pureéd avocado, mayonnaise, and cilantro it sounds like a slime sandwich that taste like soap. Let alone the sesame seeds and chips that you have to floss for to get rid of.

What do you guys prefer plastic or wooden

Short answer? Without a doubt it's wooden.

Traveling Mac and Cheese questions

As Max said. In that time frame you will be ok. Cover it and let it rest in a cooler while transporting it. No cooler? Cover it and wrap in a few layers of clean bath towels. Do both if you can. The bottom of the dish has to be stable. I've dumped full hotel pans not accounting for that.

Lunch in the Loop: Devouring the Hot Dog Salad at Rudy's Bar & Grille

Dennis, I believe you. I am sure you enjoyed it. Even with my very firm belief that anyone over the age of eight should have grown out of, and completely eliminated, the use of ketchup as an condiment or ingredient. I will give it a go. Martini first!

Lunch in the Loop: Devouring the Hot Dog Salad at Rudy's Bar & Grille

Congrats on the new job. Somehow the euphoria of the job has skewed your tasting objectivity. That salad, as described, has got be the worst thing ever. Ketchup for dressing? This ranks as the #1 worst thing given the thumbs up in the entire history of this site. Even if set before me for free. A gun to my head. I would sit back, relax, and happily await my death. Nasty!

Did you Plan how your kitchen is organized, or did it evolve?.

My current home kitchen started as planned. This needs to go here and that goes there type of thing. Over time it has evolved into a workable space. Recently I added, what can only be called, a woodworkers workbench for extra counter space. It's built from jobsite scraps for about $20 in hardware. Including a solid core front entry door as a table top. So, in the end it has evolved in major ways.

How do I cook good food for a VERY large crowd?

I worked for a local YMCA camp that does similar meal size year round. We ran a crew a nine on off season plus two for pro development adult weekends. All were required to certify for sanitation. With one certified at management level for each shift and each kitchen or service area. You really need to look into this. Buying from big box stores isn't really practical. You'll need to, in short, plan your menu. Including everything, everything, and order from a supplier. This might get you under your $3 a head per meal.

A Sandwich a Day: Gourmet BLT with Egg and Gruyère at Le Café

Unctuous?: slimy assnut who tries to con you? It's not word a used in a...oh hell, put it on the words never used list.

(moderately) enraging little debbie clickbait...

I am going to stock up immediately. Just in case the workers, who make these, plan to strike in protest. A travesty of the highest order. Count me in for the tea party. Picking out my hat and bow tie now.

First Look: Leghorn Chicken Brings 'Socially Conscious' Fried Chicken Sandwiches to Ukrainian Village

Nope didn't happen. Worked a place that ran a bank of 9 fryers. Count 'em NINE heavy duty 80lb chicken/fish fryers. With all of them running full tilt it couldn't pull off even half that. Especially thigh meat. Given recovery time for oil temps? Somebody's playing up the hype.

Serious Cheese: What's the Deal with Raw Milk Cheese?

I hate when information is presented in an article like this. The author gives a link and quotes portions of the CDC study. Leaving out most, if not all, damaging information. You are 150 times more likely to get sick from raw milk/products then pasteurized milk/products. Of the three reported deaths related to known dairy ALL were from raw milk. Two of those deaths from cheese. Outbreaks from raw products included more serious illness. In pasteurized products, contamination was after pasteurization.

Read the full report and form your own opinion. For me? There isn't any benefit from raw milk that's worth my life, my kids life, or anyone's for that matter.

Delicious And Healthy Home-Made Salad Dressings

Not only spam but a copy and paste of a copyrighted material. Including the extra space after garlic and before the comma. And the linked website crashed my phone!

Poll: Stuffed Burgers: Way or No Way?

Kenji's burger stuffed with frozen burger juice is awesome. For the longest we stuffed burgers with compound butters. Now it's compound burger juice.

Cook the Book: 'Down South' by Donald Link

Good ol' fashion shrimp boil. Lexington BBQ.

Have you ever been just a little sneaky?

For a restaurant it's not really about being sneaky. Although subbing cottage cheese for bleu is pushing it. It's about, in most cases, saving product and making money. Classics are using day old breads for croutons or breading. One step further is to use older breading to thicken sauces. Throw in some and simmer until thickened and strain. It's repurposed and not tossed. Blend up some cottage cheese and you have ricotta. Some places will collect drain off from beer taps for use in beer batter. (That was a gross one.) Although I can't edit this my comment I am sure I can add more given time.

Big Brew Pub Burgers at Sprecher's Restaurant and Pub in Milwaukee

Got to admit they look raw. Admittedly I'm using a phone to view it. So I don't trust what colors are used by this phone. Just doesn't look even rare. They look downright uncooked raw.

Can I juice oranges in a food mill?

I really need to proof my comments. Sorry.

Can I juice oranges in a food mill?

I have a food mill and had an orange. So I tried it. The results in short? Bad idea. In the time it takes to peel, section, run it through, then strain one orange you could do ten by hand. I still have all that to clean all that up.

Smartphones to order meals: marketing apps

Are you a app developer? Potential proplem I see is that if I load taco bells app they are now tracking what, where, and when I purchase from them. More important, to me at least, where I am. If the app is set up right, and the permissions are granted, my device will start squawking "turn right at next corner for the nearest taco bell". No thank you. This is what drive thru is for. Its also why my device is a phone and I can call in an order for pick up. Most, if not all, apps like this are proposed as a convenience to the consumer. In reality they are an unabashed marketing tool for the... opps I'm ranting. Must be the wine talking.

The Best Valentine's Day Giveaway Ever: Lobel's 4" Prime Dry-Aged Heart Shaped Steaks for Two

Reversed Seared to just over rare on a stick burning grill. Just salt and pepper please. Steakhouse sides of choice.

There's a Spanish Chain Called Taste of America and This is What They Sell

Sorry, sandwich spread is almost a fridge staple around here. Also made by Kraft and generic store brands.

Life choices based on food?

I based my choice of which Johnson and Wales campus on food. Denver had a better meal and food program. Before that, when interviewing for a cooks position, I would ask if they fed us. Wouldn't take a job where I had to pay for a shift meal.

Meet and Eat: Ashley Tam, Spring Editorial Intern

She looking up at the SE staff. Thinking, see I'm at least trying it guys.

The Saddest Burger We've Ever Seen, From Dimly Lit Meals For One

Na, the burger in a can is what it is. A shelf stable meal item geared for and marketed to the hiking/camping and survivalist crowd. This dimly lit thing is just plain pathetic.

Fresh fruits and vegetables. And then...

I seem to remember that when considering good or better for you fruits and vegetables, when brought to market, had a certain order of wholesomeness. This went fresh, freeze dried, frozen and then canned. Can anyone confirm this for me? I'd rather do my own research and find cited sites. I'm limited to stupid smart phone with restricted access. My question boils down to this. Does freeze dried belong on such a list? Does it really come in second?

What is that subway smell?

Ok Serious Eaters or maybe not so Serious Eaters what is it? Found myself in a subway today, the whys and such not important, and it took about half a minute before gag reflex kicked in. I mean literally intense I'm going to lose it here and now. I must have been green around the gills because a worker that was cleaning tables said; "don't worry your not the only one." as I more or less ran past. Is it the new breads? I fondly remember eating there pre culinary school days. What happened? I was told later they all smell that way.

Dump sauce ideas?

Ok SEaters, need ideas for what we call dump sauces. Yeah it's not an appetizing term. It's just generally used. Giving where I work, think nursing home, we deal with alot of dietary restrictions and one recipe works for one but not another. So here's the idea and the problem. We might do a stir fry and offer three different sauces. Or a pasta dish with the usual sauces. The problem we have is that our proteins are cooked unseasoned period and sauces are the only way to change are enhance flavor. So we need your help, as our ideas are running a little simplistic, as to your ideas.

ripping hot oven

I knew something was screwy with my home oven. I borrowed an thema K with an oven probe and found that this oven runs at 625° when set at 400°. I've been seasoning cast iron all day and temp has been constant. Question is: other then pizza. What would could you do with that much heat?

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