I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. I have 2 kids who have been eating curry since they could eat it pureed. :)

  • Location: Florida
  • Favorite foods: Curry, rare steak, soups of any sort, and falafel.
  • Last bite on earth: A wonderfully aged steak, rare as rare can be, with some mushrooms and asparagus on the side.

How to Eat Falls Church, VA: The DC Area's Southeast Asian Food Mecca

Thanks for mentioning my favorite place for Vietnamese now that I am out of the area. NOW I WANT WHAT I CANNOT HAAAAAAAAVE. :(

Just kidding. Great write-up - and thank you for highlighting a great place for good food! I do miss that part of the DC area.

The Food Lab: Rethinking Beef Stroganoff

Yes. This recipe is fantastic. Kenji, you have saved me right now, because I'm on a weirdly limited diet and mushrooms and filet are acceptable, I can figure out something to do, re: eating around the onions, and boom: I WILL BE HAPPY. I could hug you.

Get Into the Holiday Spirit with Mrs. T's Pierogies

Spring vegetable pierogies! Yum. :)

How to Make the Best Swedish Meatballs

Pretty similar to how I do mine - I add cardamom in instead of allspice, though. And Worcestershire to the gravy rather than soy.

Cognac's On the Rise in the Cocktail World

At risk of making him sound like a jerk (he's not, he just had good taste), my husband's preferred liquor right out of college was cognac. Part of the reason was he had to save up for that bottle and would sip it slowly rather than over-drink. WORKED LIKE A CHARM.

The Food Lab: Introducing Vegetables Wellington, the Plant-Based Vegan Roast Even Meat Eaters Will Want

Desert Dryad - maybe try roasting up some eggplant or zucchini to replace the mushroom with? It would be a long shot and you'd be Food Labbing the Food Lab recipe, but maybe?

The Food Lab: Introducing Vegetables Wellington, the Plant-Based Vegan Roast Even Meat Eaters Will Want

This looks delicious. I won't be able to make it for Thanksgiving (not at my house for the holiday) but I'll be damned if I don't make it sometime in December. Thanks Kenji!

How Thanksgiving, the 'Yankee Abolitionist Holiday,' Won Over the South

This series is one of the BEST and most informative on Serious Eats right now. Loved reading it!

The Best Spiced Nuts From Trader Joe's

Nicole, ask and ye shall receive: Also, laugh.

The Best Spiced Nuts From Trader Joe's

I always think of the Daria episode when I see a comprehensive discussion of nuts. Which is ok, because I am nuts about nuts.

How to Export Your Recipe Box When Ziplist Shuts Down

I'm going to chime in with another hope for bringing favorites back at this juncture. Since a functionality IS going away, it would be nice for you to bring it back. Most other similar websites (, have ways to save your favorites there. I don't really love having to make a new folder over on pinterest or in evernote or wherever. I liked having it here for here. :(

Tiny Ovens, Hidden Cranberries: How to Survive Thanksgiving in Paris

Burgerdogboy - did you, perchance, read the whole piece? Because ... she cites that store in this article...

Getting Tea Drunk in Japan's Sencha Paradise

This gives me such a hankering for some green tea...

Win a Copy of 'Marcus Off Duty'

My go to? Homemade chicken pot pie! It is a lot of fun to make and always a big hit. :)

For the Best Sour Patch Kids, Go to a Show

Have you considered buying a few boxes while catching a movie so you have a stash at home, to lovingly snack on, your own, your precious (shhh, I'm gearing up for the next Hobbit movie myself)?

Also, I concur. Blue is the best.

The Return of Rummy Bears: Cocktail-Inspired Drunken Gummies

This is wonderful. Some super fun options for Halloween party drinks, for sure.

21 Halloween Candies We're Hoarding

Take 5.YUM. Also, where on earth are people getting toblerones for Halloween candy? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

A Day in the Life: Ed Levine, Serious Eats Overlord

cara_mia: There's a small soda and beverage center in Latham, and I'm blanking on the name. You MAY be able to find it en masse there. I'll try to see what I can pull up, but if you have a yellow pages, you may also be able to find it. Was on Rt 9.

The Secrets Behind Making Incredible Matcha

This is a fantastic article - I love learning more about the processes behind things like this!

Doritos Migas With Pepper Jack Will Rock Your Morning, Hangover or Not

Daniel, it looks good to me. I like migas and sure, doritos aren't the best thing for you, but hey, sometime we all have imbibed a bit too much and good use the extra salt and cheese and spice. :)

The Food Lab: Make Your Own Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles (and Make Your Coworkers Jealous)

We hate styrofoam in this house but I secretly love cups of noodles. So this? This is absolutely brilliant.

Cider-Braised Country-Style Pork Ribs With Creamy Mashed Potatoes

This is actually a favorite recipe of mine from childhood, only elevated. So: THANK YOU. :) You've done me a great service today.

Cider-Braised Country-Style Pork Ribs With Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Seriously, this is one of my favorite meals from childhood, but elevated. THANK YOU.

Win a Copy of 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'

Chicken pot pie, homemade. It is warm and comforting, and always hits the spot. :)

5 Great Fall Beers for the Pumpkin Beer Hater

My husband loves you for this post. He loves fall beers, but is not into the pumpkin spice thing, and we all know how that's going this year (TOO EARLY).

Low-fiber HELP!

Ok, I tried to do it on my own for the first week and a half, but it looks like I'm on this for a little longer, so, HELP me SE talkers, you're my only hope!

I ended up in the hospital earlier this month for tummy issues and on release was given a low-fiber diet for at least a week. I'm struggling as I'm usually a salad and veggie person. Anyone been through this before and have suggestions? We've been doing A LOT of chicken soup and toast and what-have-you.

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