I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I have 2 kids who have been eating curry since they could eat it pureed. :)

  • Location: Florida
  • Favorite foods: Curry, rare steak, soups of any sort, and falafel.
  • Last bite on earth: A wonderfully aged steak, rare as rare can be, with some mushrooms and asparagus on the side.

Forget Totchos, Nugchos, and Spamchos; Steakchos are The Ultimate Nacho Hybrid

In particular I like the step wherein we have to BE you. Not like you, mind us. That's not good enough. Otherwise, the results ... meh.

How to Make the Ultimate Poutine

So, this is complicated, but my love of poutine knows no bounds, so I may actually try this, for sake of having something so good in my stomach. Though, I may do a fancy chicken gravy. :)

Why Sherry Vinegar Deserves to Be Your One True Vinegar

This and tarragon vinegar are definitely my two favorites.

Make Fresh Ricotta Gnocchi in Less Time Than it Takes to Cook Dried Pasta

I've recently found Scarpetta vodka sauce and ... I think it is better than my old standby of Rao's. I mean, far and away.

The Le Creuset Bi-Material Spoon Is the First Plastic Spoon Worth Owning

That being said - what is out of stock for me is not the 25$ linked one, but the option that is a Prime shipping, 18$ choice.

The Le Creuset Bi-Material Spoon Is the First Plastic Spoon Worth Owning

And it is out of stock for 1 - 2 months. Whomp whomp. :(

How Banana Pudding Became a Southern Icon

I know what I'm making for the next holiday meal dessert and boy, do I feel foolish for trying so hard before. Everyone loves banana pudding, why didn't I think of doing a banana pudding trifle!

The Serious Eats Guide to Food Photography

This wasn't just a good background on food photography, your info on f-stops, shutter speed and ISO was good too! Job well done. :)

The Vegan Experience: Over 100 Flavor-First Vegan Recipes!

You can recreate the dole whip at home with a good blender & some coconut milk, pineapple, your chosen sweetener (agave or sugar) and a little vanilla. :)

Cheese Expert's Picks: 10 Essential Cheeses to Know and Love

Chevrot and me are best buds. I am so glad to see it on this list.

5-Minute Spanish-Style Bean Salad is an Hors D'oeuvres Star

This is one of my favorite things to make, and not just for me. My daughter will eat a metric ton of this; she's not yet three. It makes for a great addition to tapas night, and ... yum. Just yum! Thank you for the recipe Kenji!

The Art of the Perfect Grilled Cheese (Plus 20 Variations to Shake Things Up)

I feel for the vegan month people having to write delightful posts about cheese week during vegan month. Such punishment!

Taste Test: The Best Fancy Drinking Chocolate

At the store, they froth the milk/chocolate mix, so maybe that's part of it?

Taste Test: The Best Fancy Drinking Chocolate

If you're in the stores, you can get all sorts of Burdick's blends too - single origin Madagascar is a favorite in our house. Though my husband has a penchant (and this goes against EVERYTHING about him but he tried it once and loved the flavor) for soy white hot drinking chocolates with their stuff - it is nutty and sweet and just wonderful.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Leang, that is indeed cruel! But kudos to Vicky on following you with a sinister laugh.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I have to admit a hearty laugh at the fact that you are doing CHEESE week during Vegan Month. CRUEEEEL!

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: What Happens When a Restaurant Dies

I am clapping for menkey on all his points. Reading comprehension folks, many of you missed it. And thank you Tyson, for this article.

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 4

Oh! Tofu for diner with more preparation ideas than the standard marinate it in soy, sesame and garlic OR bread it. I mean, not that I don't love that, but there seems to be very few suggestions on preparation, and I'd love to see what your brain comes up with!

The Vegan Experience: Welcome to Year 4

Happy to see this month, yet again. :) I'm on board, and so glad to hear even more of the SE staff is. Can't wait to see some surprises from you guys. I like the suggestions of "comfort foods, re-imagined" - that would be neat.

Mull, Muddle, and the 12-Gallon Soup Pot: The Secret History of the South's Most Obscure Stew

This is seriously one of the best series from Serious Eats. Thank you for having such an interesting on-going feature.

How to Eat Falls Church, VA: The DC Area's Southeast Asian Food Mecca

Thanks for mentioning my favorite place for Vietnamese now that I am out of the area. NOW I WANT WHAT I CANNOT HAAAAAAAAVE. :(

Just kidding. Great write-up - and thank you for highlighting a great place for good food! I do miss that part of the DC area.

The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

Yes. This recipe is fantastic. Kenji, you have saved me right now, because I'm on a weirdly limited diet and mushrooms and filet are acceptable, I can figure out something to do, re: eating around the onions, and boom: I WILL BE HAPPY. I could hug you.

Get Into the Holiday Spirit with Mrs. T's Pierogies

Spring vegetable pierogies! Yum. :)

How to Make the Best Swedish Meatballs

Pretty similar to how I do mine - I add cardamom in instead of allspice, though. And Worcestershire to the gravy rather than soy.

Cognac's On the Rise in the Cocktail World

At risk of making him sound like a jerk (he's not, he just had good taste), my husband's preferred liquor right out of college was cognac. Part of the reason was he had to save up for that bottle and would sip it slowly rather than over-drink. WORKED LIKE A CHARM.

Low-fiber HELP!

Ok, I tried to do it on my own for the first week and a half, but it looks like I'm on this for a little longer, so, HELP me SE talkers, you're my only hope!

I ended up in the hospital earlier this month for tummy issues and on release was given a low-fiber diet for at least a week. I'm struggling as I'm usually a salad and veggie person. Anyone been through this before and have suggestions? We've been doing A LOT of chicken soup and toast and what-have-you.

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