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  • Location: Seattle
  • Favorite foods: i can't remember. I don't hate any foods because I love the taste of everything. Since I eat so many things , I don't have any favorites. I just love to try different things each time.
  • Last bite on earth: easy.....
    risotto.......................of any kinds, Just me and a pot of risotto! Maybe Apple, mushroom, cherry , who cares as long as it's mine all mine!

Impending doom of sickness--what to eat?!

I know this sounds crazy but.....
Hydrogen pyroxide in your ear works. i have done it a few times. check out video on you tube.

also no sugar, no fruit
Your cold will be gone in a day ot two

Also cold fx really works!

Nutrition facts labels, what's important?

sugar, the less the better

What do you do with Spaghetti Squash?

Photo of the Day: 300 Minute Egg

I was going to say the same thing. I love my chulent. Here is my recipe

What is your best kept secret in Seattle?

What do you think of Michael Ruhlman's new book?

I just met him, he is charming! I am now reading the first few pages. Looks really interesting!

What words are most often heard in your kitchen?

ouchhhh I cut myself!

Food myths: Which ones make you crazy?

all carbs are fattening- funny how all the people I know who eat low carb have a weight problem.

Would you rather cook or be the guest?

Weekend Book Giveaway: Judith Jones's 'The Tenth Muse'

Julia, of course. Her humour and coolness is hard to compare to!

Cook the Book: 'Savory Bread From the Mediterranean'

Challah bread with raisins

Everyday I eat_____________

Cook the Book: 'How to Pick a Peach'

cooking: tomato
raw: apple

Food Lovers' Guide to Portland, Oregon: Add Your Own Favorites

Lucy's table

Here read about it !

Are there fruits and vegetables that you discovered this year?

Cook the Book: 'Pure Dessert'

I love making pavlova. I make meringues and then cover with ice cream and berries

Morimoto's Cookbook Can Be Yours This Weekend

Mario Batali , Duh!

I like the taste of slightly burnt____

What's Your Go-To Weekday Breakfast?

I do yoga in the mornings and i dont have time to eat so I eat protein bars.
I choose ones that have up to 200 calories.

On days when i don't have yoga, I have toasted blueberry waffles with a bit of peanut butter.

A Healthy Diet

Avoid sugar until after dinner. If you don't have sugar then you don't crave it.
I lost 8 pounds from this.

What cooking technique have you mastered?

What do you purchase from vending machines?

Chips & dips, what's your best match?

Pretzels and applesauce
or prezels and hummous

Whats the secret to making a good mayonnaise?

Wipe your bowl with paper towel before you start so there are no traces of oil.

What recipes have you retired?

I must say pies and quiches

Foodsnap , Food Photography workshop in Seattle

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to tell you about Food Snap, Lou Manna, the master photography is coming to Seattle to teach a full day food photography workshop in Seattle. There will be lots of famous bloggers, go to to get info and sign up. Tickets are selling fast

What is your most embarassing food story?

I was waitressing a while back and i had the night shift which meant from midnight until the morning. It was a new job so I didn't know when I get a lunch break. Starving and about to faint, I ate some of the leftovers that someone sent back and then I looked up to see my new boss staring at me.

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