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The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

i am loving the increased frequency of kenji-written articles. haters gonna hate. whatever, boring.

you know what's not boring? well-written, interesting articles about delicious food, like this one. im totally making and eating this ASAP.

A Fast Food Thanksgiving That's Actually Delicious

this is a fabulous (albeit slightly insane, but in a good way)article. the hash brown casserole and the creamed corn are especially genius.

The Best Spiced Nuts From Trader Joe's

ooh! i really love the pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds. and the coconut and the honey sesame cashews are so delicious!

The Best Jams and Preserves in the USA

I LOVE THIS POST. I only bought 2 jars of Christine Ferber luscious, life-changing jam in Paris, and then literally cried when I realized how prohibitively expensive shipping was to get more - but now I have all these to try! I just got the "jam club" membership from Sqirl - I'll start there!

An Introduction to the Spicy, Funky World of Korean Soups and Stews

@Hungry Dan - Yup - gamjatang = pork bone soup!
@EugeneK - Thank you! At first when I read your comment, I was like, "Mom??"
@PoorOldMama - Naengmyun is the cold noodle soup you are thinking of.
@johnnycinq - To be honest, my favorite seollungtang in Chicago is at Korean Seolung Tang in the Assi food court in Niles. Their broth is awesome.
@paloalto - My bad - I was trying to make a connection between making something great out of something old and bad, but I failed. Please continue to use fresh lemons for your lemonade.
@Dennis Lee - You ole devil! (I've never even had it, and I doubt I ever will!)
@FatBoyMe and @turkob - Hey. Just wanted to give you a shout-out since I commented on everyone else!

How to Eat Flushing: A One-Day Food Tour of NYC's Greatest Chinatown

okay, so all i want to eat for lunch is dumplings... and flushing is, like, 2.5 hrs away by plane.

The Key to Great Baked Ziti: Drop the Ricotta (and Add Parmesan Cream Instead)

man, that pasta looks freaking delicious. and, great write-up.

i like the idea of the parmesan cream - will give it a try!

The Best Korean Food in LA's Koreatown

oooh, almost forgot dan sung sa, late night joint. best corn cheese ever.

The Best Korean Food in LA's Koreatown

but what about the best dumplings? that would be YU CHUN the place to get the greatest wang mandoo of all time. i dream of that place.

coincidentally, they have the best naeng myun too.

i also really like park's bbq for korean bbq and zion market for the best steamed dumplings.

Recipes From Chiang Mai: How to Make Real Deal Khao Soi Gai (Coconut Curry Noodle Soup With Chicken)

i love khao soi.

Where to Eat in Hyde Park, Chicago

i always loved the nile's hummus. inexpensive, and always reliably delicious.

The Best Things We Ate in August

oh boy... pleasant house bakery in chicago does have the best meat pies.

Looking for a Horseshoe Sandwich in Chicago? Visit 6 Degrees in Bucktown

having spent most of my formative years in springfield, ive always had 6 degrees on my radar - thanks for the review. however, one sticking point - horseshoes (or ponyshoes) i've had in the past always had the cheese sauce on top of the fries. that makes for a cheesier, more pleasing experience... it doesn't look like that's the case here.

i suppose when i go, i can always ask them to put the cheese on top.

Watch Dennis Lee Dig Himself Into a Hole of Loneliness As He Eats By Himself at White Castle

I actually found this video pretty amusing. It's true, white castle burgers are so, so soft. Every time I pass a White Castle I have to buy a couple, just because 1) you never know when you'll pass another one, and 2) you never know when they're going to go out of business. I never knew they had a Valentine's special.

Except the vomit part at the end. I always hate vomit parts.

And, what is that picture up there?? An oyster crying blue tears? Jabba the Hut? Errol Childress, the lawn-mowing guy with the facial scars, from True Detective?

Where is the Best Sushi in Chicago?

kai zan, arami, and macku (in that order) in the city. kai zan's uni is... pretty awesome. ive also heard good things about toro but havent made it there yet.

in the burbs i dont mind akai hana, not one bit. i also think the sushi you can get at mitsuwa or tensuke market, and have them slice up, is pretty decent.

What's New in Japanese Whisky

oooh. i love the hakushu 12 year. i have had yamazaki 18 and its very good.

Rib-Sticking Polish Food Done Right at Smak Tak

i love their pierogies.

Open Thread: What's Your Burger Breaking Point?

if i cant pick it up and am resigned to fork and knife. im with wiggiebear - i can cut it in half. or, if i have to eat the top half separate from the bottom half to fit it in my mouth (which, when i was a wee one, i used to have to do with my big macs).

i like a lot of sauce though so its usually messy anyway.

What's Your Favorite Restaurant in the West Loop?

1. au cheval. fried bologna, bone marrow, burger, chicken wings, great pickles. ahhh, au cheval. every time im there i eat like an animal (more so than per usual).
2. publican and PQM. great beer, great meat, great atmosphere.
3. girl and the goat. fun and exciting food. that pork shank with the kimchi buffalo sauce and the little pitas was mind-blowing. really great service.
4. maudes. id like to take that seafood tower into a dark corner and go crazy with it.
5. rm champagne salon. pretty room, teeny pastries.

Eat This Now: Zapp's Voodoo Potato Chips at Bon Bon Sandwiches

voodoo zapps are my all-time favorite potato chips (with kettle chips' honey dijon a close second). i get my regular supply from world market. one time i purchased them from the zapps website and ended up accidentally (really, i didnt know) 8 gigantic bags. came in a huge box. and yes, i ate them all.

In Defense of Eating Alone

i love eating alone. whenever i travel for work, i come in a day earlier if i can and pick exactly the restaurant i want to eat at, if necessary, i make a reservation, i have exactly the right book that i want to read - and it is sheer bliss. some of my favorite memories are the combination of the place i was, the food i was eating, the book i was reading, and how happy it all made me. dont get me wrong - i love eating out with friends - and one problem i sometimes have is that i order way too much when im alone and end up taking a bunch of stuff home (not a big deal, actually, kind of a plus if i think about it now). but, i love eating alone so much that on or around my birthday, i make it a point to plan the meal im going to have solo - and i get to be as decadent as i want.

my dream is to open up a place where there are lots of comfy chairs with low tables and big reading lamps where people can drink scotch and beer and have pizza while they read. pure solitary joy.

What's the Best New Chicago Restaurant of 2013?

dusek's board and beer had one of my favorite meals in the last year - the sweetbread shnitzel, the shrimp and grits, the roasted mussels - and the punches at the punch bowl in the basement were awesome, too.

Bake the Book: The Hoosier Mama Book of Pie

pecan! and pumpkin!!! hurray!

The Model Bakery Cookbook: Promo Code and Giveaway

warm ham and cheese croissant. that, or an old fashioned donut.

Win Tickets to Chicago's First Vendy Awards on October 5th

takoyaki! or hot dogs.

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