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Market Scene Special Edition: Sunrise at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

This is so rad! More amazing Grand Army Plaza and other Greenmarket shots are on Instagram @bkgreenmarkets

Obsessed With: OatMeals, the World's First All-Oatmeal Bar

I ate there in the morning and was full until 5pm. I did eat four baby bears, though. The Canadian rocked my oat world.

Serious Entertaining: Game of Thrones or Girls Watching

love this, thanks for the ideas! you can get great duck breasts from farmers markets around the city...

A Sandwich a Day: Lobster Roll from Scarborough Lobster in Maine

I'll be sure to check this place out the next time I am in Scarborough. Thanks, Erin!

A Tour of Serious Eats Headquarters

this is so much fun! I learned so much, can't wait to see some you all again!

The Best Bagels in Maine? They're at 158 Pickett Street Cafe

great place! i take all my friends there when they come visit!

Lobster Rolls from the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth, Maine

I can't believe I finally made it on SE. Big hello from Courtney and Sam- see you here in Maine again soon.

Also- I preferred the crab roll, but I didn't request the lobster roll hot so I will have to try again and report back.

Poll: Are You Joining a CSA This Year?

BROADTURN FARM in Scarborough, ME (outside Portland). All kinds of veggies and flowers.

Katz's Deli: Beyond the Pastrami

there's no good pastrami in New Zealand- but will report back after the farm about its offerings. Thanks again for the treat!

Favorite Bread for French Toast?

because my domestic partner works at a bakery and brings home day old bread, I end up making a lot of french toast. Ive made it with all different kinds of (stale) breads and pastries. diagonally sliced baguette and brioche have been my favorite discoveries. croissant is delicious as well but lacks the different textures of the baguette. also breads with fruits and nuts are fun variations. ditto about the maple syrup!

Do You Know What a Chunky Is?

chunky was my mom's favorite candy also- so i grew up with it. It was also in an episode of the office.

The Perfect Jelly Doughnut

ive tasted this. it was phenomenal, not too goopy (this photo just captured an awkward cross-section, misrepresenting the true amount of goop) and not too sweet. yum!

Cook the Book: Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cakes

I once tasted this recipe made by Paula Deen herself. She might have licked her plate and fingers. I licked my plate and fingers. They're the best, and instant friend-winners/man-seducers.

Rising Hipster Trend: Obscure Deli Meats

this is why muffalettas are so damn cool.

Haiku Lunchbox

i agree. but there can never be enough poetry about muffulettas... damp loaf- love it.

New Quaker Oat Campaign, and the Dawn of an Oatmeal Trend

I love you Erin Oat. Hazah! for the oatmeal sisterhood (no rankings!)


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