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17 Recipes for Better Grilled Vegetables at Your Memorial Day Barbecue

And then there's my favorite: broccoli. The only problem is that I'm awful at moving them around and taking them off early enough for them to be browned and nutty rather than burnt and shriveled.

How to Make Angel Food Cake Even Better: Go Gluten-Free

Really odd hearing that potato starch is hard to find. Guess it's particular to Jewish neighborhoods.

Actually, how hard would it be to make the recipe Ashkenazi passover kosher (grain free)?

Charcuterie 101: Essential French Cured Meats and More

Sounds like a big distinction it that the French prefer making their preserved meats in some sort of liquid (be it water or lipid) in a way that retains moisture while its neighbors prefer drying meats (all the dried meats named come from regions bordering Spain, Italy, or Germany, if I understand the geography). Also, the distinctly French preference for dairy fat (butter and cream) over other fats and cattle products, and selection of warm spices over the hot spices of its southern neighbors and nasal-attacking spices of its northeastern neighbors.

How to Make Rich, Flavorful Caramel Without Melting Sugar

Can it be subbed in simply by volume or mass, or is there a conversion to account for the missing carbs in the baking chemistry?

9 Ways You Might Be Ruining Your Knives

I don't suppose we could get a follow-up tomorrow with "9 Ways You Probably Aren't Ruining Your Knives." Just a bunch of comical things that people probably aren't doing to/with their knives but would be really bad for them if they were.

Eat More Fish: A Week's Worth of Pescatarian-Friendly Dishes

There's a surprising lack of fish in this menu, considering the title and the fact that I've gone full weeks without having any meals without at least fish/Worchestershire sauce as a source of salt (scrambled eggs) if not fish as the main protein. There's not even scrod (which I made with finely cut tortillas one time I was out of breadcrumbs and matzo meal, the latter of which I mainly keep around for thickening chowder) or cod/halibut w/ ritz crust here.

What to Eat in China: A Traveler's Guide

Are Cantonese delis really that rare in the US? There must be at least ten in Boston Chinatown alone. Most of my meals when going to Tufts Medical were cold chicken from one of them (alternating the soy sauce chicken and the ginger chicken).

9 No-Cook Twists on Avocado Toast

Meanwhile, my big discovery over this Passover was that avocado makes a great replacement for mayo in egg salad. With the size of avocadoes I had handy, one avocado goes with two eggs and much, much more salt and pepper than you'd think (it must have been something like ten packets of salt).

Don't Passover This Tender Braised Brisket

Huh, I've always seen it pulled apart rather than sliced to preserve the long strands.

BraveTart: Irish Soda Bread, as It Was Meant to Be

One slight correction: the wording of this article seems to imply that quickbreads were a British invention that Americans picked up later when it was actually the reverse.

Plumbing the Depths of Miso Soup

So I take it I shouldn't boil my kombu all day like I have been doing for chicken stock?

West African Peanut Soup Meets Khao Soi. Extra Nuttiness Ensues.

Since I'm not so fond of cilantro, what dry spices would you have added with the tomatoes?

Why Is My Vegan Entree as Expensive as the Meat?

The only time I get irritated is when I want something simple but expensive taken off my dish, particularly when there's a listed upcharge on the menu to add it to another item on the menu. It's enough that I don't order burgers because I don't want to pay for the cheese I'm not eating.

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 5

For a new challenge this year, would you consider going kosher for Pessach (incl. Ashkenazic pesadik)?

The Big Short Ribs, and 13 More Recipes for an Oscars Party

I don't have any good food-name puns based on Son of Saul, but I do know any dish filling that role should be made in the oven.

The Food Lab: Follow These Rules For the Best Fried Rice

For the liquid seasoning, I'm quite fond of keeping a bottle of equal parts soy, fish, and Worcestershire sauce in the fridge and adding it to dishes like these.

One-Skillet Korean Nachos Will Shake Up Your Party Menu

Any ideas on how to best render this dairy-kosher/pescatarian?

The Food Lab: Follow the Rules for the Best All-American Beef Stew

On the subject of gumbo mentioned above, how do okra and file powder work as thickeners? I have both stashed away in my freezer.

For umami bombs, is it true that I should only add miso paste as the very end of cooking?

Lastly, am I the only one who always preferred to mash his carrots into his soups and stews? It produced a consistent flavour and thickened the sauce in a unique way you otherwise only see in Indian sauces.

Eggs en Cocotte: An Easy (But Often Forgotten) Egg Breakfast

I think it's failed to catch on because because it's insane to preheat an oven for four eggs even when you don't have to rush out the door for work.

Basically, eggs en cocotte (especially the one with duxelle) is a restaurant dish: time, resource, and labor intensive to make for a single serving but incredibly easy to make in large batches. The same could be said of most recipes that require you to switch food from one cooking medium to another (pan roasting in a restaurant kitchen is convenient because the oven is never off, but wasteful for the home cook because it means burning gas in an empty oven while the stovetop is running) or lots of components that need to be cooked separately and fresh but can be done in batches (you can just have a giant pot of each ingredient with its own cook that can be ladled from to assemble each order as it comes in a restaurant and actually have it be easier than multiple pots of the same dish, but doing that at home means using and working on every pot and pan for a tablespoon of each component). This is why you never see dishes that take a lot of individual construction and attention on restaurant menus.

The Food Lab: Building a Better Egg McMuffin

My guess on the cheese order is that heat doesn't rise, hot air does. Meanwhile, hot liquids drip/flow down, so one would think that the drippings from the meat would melt the cheese.

Stew Science: What's the Best Way to Brown Beef?

I've always gone with cutting out and browning the larger bits of marbling (and chunks of white). They don't act like normal meat, so there's not much loss in cooking them until they shrivel up, and they render out plenty of fat in which to caramelize the vegetables.

22 Supermarket Items You Should Leave on the Shelf (and What to Get Instead)

I've always been fond of store-bought gnocci. The toughness in the center gives them a nice presence/chew that the gruel-like restaurant ones lack.

Meanwhile, stew beef just seems efficient. Cooking the scraps ensures that they get used.

The Comfort Food Diaries: A Trick of the Tongue

Huh, my childhood experience with tongue was as that meat that was always available at the deli but never as flavorful-sounding as pastrami or corned beef and thus never on my plate.

Eggy Puds: The Breakfast Dish You Didn't Know You Need

Considering the depth of that pudding bowl, you could probably pour a serving of shakshoukha in there.