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  • Location: Seattle
  • Favorite foods: i can't remember. I don't hate any foods because I love the taste of everything. Since I eat so many things , I don't have any favorites. I just love to try different things each time.
  • Last bite on earth: easy.....
    risotto.......................of any kinds, Just me and a pot of risotto! Maybe Apple, mushroom, cherry , who cares as long as it's mine all mine!

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Impending doom of sickness--what to eat?!

I know this sounds crazy but.....
Hydrogen pyroxide in your ear works. i have done it a few times. check out video on you tube.

also no sugar, no fruit
Your cold will be gone in a day ot two

Also cold fx really works!

What do you think of Michael Ruhlman's new book?

I just met him, he is charming! I am now reading the first few pages. Looks really interesting!

Food myths: Which ones make you crazy?

all carbs are fattening- funny how all the people I know who eat low carb have a weight problem.

Weekend Book Giveaway: Judith Jones's 'The Tenth Muse'

Julia, of course. Her humour and coolness is hard to compare to!

Food Lovers' Guide to Portland, Oregon: Add Your Own Favorites

Lucy's table

Here read about it !

Cook the Book: 'Pure Dessert'

I love making pavlova. I make meringues and then cover with ice cream and berries

What's Your Go-To Weekday Breakfast?

I do yoga in the mornings and i dont have time to eat so I eat protein bars.
I choose ones that have up to 200 calories.

On days when i don't have yoga, I have toasted blueberry waffles with a bit of peanut butter.

A Healthy Diet

Avoid sugar until after dinner. If you don't have sugar then you don't crave it.
I lost 8 pounds from this.

Chips & dips, what's your best match?

Pretzels and applesauce
or prezels and hummous

Whats the secret to making a good mayonnaise?

Wipe your bowl with paper towel before you start so there are no traces of oil.


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