I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I have 2 kids who have been eating curry since they could eat it pureed. :)

  • Location: Florida
  • Favorite foods: Curry, rare steak, soups of any sort, and falafel.
  • Last bite on earth: A wonderfully aged steak, rare as rare can be, with some mushrooms and asparagus on the side.

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How to Make Real-Deal Cuban Sandwiches

Living in Tampa means we get to hit places that have been serving these since 1905 :) Maybe I will make my own - but I'm spoiled.

Win Your Next Potluck With Frijoles Charros (Mexican Cowboy Beans)

Oh yes. Bless this post. I love frijoles a la charros. I'm putting this on our next Tex-Mex night menu.

Why Tampa Is the Best Beer City in the USA

Cigar City is legit amazing. Pair o'Dice is another great local that wasn't mentioned. Amazing bourbon barrel Barleywine was one of their specials recently. I am glad to see our guys on the list.

The Best Sautéed Broccoli Rabe Is Overcooked Broccoli Rabe

All these ideas are fantastic. CiciC, I'm trying that ASAP.

The Food Lab: The Secrets to the Best Easy Homemade Falafel

YES. This recipe is something I've been waiting for you to tackle forever! I feel like there's going to be a choir of (falafel) angels singing for me soon.

Best Eaten Alone Without Pants On: Pineapple and Bacon Nachos

Melted brie is kinda my favorite thing in the world so this looks ... amazing. Just amazing. I want to eat it all.

Rethinking Vinaigrettes: The Case for Dropping the Acid

FWIW: I now regret mentioning the specific ph thing. It was something I recalled offhand so the fact it worked in salad dressing didn't surprise me (and Daniel: the dressing is goooooood). I did not see it going this crazy pants...

The Food Lab: The Best Goulash (Hungarian Beef and Paprika Stew)

Looks really good and I like that it is a mishmash of the two versions (and yay for reading the first paragraph, ha). I always cringe inwardly at the idea of throwing out one set of veg (idea of food waste, etc.), even though I get why. Can you help assuage my guilty feelings on that?

Rethinking Vinaigrettes: The Case for Dropping the Acid

The ph of soy sauce is about 4.5 (it isn't an if, it is an easy search to find out the level), making it more on the acidity side of things. You're not removing an acid, just making it different than the expected one.

The Comfort Food Diaries: Celery Is My Star

You know what is delicious beyond belief? Braised celery. SWOON. I'm right there with you on that. And I love crunchy plain ole celery with a little fresh lemon.

Eggy Puds: The Breakfast Dish You Didn't Know You Need

No, I knew I needed this. In my heart of hearts. I knew I needed this.

The Case for Bad Coffee

Beautifully written piece. And Sundea: you missed the point; which was the emotional aspect tied to that cheap cup of coffee, the mental muscle memory that came with the 50 cent cup. It certainly brought me back to my grandmother's cup of coffee - with the 4 little creamer containers and 2 sugars. Something she shared. I tear up remembering it, and instead of wanting my fancy cold brew, now I want that. Because I miss her.

The Secrets to Making the Best Shrimp Cocktail

I actually also add some old bay/Chesapeake bay seasoning to the poaching liquid. I cannot resist that stuff.

How to Make Homemade Preserved Horseradish

Considering we just eat it on crackers in our house, this is excellent. I shall be eviscerating our noses soon.

A Killer Vegetarian Fourth of July Menu Even an Omnivore Will Love

True story: I have a friend who abhors eggplant. His favorite thing at our BBQ everytime? The baba ganoush. So, I feel like that is a win for the baba ganoush every time. Best of the dips.

12 Grilling Mistakes You Don't Have to Make (But Probably Do)

Kenji, any thoughts on the best kind of charcoal to use? Brand/infused/etc.? Plain old?

Grilled Asparagus With Aioli Is the Ultimate Backyard Finger Food

The lazy side of me is so glad @VeganwithaYoyo asked that, because ... well, on quick dinner nights, that's exactly what I am going to do. The tarragon & lemon version looks really perfect for me.

How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: Surviving the Off-Season

This is one of the consistently good, informative and touchings series on Serious Eats.

How to Make a Killer Fully Loaded Iceberg Wedge Salad

I completely concur on the buttermilk in this recipe - it just elevates the dressing and makes it perfect.

The Good Bagel Manifesto

I agree with every single point in this article. All of these things are bagel truths.

What I Ate When I Couldn't Eat Anything: Facing Gestational Diabetes as a Food Lover

I always thank my lucky stars my MFM and OB gave me the green light on sashimi. I would have been lost with out my treats!

Why a Bottle of Japanese Iced Tea is the Ultimate Summer Refresher

Tejava can sometimes be found at Trader Joe's. Those days are happy days for me.


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