Coq au Vin (Chicken Braised in Red Wine)

This looks perfect for my first acidic recipe in my new-ish Lodge Serving Pot (smaller dutch oven). As we are a family of two I'll just cut the recipe in half. Cooking times should be similar. The temperature for the breast might shorten time a little so I be careful to monitor that. Tomorrows dinner!

The Bird That Bites Back: How Nashville Hot Chicken is Made

Buffalo chicken take off? Sorry son, hot chicken has been around for decades longer then anyone even thought of coating worthless chicken parts in hot sauce.

Entertaining Made Easy: Store-Bought Frozen Hors D'Oeuvres We Love

I second selyar. There isn't a Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods within a hundred miles from where I currently live. Where are the more common national brands. And seapak isn't one of them.

The Best Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia

@KevinGardo you skimmed the post didn't you? Have another go at it and read it this time. Especially the review for Campo's.

Slow-Cooker Sage and Sausage Stuffing

The bread isn't included in the ingredients list in the microdata format for offline viewing. Love this recipe have made it three times at 1/3 scale just to have some on hand for easy side or breakfast. Freezes well but goes fast.

Equipment: The $29 Thermopop Digital Thermometer Measures Up

@Arielleeve the thermopop is still a viable option for you. When/if you order. Do so from and search for and add pot clip to your order. The stainless one is part # PH001.

Equipment: The $29 Thermopop Digital Thermometer Measures Up

Don't forget that the Thermopop's display is backlit and rotates.

How to Deep Fry a Turkey Without Killing Yourself, Indoors and Out

One trick pony darn it.

How to Deep Fry a Turkey Without Killing Yourself, Indoors and Out

Glad to see a temptest1 and not a thermopen for once. I sincerely hope you guys are over that stupidity. Compared to the temptest1 the thermopen is a one horse pony.

In the Midwest, Great Bologna Is a Way of Life

Here in central Indiana if you serve hm salad made with ground ham and not bologna people won't eat it. Unfortunately I can't find a good fried bologna here anymore. At least not one that isn't a slab of the deli stuff. Need to find me a shipped supplier now.

Helga's Meatballs and Gravy With Carrot-Apple Mashed Potatoes From 'Marcus Off Duty'

I also haven't seen veal for purchase in decades. I just checked with Gordon Food Service and Sysco. And here i thought beef prices were high. Veal for meatballs just isn't going to happen in my lifetime. A lean cut of pork will have to do.

Win a Copy of 'Marcus Off Duty'

Fried bologna sandwich.

Use Your Cast Iron Pan and a Tortilla to Make World Class Bar-Style Pizza in Under 12 Minutes

@Kenji after reading willsfca first comment it had me on.the floor with a tear in my eye and stitch in my side. My very first thought that got me going was the what about that Popeye Chinese chicken thing thought? Food Lab has always had its fun side and enjoy every one of them. Your response was dead on and a polite way to tell willsfca to step off. Here's to many more years Food Lab and SE!

Peruvian Party Food: How I Dug Into Pachamanca

I can see doing this next weekend. Firebrick to line the hole. Fill it with wood. Red oak, cherry, or hickory sounds good.let it burn down to a bed of coals. Bag of lava rocks on that. A weber kettle size grill grate next. Load the food. I don't shuck corn anymore. It gets injected under the husk with butter and what not. When done the bottem end gets cut off and get squeezed out removing silk and all. Metal on top and bury it. Yep, give it a go Saturday.

Mushroom-Stuffed Hamburger Meatloaf With Beer-Cheese Sauce

Two strikes with the first two ingredients listed. Then got to the cheese sauce. Velveeta? That's three strikes in and of it's self. The meatloaf will go on menu for this week. Tomato sauce, pickapeppa, and mustard glaze. The cheese sauce for fries from this site to pass around. Tomorrow's dinner.

Taste Test: Is Domestic Parmesan Cheese Worth Using?

There are a few domestic cheese makers that would whip the pants of you for calling their parmesan imitation. Look harder then your local supermarket. To call trader joes your second best is down right insulting. I can honestly say that i hope you never find them. More cheese for those of us who actually know better.

Does Mixing Oil and Butter Really Alter the Smoke Point?

Win a Copy of 'The Big-Flavor Grill'

Hard wood fired grill.

Smoky and Spicy Apricot-Glazed Barbecue Ribs

Having moved into a second floor apartment, with no where to put a smoker, I've experimented with liquid smoke. With ribs, the best results is a weak brine with a small amount added. Make sure its liquid smoke and not the smoke flavoring. The later has other junk in it. I wish i could have posted this anonymously as i would never never have advocated liquid smoke before moving. Wouldn't mind seeing some food lab work on this.

New York's Best Bagel Comes From a Department Store

I also was thinking brewers malt. A third of the cost and it would be fun to experiment with the different lovibond and protein levels.

Win a Copy of 'Fried & True'

My mom? From a box (Tyson), to the oven, to the plate. Nasty stuff as I remember it.

Win a Copy of 'Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food'

Saucisson en Croûte

Win a Copy of 'The Meat Hook Meat Book'

Short loin. With all the great cuts that come from it.

Burger Toppings Week: The Smashed Reuben Burger

Not sure how long ago you did this. I am sure you will never do it again.

Burger Toppings Week: Vamos a Mexico With the Cemita Burger

@Ocean Don't feel sorry for us, We just don't like the taste of soap.

@Daniel we have a thriving Hispanic community here and it's grown in local gardens. We get enough that we can freeze it for of season use. Yeah, I'll give it a go.

Fresh fruits and vegetables. And then...

I seem to remember that when considering good or better for you fruits and vegetables, when brought to market, had a certain order of wholesomeness. This went fresh, freeze dried, frozen and then canned. Can anyone confirm this for me? I'd rather do my own research and find cited sites. I'm limited to stupid smart phone with restricted access. My question boils down to this. Does freeze dried belong on such a list? Does it really come in second?

Are all wiskeys distilled?

This question was posed today in a discussion about food. Are any produced by simple fermenatables? The question caught me rather lacking, and frankly, just don't know.

What is that subway smell?

Ok Serious Eaters or maybe not so Serious Eaters what is it? Found myself in a subway today, the whys and such not important, and it took about half a minute before gag reflex kicked in. I mean literally intense I'm going to lose it here and now. I must have been green around the gills because a worker that was cleaning tables said; "don't worry your not the only one." as I more or less ran past. Is it the new breads? I fondly remember eating there pre culinary school days. What happened? I was told later they all smell that way.

Dump sauce ideas?

Ok SEaters, need ideas for what we call dump sauces. Yeah it's not an appetizing term. It's just generally used. Giving where I work, think nursing home, we deal with alot of dietary restrictions and one recipe works for one but not another. So here's the idea and the problem. We might do a stir fry and offer three different sauces. Or a pasta dish with the usual sauces. The problem we have is that our proteins are cooked unseasoned period and sauces are the only way to change are enhance flavor. So we need your help, as our ideas are running a little simplistic, as to your ideas.

ripping hot oven

I knew something was screwy with my home oven. I borrowed an thema K with an oven probe and found that this oven runs at 625° when set at 400°. I've been seasoning cast iron all day and temp has been constant. Question is: other then pizza. What would could you do with that much heat?

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