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What Is American Cheese, Anyway?

For another note on rennet, I'm pretty sure paneer is an acid-set cheese.

What Is American Cheese, Anyway?

Is sodium citrate the same thing as the citric acid powder you see in a lot of early to mid twentieth century Jewish recipes, particularly sweet-sour stuff like stuffed cabbage?

Surprised that there isn't any flour in any of these, as I'd long assumed that processed cheese was just hardened blocks of mornay.

Muffin Myth-Busting: Don't Waste Your Time Tossing Berries in Flour

So why don't the berries all settle at the bottom of their layer, creating a distinct waistline in the middle of the muffin?

Gyudon (Beef and Rice Bowl) Is Japan's Most Foolproof Dish

Have you ever tried using powdered dashi as an umami bomb like marmite, fish sauce, or miso? How'd it work out? I have a jar of dried lizardfish (whatever that is) that I'm pretty sure is meant for that purpose.

Flavor Science: How We Taste Sweet, Sour, Salty, and More

Another issue is, of course, etymology and history. The words "salt," "acid," and "organic" originally meant "that thing/stuff that tastes like seawater/brine (sodium chloride)," "stuff that tastes like vinegar/sour," and "stuff related to life and living things" respectively and the field of chemistry appropriated them for semi-related uses much, much later. I don't know why people insist on one particular field's niche definition when anyone uses the more established usage.

New England's Greatest Contribution to the Hot Dog

This is extremely accurate, and the only people who disagree are New Yorkers who have yet to figure out that "like they make in my home town" isn't the same thing as "good" (you can see the same thing with how each border state insist that its particular style of Mexican-American food is "authentic" Mexican).

How the South Cornered the Soda Market

For their breaking into the north, one big factor is that Frank Archer, head of advertising for Moxie, created a huge appetite for tonics around the turn of the century, but the company let itself lose the market after his death, first slashing their marketing budget to almost nothing and running on the same gimmicks instead of trying to adopt contemporary methods and then, in the 1960's, changing the recipe to make it less distinctive and refusing to change it back until the 1980's.

A Matter of Construction: How to Make Great Reuben Sandwiches for a Crowd

Any preferred ways to kosherify it? Around where I am, "Cape Cod reubens/rachels" made with fried fish instead of been are fairly common, but I suspect some sort of smoked fish or figuring out a cheese replacement would also work well.

Easiest Summer Ever: How to Make Your Watermelon, Feta, and Mint Salad Even Better

I've never heard of this before, so this whole article and the comments seem like some sort of over-elaborate prank.

The Big Green Egg and Beyond: The 10 Best Kamado Smokers and Grills

Are there any popular Japanese or Chinese brands? I wouldn't be surprised to hear none are available in the US, but it would still be interesting to hear about the market.

For Better Tuna Salad Sandwiches, With Mayo or Without, Add More Fish

I've also seen a diversification of species. Beyond the classic albacore, there is now skipjack and yellowfin. I think I like yellowfin significantly more the other two, but I tend to get the two non-albacore options confused (leading to tuna salad I don't particularly like).

How to Throw a Poke Party

Congratulations, Kenji, you just started the next big wedding fad: the poke bar. It may also show up as a brunch at tiki/Polynesian-theme restaurants.

Is sea bass the same as striper? Would snapper/bluefish be a bad idea due to its oily nature as short shelf life?

@DTurkin: are there any popular freshwater fish in your area? I'm not sure how fatty brook trout, shad, and whitefish are, but freshwater/running salmon is supposed to be incredibly fatty (although most of my sources are old enough that I'm not sure the fish is still legal).

Hamachi Poke Is Poke at Its Finest

Speaking of regional ingredients like avocado for California, anyone have any proposals for a New England themed poke? If memory serves, striper season is coming up.

Ahi Poke: The Simple Hawaiian Dish That's Best Made at Home

Similarly, I'm wondering whether there are any good substitution fish for those of us on the Atlantic coast, as I'm sure fresh pacific tuna is tough to transport and would like to get a bit creative.

6 Unexpected Factors That Can Ruin Your Gelatin Desserts

Any tips for those of us who want to stick with parve/piscene gelatin (is it always isinglass or is that a specific type?)?

Screw Pristine Whites: I Want My Fried Eggs FRIED

I've also tried separating the eggs to cook the whites before the yolks go in, but I've never been able to manage it. Maybe I should stop trying to flip them, as that's probably when the original bottoms go from crisp to leathery and the post-flip bottoms never turn out very well in the diminished oil.

Screw Pristine Whites: I Want My Fried Eggs FRIED

I can confirm that this technique (as well as the covered fry, which I've found to be better at cooking the whites directly on top of the yolks and needs no liquid beyond that already in the eggs but often leaves the browned whites leathery rather than crispy) also works with shmaltz and canned-fish oil (generally from sardine or tuna cans in my household, as those are what I use for lunches). Butter is also okay, even if it occasionally burns.

I also tend to break the eggs into a cup to add them all around the same time and salt them in the cup. Is there any reason not to do either of these things?

Light and Easy Dinner: Poached Salmon and Bean Salad

So I assume you'll be making the customary New England Fourth of July meal of poached salmon in "egg sauce" (it's a white sauce with mashed hard boiled eggs, but I can't figure out whether it's typically based on a b├ęchamel, hollandaise, or something else) with spring peas and new potatoes rather than grilled meats?

17 Recipes for Better Grilled Vegetables at Your Memorial Day Barbecue

And then there's my favorite: broccoli. The only problem is that I'm awful at moving them around and taking them off early enough for them to be browned and nutty rather than burnt and shriveled.

How to Make Angel Food Cake Even Better: Go Gluten-Free

Really odd hearing that potato starch is hard to find. Guess it's particular to Jewish neighborhoods.

Actually, how hard would it be to make the recipe Ashkenazi passover kosher (grain free)?

Charcuterie 101: Essential French Cured Meats and More

Sounds like a big distinction it that the French prefer making their preserved meats in some sort of liquid (be it water or lipid) in a way that retains moisture while its neighbors prefer drying meats (all the dried meats named come from regions bordering Spain, Italy, or Germany, if I understand the geography). Also, the distinctly French preference for dairy fat (butter and cream) over other fats and cattle products, and selection of warm spices over the hot spices of its southern neighbors and nasal-attacking spices of its northeastern neighbors.

How to Make Rich, Flavorful Caramel Without Melting Sugar

Can it be subbed in simply by volume or mass, or is there a conversion to account for the missing carbs in the baking chemistry?

9 Ways You Might Be Ruining Your Knives

I don't suppose we could get a follow-up tomorrow with "9 Ways You Probably Aren't Ruining Your Knives." Just a bunch of comical things that people probably aren't doing to/with their knives but would be really bad for them if they were.

Eat More Fish: A Week's Worth of Pescatarian-Friendly Dishes

There's a surprising lack of fish in this menu, considering the title and the fact that I've gone full weeks without having any meals without at least fish/Worchestershire sauce as a source of salt (scrambled eggs) if not fish as the main protein. There's not even scrod (which I made with finely cut tortillas one time I was out of breadcrumbs and matzo meal, the latter of which I mainly keep around for thickening chowder) or cod/halibut w/ ritz crust here.

What to Eat in China: A Traveler's Guide

Are Cantonese delis really that rare in the US? There must be at least ten in Boston Chinatown alone. Most of my meals when going to Tufts Medical were cold chicken from one of them (alternating the soy sauce chicken and the ginger chicken).