No Cook Dinner Ideas

Awesome ideas, thanks so much everyone!

No Cook Dinner Ideas

Thanks for the suggestions!!!
I do have a grill but would like to use it sparingly.
I should have mentioned that I'm pregnant, so no ceviche :( or pate :( or poached eggs :( or booze :(

Celebratory meal for a group on Sunday in NYC?

congratulations! what is the book called?
Otto is good for groups. Just be sure to make a reservation.

Dinners to prepare & freeze before baby comes

Thank you everyone for so many great ideas!

Dinners to prepare & freeze before baby comes

feeding my mom part 2

I think if she is eating the less healthy stuff, then just make sure everything that you bring is up to your standard of what's healthy for her. Then she won't have a choice.

Sandwich de miga -- again!

sorry this took me so long, she said she ordered the bread from this website:
hope that helps

Sandwich de miga -- again!

no idea, but my mother in law made some for a family party and she ordered the bread from miami (we are in ny). i can find out specifics if you like.

Serious Eats in Wellfleet, MA?

For ice cream I highly highly highly recommend Sundae School (there are a few locations).
There's a place called Arnold's, I belive in Wellfleet, that I read was supposed to be the "best seafood shack", but I did not think it was good at all. Really not good. You should definitely go to the Wellfleet Drive In though. Fun! Sorry I can't be more helpful with restaurants.

What would you do with Manchego?

Things to do with pizza dough that don't involve an oven

Thanks all for you suggestions. I made pizza in the grill pan and it was awesome. Highly reccommend!

Things to do with pizza dough that don't involve an oven

@hmw0029 that is perfect... i will be grilling pizza indoors... thanks!!!

vegetable pizza, have you tried?

@burger365 425 degrees

vegetable pizza, have you tried?

I have a related question. I was thinking of making veggie pizza tonight for dinner. Which vegetables can I just throw on and put in the oven (preferred), and which (like eggplant) do I need to cook before I put on the pizza?

shortcake recipe with soy milk

KathrynMC is right.
I've never made shortcake but I regularly use soy milk in place of regular milk in recipes, never had a problem.

Grass Fed: The Case for Veggie Burgers

Dear Serious Eats, thanks for the laugh. Now I'd love a real article about veggie burgers, please. Thanks.
That said, I'm not a vegetarian but I love a good veggie burger. Unfortunately, they are hard to find. My favorite is at Houlihan's (really). It is awesome. I also started making them at home with Mark Bittman's recipe - easy & delicous.

Apps Only: Ed's Lobster Bar

Great new column! Looking forward to reading the next one

Chicken Fried Steak and Panko

my husband made chicken fried steak the other night and used a mixture of oatmeal and oatmeal pancake mix.. it was awesome

'Top Chef' Season 5, Episode 12: 'Top Chef,' Not 'Top Pussy'

You missed the best quote of the night! "I'll chop it off, sear it on the flat top, and tomorrow, I deal with 9 fingers." - Fabio on wanted to continue cooking despite breaking his finger

Large-Scale Enticing Food Smells

I'm just glad its being well publicized that New Jersey produced a good smell!!

'Top Chef' Season 5, Episode 11: One Fish, Two Fish, Another Bloody Fish

You forgot to mention how the eels were moving. Ew.

'Joy of Cooking' must-trys

I've only tried a few simple recipes. The brownie recipe, guacamole, and 5 minute polenta are easy and delicious. I'm looking forward to see what other Serious Eaters have to say.

'Top Chef' Season 5, Episode 10: 'Monkey Ass Filled with Fried Banana'

the show isnt Top Rookie Chef so I don't see any problem with Stefan having 23 years experience?

Chia seeds

What do they taste like?

Savory Dessert Ideas?

spicy chocolate cake

riccota with peaches, a pinch of black pepper and honey

No Cook Dinner Ideas

We are renovating our kitchen, and it won't be done for at least 5 weeks. I have a makeshift kitchen that includes a microwave, toaster oven, fridge and freezer. But no stove or oven. While going out to eat is fun, I'd love some ideas for at-home dinners that are feasible with our current "kitchen." So far I have thought of cheese plate, and salad. Any ideas for no cook dinners? Thanks!

Dinners to prepare & freeze before baby comes

I'm expecting my first baby in a little less than 2 months, and I want to start cooking & freezing some meals now that I can defrost for dinner once the baby is here. Anybody have ideas for healthy, vegetarian meals that will work well for this? So far I have thought of squash soup and.. that's it. Also, can I keep food in the freezer for 2-3 months or will it be blah when I defrost it? Thanks for your help!

Things to do with pizza dough that don't involve an oven

Yesterday I bought pizza dough to make pizza for dinner. Well, that was dumb because it was 112 degrees here in NJ and I didn't want to turn the oven on when I got home. I can either use it tonight - it has cooled down to a still miserable 98 degrees - or do something else. Is there anything I can do with pizza dough that does not involve baking? Can I make grilled pizza using a grill pan? Can I freeze it at this point? Any other ideas? I just don't want it to go to waste. Thank you!

Vegas Restaurants in Vegas for Bachelorette Dinner

I'm planning my best friend's bachelorette party in Vegas. Lots of places have pre-fixe options that make it easy to organize dinner for 10 people. We are going to do one that is about $50pp, which seems like an unnecessary amount to pay for dinner. So, I wanted to see if you serious eaters had any other ideas for a less expensive dinner on the second night. It should be a good, fun restaurant, good for groups, good food, with a pre-fixe or another easy way to split the bill. Help!!!

Serious Efforts: Tortilla Chips

Friday's recipe of the day in my How to Cook Everything desk calendar was for tortilla chips. I thought that would be perfect to go with the guac that I planned to make for the superbowl. I baked them instead of fried them - brushed corn tortillas with canola oil, cut them and baked for about 8 minutes at 400 degrees. They were fine, but I thought they could have been better. What can I do to add some flavor? Also I thought they seemed stale.. Any suggestions?

[Serious Efforts guidelines »]

Creative Lasagnas

Last night I made butternut squash lasagna using a recipe that I found on (lasagna noodles, normal sauce & cheese mixture, butternut squash, spinach & onions). It was really good!
I've never made lasagna before so this has opened up a whole new world, potentially. What else can I put between those lasagna noodles?

What can I do with a pressure cooker?

I got married last year and one of my friends just sent me a pressure cooker that I forgot I registered for. What can I make? I can pick up some ingrediants on my way home from work if you give me some yummy ideas. Thanks!

Special Birthday Cake - need ideas please

My sister's birthday is Dec. 26, but she is pregnant and due Dec. 25 (yes I know that is Christmas, we are Jewish though). My mom wants to celebrate her birthday next week when we are all together for Thanksgiving, since on her actual birthday she will probably be somewhat busy. I volunteered to make the cake and I want to make it AWESOME since my sister is my best friend, and I am so happy for her and she deserves an awesome cake.
I need help though. I am a beginner baker so I need an easy yet super impressive recipe. I want to make a very moist chocolate cake. I haven't settled on a frosting flavor but something good! And then any other ideas you have! Thanks so much Serious Eat community!

Easy Pie-Like Dessert? Help

My husband's birthday is tomorrow, and he is not big on birthday cake. I'd love to make a pie, but I'm short on time. Does anyone have a great, easy recipe for a fruity/pie-like dessert? Maybe a tart of some sort? At this point I am not opposed to using store bought crust. I know he will appreciate it as long as it's not from a bakery and tastes delicious. Thanks!

Anniversary Dinner in NYC

Hi! My 1 year wedding anniversary is in a few weeks and I'm looking for restaurant suggestions. Something not too pricey ($20 or less entree) in any neighborhood, although the west side is preferred. Somewhere romantic where we can drink lots of wine and eat great food would be right on the mark!!

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