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French in a Flash (Classic): Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée

A note to sure missed the point, dear heart! One of the pleasures of the creme brulee is the sheer joy (to those who treasure food pleasures!) is that first "pop" when the spooon cracks the lovely crusty torched gets to puncture that lovely crust and watch it crinkle into shards....then you get the crackle of the burnt sugar against the smooth creamy custard..It's just the "whole enchilada" of the experience..Perhaps if you went to a lovely restaurant, enjoyed a perfect meal and had this served as the piece de resistance for might make sense to you..
On the other hand...perhaps not!

This is a lovely, lovely and fairly easy dessert...There's a lot I might be willing to do for someone who made this for me! :)

Thanks for the recipe!

Hunting for a recipe - help!

And...apologies from my end...alosha...what I didn't try was the combo of anne burrell and caponata in the same search....just going to anne burrell, then caponata..didn't work..
The first one that came up is what I'm looking for...Thanks much...sometimes...when you're not doing it all the time quit before you should!

If y'all like eggplants...this is phenomenal...the longer it sits..the better it tastes, if you can make it last that long! I believe she even said...weeks and weeks are best!

Hunting for a recipe - help!

Thanks much, all. Google and Bing are always my friends and I tried all of the outlets before I posted on here..

I will try anne burnell capona again...for the 6th or 7th time...what I couldn't find was a listing of the I could search for it there. Once up a time, in another life, research was my game and I was the 'go to' gal on it.

Kitchenista...that is exactly what I found..I'll try again and just go back to the episode that I dvr'd and pick it up from there. A liitle thoughfulness goes a long way!

That's why this was so frustrating! Thanks for all your help...


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