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Iowa pizza suggestions?

Ames, home of Iowa State Univ and about 30 mins north of Des Moines, has a lot of great pizza options.

Great Plains ( - An Ames original, super thick crust with tons of cheese (as the above commenter mentioned). Crust is awesome and chewy, and you eat up to the crust and then smother it in honey. Surprisingly awesome, especially when there is a little toasted cheese or tomato sauce left on the crust. Try the thin crust for a less intense experience, although less honey experience! Thick - oat or whole wheat are my fave, thin whole wheat or potato also great. Pizza by the slice at lunch at least Mon-Sat.

Vesuvius Wood-Fired ( - Relatively new to town, but an instant fave. Thin, wood fired, chewy crust. Fresh, local ingredients. They have a pizza served with a salad on top, with pine nuts that I love. Gives me the illusion of eating a healthy meal. They really strive to have great meats, but also cater to those of the veg*n persuasion.

Pizza Pit ( - More of the classic late-night college drinking type pizza, but I really love their crust, and I love their cheese bread. Less gourmet, but still great. In Campustown. Pizza by the slice at lunch Mon-Fri, not sure about weekends.

Jeff's Pizza ( - Thick, bready crust, good toppings, and pretty good all-around. Pizza by the slice for lunch and late night. Their calzones, stromboli and "clones" are also great. (Spinach & mushroom clone is my favorite there!)

Ge Angelo's ( - Maybe not the first place people think of for pizza in Ames, but they do a great job. Love the Ge Angelo's special with the meatball mix. Their spinach artichoke dip is amazing. (It is much more cheesy and less mayonnaisey than most I have had, plus it is broiled in the oven and then you spread it on garlic toast. Yes, please.)


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