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  • Last bite on earth: filet mignon, medium rare

What would you cook for your dad's 50th birthday?

Btw, we got his favorite steaks from here and they were delicious!

What would you cook for your dad's 50th birthday?

Thank you all. The party was great and everyone including the dad had a lot of fun. Thank you guys for posting all the comments.

Is it safe to eat chicken that's been frozen for 4 months?

Thanks everyone, all answers were very helpful. Yeah, we ate the chicken last night and it was fine. It also tasted delicious.

What would you cook for your dad's 50th birthday?

YES, he loves mac n cheese, french fries and green beans :) No dietary restrictions.

How long is too long of a wait for an online frozen food order?

Yeah, it was Omaha Steaks. I agree with all of you guys. Not only that the shipping time frame was long, but I wasn't sure if the money was worth it either. They're pricey.

Allen Brother is good. We've order from them before. We also like the steaks from Chicago Steak Co. and Meathub.

Need Suggestions For Side Dish To Go With Pulled Pork

I'd be serving either coleslaw, baked beans or potato salad along with the pulled pork. If you're making pulled pork sandwiches, you can also consider sweet potato fries. All are simple and very quick to make w/ hundreds of recipes online.

Simple question...Do you leave the water running in the kitchen?

My wife "does" and it drives me crazy :) I understand occasionally leaving the water running to unfreeze frozen food items before cooking, but she does this at all times. I'm not for wasting water.

How long is too long of a wait for an online frozen food order?

They were shipped from Omaha to Seattle. I doubt that the package was in transit for 2 weeks. The ice inside the box would've melted. The steaks arrived in good shape, but two weeks is a bit too long in my opinion.

Best restaurant PR firms in NYC?

Are you looking for a PR firm that's strategic or a lower budget PR firm? The challenge with most PR firms is that they don't understand strategy and leverage. Most of them are very tactical and not measured on ROI. In a lot of cases, they do more damage to your name/brand than they do good for you.

The company I worked for used a PR firm called Gibbs & Soell. Good firm out of NYC, very strategic, and not expensive.

Cruise ship food

I've been on a Princess Cruise and Norwegian. The food on Princess Cruise was Ok, nothing special. Norwegian was much better, good quality meals and lots of choice. My wife and I are taking the Mediterranean cruise next year on Regent, and we heard their food is supposed to be delicious.

How do you get your rib-eye so tender?

In the quest to cook the perfect rib-eye, I'm curious to hear tips for getting the most tender steak. I do pretty well, but sometimes I have mixed results. I suspect that quality and age of the meat accounts for the variations. But if you have any tips to share, please let me know.

Is Acai Berry the new miracle fruit that stimulates weight-loss?

I was watching a documentary on TV last night that the acai berry is the new miracle fruit guaranteeing to stimulate weight loss. The fruit is supposed to suppress your appetite, increase your energy level, and help you sleep better. The fruit has many antioxidants and vitamins that make your skin look good also. All natural.

I only tried this fruit in my frozen yogurt, never fresh. Are there any merits to this documentary?

What is the most expensive sashimi?

My brother came back from Tokyo last week and he ate the bluefin tuna belly sashimi. He said it tasted kinda gross, but it was by far the most expensive dish on the menu, and supposedly the most expensive sashimi period. The sashimi is called "ohtoro" in Japanese. What is the most expensive sashimi?

Should the skin be removed from chicken before or after cooking?

I've heard that in order to eliminate about half the fat, you should trim away the skin before eating the meat. I also heard that it makes a difference in the fat content whether the skin is removed before or after cooking. Removing the skin before you cook the chicken results into less fat for your dish, but the meat is more moist and tender when cooked with the skin on. Thoughts?

What would you cook for your dad's 50th birthday?

My wife's dad is turning 50 years old next weekend. He's been in a wheelchair for the last 10 years due to the car accident. We are throwing a surprise party for him at our house and need some idea on what dishes to prepare. He LOVES the old fashioned barbecue, filet is his favorite. We have over 30 guests coming. What would you cook for the guests, most importantly the dad, if you were us?

Is eating Organic Food worth spending double the money?

I've been eating regular food forever and when my wife started working for a food company, she began to drill into me that we can no longer buy regular produce and food but have to switch to organic. I know that not all organic foods are necessarily good, but organic is at least healthier - this has put a damper on our wallets. We are slowly switching over to organic diet, but the expense of eating organic food is high. Also, our choices are also much more limited now. Has anyone been doing an all-organic diet? Is the extra cost for eating organic food justified?

How long is too long of a wait for an online frozen food order?

I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the length of time it takes to get frozen meat/steak in the mail...I ordered some steaks online and i was a little taken back that it took almost two weeks to get it. My wife and I generally do this twice a month to get access to steaks we used to have back home in NYC, but if this is a normal time line then we may not mind going to the local store.

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