I'm a chemist and food enthusiast. It all started one sleepless night about a year ago when I caught the beef tenderloin episode of Good Eats at 1 am. Since then, I've spent a good portion of my free time in the pursuit of culinary awesomeness.

  • Location: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Favorite foods: Steak! That's, like, 90% of the reason I live in Texas.
  • Last bite on earth: A double bacon cheeseburger, preferably from Whataburger, with an extra large Coke Slurpee on the side. If I'm about to die, I don't have to worry about heartburn!

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Sugar Rush: Cardamom Cake at Taboonette

I tasted cardamom for the first time ever this weekend (on a pork tenderloin). I love the idea of using it in a sweet dish - the citrusy flavor is great.

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Chinese Takeout Order?

Chicken lo mein and egg drop soup.'s been forever since I've had some good American Chinese food. I found an amazing Thai place that is owned by the nicest couple ever, and I think I'd feel like I was cheating on them if I ate at any other Asian food establishment.

Please Reminisce about Birthday Cake

As a kid, it was always a garden-variety grocery store bakery cake. I was insistent on NO FROSTING FLOWERS, though....ick, those things still gross me out, all greasy and crunchy and sickeningly sweet.

Now that I have discovered my love of baking, I delight in making my own birthday cake. The only rule is that it has to contain a lot of booze, you know, because it's my birthday. I made a tiramisu last year, which I guess is kind of a cake, right? It was delicious.

Can you polish off a pint of ice cream in a sitting?

YES. My most recent by-the-pint favorite is the Ben And Jerry's banana and peanut butter frozen Greek yogurt. It's along the same lines as Chunky Monkey, but it is lighter and smoother, and all around better for full-pint scarfing. Good stuff!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Aww...Chichi and Hambone are such adorable BFFs!

New Beer: Shiner FM966 Farmhouse Ale

Disagree. Shiner Bock is best enjoyed in copious quantities with ANY food, not just barbecue. :-)

Taste Test: The Best Pepper Jack Cheese

Add me to the chorus of Tillamook fans. Their pepper jack is great, as is their sharp cheddar. It's reasonably priced, too.

What baked treats are you making for the holidays??

I made rainbow cookies! The Smitten Kitchen recipe was perfect. They are definitely time-consuming, but so adorable and tasty. I'll be making these every year.

I also made these pinwheel cookies, without the peppermint because I'm not really a fan. If I don't make these, there are some people who get really mad at me.

In Our Community Corner: Meet Diana Horst (aka 'dhorst')

I grew up in Manlius. For once, I wish I still lived there, just so I could score an invite to a dhorst pizza party! (Nothing against CNY or the nice people who live's just that snow makes me a sad girl.) Oh, and I second the Lemongrass recommendation. That place is fantastic. It's been five years since I last ate there, but I still have sweet dreams of the tamarind roasted duck.

We Made a Thanksgiving Cherpumple, It Was Crazy

Well done, Kenji! Somebody in New York buy this man a beer!!

Cereal Eats: Kashi Releases 2 New Cereals

I've always been a big fan of the Kashi cereals. The Go Lean reminds me of sugar smacks, and that puffy honey one in the yellow box is like honeycombs. It lets me indulge in my childhood cereal memories while deluding myself into thinking it's healthier, when it's probably not given the fact that I could eat the stuff by the bucketload.

Your favorite condiment hack

The best sauce to accompany salmon: approximately equal parts mayo and dijon mustard, with some chopped capers, red wine vinegar, and black pepper.

Turkey Chili tips?

I make turkey chili quite a bit myself. I like to add poblano peppers and Ro-Tel for extra spice (apologies if you're in a Ro-Tel free area of the country). Toppings add interest, too - of course shredded cheddar and sour cream are the standards, but diced avocado is my favorite. Freshly baked biscuits on the side are also appreciated in my house. Enjoy your weekend with the guys. :-)

Philly-Style Pretzels at The Pretzel Bakery in D.C.

A cute guy who bakes amazing soft pretzels? This Philadelphia-born girl approves!

Pizzapartment, the Missing Storage Solution You Might Need

I hate trying to wash grease out of plastic containers. The awkward pointiness of this one would make it extra difficult to remove residual pizza grease. I'm going to stick with my aluminum foil and continue hating the environment.

Cookie Monster: 5 Great Cookies For Making Ice Cream Sandwiches

I like to sprinkle my chocolate chip cookies with sea salt just after they come out of the oven, then when they are still slightly warm, use them as sandwich bookends with vanilla ice cream. The salty/sweet combo is great.

Don't Forget to Share Your Sweets!

Sillygirl - I've had this one on my list to try....might finally do it this weekend!


Taste Test: Bottled Tartar Sauce

I don't ever buy the stuff....I just mix Hellman's mayo with plenty of sweet pickle relish, chopped capers, and a little red wine vinegar. I've never been too pleased with any store brand I've tried, as I prefer an extra tart sauce with an in-your-face pickle flavor.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I totally agree with can't be sad when you're holding cake. That's going to be my new motto.


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