What Are the Best Nachos in New York?

El Centro in Hell's Kitchen. My husband and I can go and down a batch with a couple of large margaritas easily once a week if in the area...

A Pizza My Mind: The Best Frozen Pizza, PERIOD.

I would have starved on a diet of ramen were it not for sales on Jenos pizza in college...

The Scoop: On Ice Cream and Bourbon Revelations

I almost always add a little booze to a recipe when I'm making homemade ice cream to keep it a little softer in the freezer. My favorite go-to is bourbon to add its lovely flavor. Later today I will actually be posting a recipe for a blueberry pancake ice cream that uses maple syrup and bourbon on my blog!

If you could only eat 1 lunch in Austin, TX

Carrie--I actually get a few more days in Austin, but the husband only gets one! ;-)

Cook the Book: 'A Girl and Her Pig'

Every single piece--really can't just pick one! Last night my husband called pork the miracle meat and I agree.

Cook the Book: 'Eat with Your Hands'

In all honesty: Fatty Crab's Chili Crab. Had the dish the first time with a group of friends and we all ended up with crab sauce up to our elbows and didn't even care it was so damn good. Now it is my goal in life to introduce everyone I know to the dish.

Lavender French 75

How funny--we came up with a drink almost just like this last year at Easter (I had made a lavender simple syrup to use in champagne instead of something like kir). Lavender syrup, gin, bitters and champagne. So tasty!

Cook the Book: 'Bangkok Street Food'

During the International Food Fair on 9th Ave. in NYC, Pure Thai Shophouse made these incredible, fresh lovely dumplings. I dream about those things...

Cook the Book: 'Bluestem: The Cookbook'

My home town had only one restaurant--The Old Hat. But I did live in KC for a while and unfortunately never made it to Bluestem. Perhaps I will on a trip back!

The Ghosts of Sex and the City

You know what I'd really like is a great ethnic foods tour of NYC (that's not just built for tourists). So many of the new food experiences I've had have been through friends that introduced me to things I'd never even heard of growing up in Kansas, but many of these friends have now moved away and I'm feeling the need for some new culinary grounds. It's always a little easier when you have some help in this area!

Pork Braised in Milk and Cream

When I made a similar recipe I braised it in the oven and flipped the meat over a couple of times during the cooking process. I rub the pork all over with a spice blend (depending on what's at hand), sear it, and then when I add the milk/cream to the pot I also put in a bunch of cloves of garlic. They get super soft in the milk and then when I use the immersion blender on the sauce at the end they get blended up, too.

The Nasty Bits: How to Make Sardine Lovers out of Sardine Skeptics

Funnily enough I just purchased some fresh sardines for the first time ever on Monday to cook up for dinner last night. Seared them quickly in the cast iron with a little salt and pepper and then topped them off with homemade pesto with lots of extra lemon juice, red chili flakes and paprika. The pesto helped to block out some of the extra fishiness, which I'm still trying to accustom myself to, so they tasted pretty delicious, I thought!

Pork Braised in Milk and Cream

Milk braised pork is one of my all-time favorite dishes. I usually will take my immersion blender to the curdled milk once the pork is finished braising to make it a little prettier for guests.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

My heavy 8" santoku.

Lenexa, Kansas: Stonewall Inn Pizza

When we lived with my in-laws for a bit while looking for a place of our own we were right around the corner from here but never stopped in. Would still like to give it a shot sometime when we are back in KC, but my fave pizza there is d'Bronx.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Donabe Hot Pot and Hot Pot Book

Big, roasted pork shoulder.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: La Quercia's Cured Meat Experience

On barely warm, buttered crusty bread as a sandwich.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Filet Mignon Roast from Pat LaFrieda Meats

Ribeye, but also a great pork chop.

Cook the Book: 'American Flavor'

American flavor is taking the recipes and ideas from the melting pot of cultures and combining them with the ingredients, spirit, and ingenuity of this country.

DIY Limoncello

How sweet is this version? I find some of the store-bought ones way too sweet compared to some that I've had in Italy. Can you add some of the simple syrup at the time stated in the recipe and wait to taste after filtering to add more as needed?

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

When I used to show my piggies at the county fair (the coolest kids in 4-H all showed pigs :)

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Praise the Lard Gift Box

When I used to show my piggies at the county fair (the coolest kids in 4-H all showed pigs :)

Albuquerque, NM Dining Recs

Thanks, all! Heading there tomorrow. Much of the eating will revolve around what the mother-in-law wants to do (she is new to living there), but hoping to make a few suggestions ourselves as she's not really into the food scene and doesn't know the area very well yet.

Mushrooms--Dried Vs. Fresh in Stew

Thanks, all! I thought that the broth from the dried was such a great flavor component. But I will add some fresh next time as well to give it a little more variety.

Cook the Book: 'The Food52 Cookbook'

Bowtie pasta with creamy mushroom sauce. Simple and uncomplicated, but never fails to impress.

Breakfast/brunch on the Cheap

For some reason I'm hitting a wall with ideas here: I have a friend visiting and we are meeting up for Sunday breakfast/brunch/lunch around noon. They are on a pretty limited budget and want to go somewhere on the cheap. They are staying on west 39th Street, but are willing to travel. I'd love to take them to Tom's in Brooklyn (in my 'hood) but don't want to ask them to come that far.

So here's what I'm after: cheap, simple fare (her husband's a fairly picky eater), easy to get to/not ridiculously far from midtown, where we won't have to wait an hour and a half for a table (don't mind a little wait, since we'll be excited to catch up). Would love your thoughts!! Thanks.

If you could only eat 1 lunch in Austin, TX

Flying into town for a wedding. Wedding taking place on a Friday in Albert at the Albert Dance Hall so we are staying in Johnson City. Driving back into Austin and have a flight out at 2. We want to pull our hungover selves out of bed early enough to eat lunch before the flight. Am feeling overwhelmed by the choices and recommendations out there and so why not add to the confusion with your recs as well? :)

So, if you only had 1 lunch to eat in Austin and needed to get to the airport on time, where would you go??

Austin, Texas Mexican (with gift cards)

I'm sure there are many, many recommendations for Mexican restaurants in Austin, but I am needing a place with good food and good margaritas that has gift cards that I can purchase from afar. It also needs to be fairly close to where MoPac meets Hwy 290/71 (I don't want the recipients to have to drive too terribly far to redeem--they live just south of the greenbelt off of MoPac).
Thanks for any suggestions!

Albuquerque, NM Dining Recs

Heading to Albuquerque next week. Have searched the site, but the search feature has only turned up one item (a Valentine's prix fixe). Sooo--any suggestions on restaurants for me? Thanks!

Mushrooms--Dried Vs. Fresh in Stew

I have a beef and wine stew recipe that I made last winter that I love. I included some dried wild mushrooms that I soaked in water into the dish (along with the water that I soaked them in) and liked the flavor that they added.

When I passed the recipe along I had a friend ask why not use fresh mushrooms in the recipe since it the rest of it uses such fresh ingredients.

For some reason in my head the dried mushrooms somehow give the broth of the soup more depth of flavor than fresh mushrooms would give. Is this a ridiculous notion/i.e. would fresh mushrooms do the same thing?

Where to eat in Washington DC?

Heading to DC for a couple of days this weekend/early next week with my husband. Will be staying near Union Station and probably doing mostly touristy things (neither of us has been since we were kids). For sure are checking out the "What's Cooking Uncle Sam" exhibit at the Archives and having dinner at "America Eats Tavern" after.

Would love some suggestions on good places to eat--a few dinner recs would be nice, but some good lunch and/or breakfast places as well. Really any price range is ok, although we'll probably steer clear of any place super expensive (live in NYC so that's relative, I suppose). Won't have a car with us, so need to be able to get there via public transportation.

Breakfast Near Helmsley Hotel

Have a friend in town for a birthday, and we want to get together with a medium sized group for breakfast Sunday morning (a couple of weeks away). Many of us have to work Sundays so it will need to be before most places open for brunch service (thinking around 9:30 or 10am). Any suggestions for a place close-ish to the hotel (42nd and 3rd) that can handle around 8 or so people that early in the morning (and would also be fairly inexpensive)?

Indoor Herbs Dying

A few months ago I started some plants from seed (cilantro, small tomato plants, basil, etc). Recently we've had a lot of gnats around and I didn't think much of it. Then my cilantro (which was growing better than all the rest) started to die. At first I thought it was just how I was caring for it, but then noticed lots of small blackish dots all over the leaves. Thought maybe they were eggs, but when you look closely some of them are moving around. I think my cilantro is a lost cause by now, but I have noticed a few of the tomato and basil leaves are yellowing and have the same little bugs on them. What can I do to save my plants? (when I have googled the issue most people suggest how to kill the eggs in the soil, but I don't know how to deal with the ones on the leaves themselves without killing the plants)
TIA for any advice!

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