Married, 40 years old...been cooking for 20...have lived in Maine all of my life. Love to travel.

  • Location: South Portland Maine
  • Favorite foods: Eggplant Parm, Sushi, name it, pretty much love it all.
  • Last bite on earth: Oh geesh...has to be eggplant parm...

Top 20 Restaurants in the US - Have you been or plan on it?

LOL...The only one I've been to is Ben's Chili Bowl! Which was very tasty I must say. :)

Your Dining Companions Faux Pas at the Table

My husband and I were out at a local italian chain restaurant with a group of friends. My husband sat at the end of the table, with me to his left and a male friend to his right. When the neverending salad came, I foolishly thought one of the men would serve up my salad portion first, but male friend grabbed the salad bowl and served himself at least 2/3rds of it, leaving my husband to give me the rest while he waited for another bowl to be served. I'm still laughing about it and still a bit annoyed. lol.

Ideas for New Year's Eve party Dip

Oops...sorry I didn't read that it needed to be cold. My apologies.

Ideas for New Year's Eve party Dip

I just made Emerils Hot Corn Dip for my husband's work party and they loved it. It needs to be kept warm though...not very good cold.

Christmas Day Chinese Feast

I've done a mu shu pork that I have often thought didn't even need any pork, extra mushroom and cabbage...maybe add tofu? Yum. I've used Emeril's recipe with my own tweaks...cabbage for bok choy etc.

Huli Huli Chicken and ???

I made the Huli Huli chicken and the Hawaiian pasta salad, both quite tasty. I also made the Spam Fried Rice from which was very very tasty...
Thanks for your input! :)

What's cooking this Halloween evening?

We had pumpkin soup with garlic croutons and toasted pumpkin seeds.

My Thai red curry is never as rich and creamy as restaurants!

I think restaurant versions use cream of coconut as opposed to the milk...anyone know that for sure? Now I want curry...yum!

25 Healthy Pizzas

I have been looking for a list like this one. Thank you so much for sharing.


My husband and I are heading to Boston on Saturday (my birthday) for Dim Sum in Chinatown...I can't wait!

Exploding Gochuchang Paste

Mine was the jarred version that you can just see a sliver of in the picture. It had never been opened.

Exploding Gochuchang Paste

Thanks, the glass didn't break, the paste bubbled up and dislodged the still sealed top and then dripped down the sides, like a gochuchang volcano.

I did throw it out. I'll get some more, open it up and then fridge it.

Thanks again.

Sangria-- How Long is Too Long?

@ Elysemm Great!...thanks so much for your response!

Sangria-- How Long is Too Long?

Would any of you ever make Sangria in a plastic container or is glass a must? Thanks.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Celebrating Sardines and Anchovies

I love sardines and anchovies! YUM.

This Week in Interesting Office Food

We have...some cottage cheese, gochughang sauce (sp), tons of soy sauce packets, a bag with some pepperoni and looks like gouda cheese, cheese sticks, a tub of cool whip, a little tub of diced peaches that have been in there forever, half and half, chia seeds, flax seeds, a cucumber, a yogurt and condiments galore....

Oddball food shopping...

We do most of our groceries at Whole Foods, some at the Shaw's Supermarket, and paper goods and a couple of odd things at the Walmart...Sometimes WM is the only place we can get some the salt and pepper or lime flavored individual bags of microwave popcorn, and a certain type of the evil jarred spagetti sauce that I like to have for know...just in case my husband has to make a meal.

What would you make if you had two days off and were housebound

Oh and we just finished up the strawberry rhubarb crumble too! It was sweet and tart goodness!

What would you make if you had two days off and were housebound

So...I ended up making and throwing away my yeasty rolls. They rose and they looked nice but they were more of a biscuit texture than the yeasty rolls I was looking for. I know they overproofed and I may have over mixed the dough in the mixer. I'm going to try them again by hand next time...oh well. Other things I made, fresh spring rolls were good, not as tightly wrapped as the restaurant does but a vast improvement on the try the time before. Thai steak and noodles and the fried chicken were both awesome. I also made a chicken stock that I used for a shrimp and asparagus risotto and a chicken gumbo over the weekend. Both terrific!
Of course now I have my list going next time...Pho from scratch, Bouliabasse, yeasty rolls again...short ribs, coq au vin, tamales...I love food!
Thanks for all the input and ideas! :)

What would you make if you had two days off and were housebound many good's what I'm going with...
Monday - yeast rolls (i am not a baker so this will be a real test), and a strawberry rhubarb tart
Tuesday - sping rolls to have with vietnamese steak and noodles, prep chicken for wednesday's fried chicken, and make a pasta salad
If I were more ambitious I would try my hand at tamales but I think i save that for a wintry snow day...
I too have a cabinet from hell that needs weeding out and some major re-organizing and many magazines and cookbooks to read...
Thanks so much for the input...happy cooking!

17 Lobster Rolls We Love in the Northeast

I vote for Two can't beat the atmosphere. It is gorgeous! Jus might have to stop in this weekend...

upcomming restaraunt in Portland ME

We went to NOSH on Saturday, home of the bacon dusted fries...It was really very good, I'd go back for the "Noshos" alone...

D.C. dining right now!

Lebanese Taverna near the Zoo...Fantastic.

D.C. dining right now!

Seconding Ben's Chili Bowl...loved it!

Recipes for a Broken Man with a Broken Tooth

Put that salsa in an omelette or over some lighly fried or scrambled eggs! I have been having some dental work as well and have been eating more than my share of eggs and pho with soft noodles, so comforting...break up the noodles if you can't chew at all. Another favorite of mine is plain old macaroni and butter...not really a healthy choice or a "recipe" but good none the less...and better than starving!

Huli Huli Chicken and ???

Hello there.
I want to make this Huli Huli chicken recipe from Cook's Illustrated for dinner on Sunday. I'm planning on making the "Hawaiian" pasta salad from the show as well but, what would you suggest for a vegetable? I did a search and saw conversation on this chicken recipe but nothing about what to serve with it. I would rather not do cole slaw as in a plate lunch.
Can you help? Any suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks so much.

Exploding Gochuchang Paste

Ok so I am seriously addicted to Bibimbap. I wanted to get the dol sot and make it at home. I found a jar of Gochuchang paste for the spicy sauce and never got around to making the dish. Anyway, last night I discovered my jar of Gochuchang had ruptured in the cabinet and dripped all over the place...
Anyone have any ideas why and since it is fermented do you think it was still good by any slim chance? I threw it away, but I really hated to. It was not that old and my house is neither excessively warm or cold.
What do you think?

What to do with Spiced Wine

I just got a bottle of spiced red wine as a says you should drink it hot, which does not appeal to me at all. Does anyone have experience with this? Any creative ideas? Thanks. :)

Fish and Chips

I'm thinking of making fish and chips this weekend but the hubby doesn't like cole slaw...I'm at a loss as to what to serve with all that wonderful fried food and feel like it needs something to go with it...what would you do?? Thanks.

Slow cooked beef brisket

I have a whole brisket to cook tomorrow - Ultimate goal: shredded beef for tacos. I have a pretty good idea of how I'm going to do it but any tips or sucess stories you'd care to share would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm thinking of trying to cook it in a disposable tinfoil pan, doubled up...since it's going to be cooked on low heat I think that might work...what do you think? Thanks for your help.

Mayan Fried Corn

Does anyone have the specifics of this recipe? I think it came from a newspaper consists of fresh corn, some red and green pepper, heavy cream and hot sauce...anyone have the actual measurements or any variations?

Garlic Scapes

Besides the Pesto recipe that seems to be everywhere, what are you Serious Eaters doing with your garlic scapes? I have a big bag of them now from my CSA share and am anticipating more to come.
I had an idea of using the scape instead of a green onion in some negamaki...what are you doing with yours?

Indian Restaurant Condiments

Hello there Serious Eaters...
I am on an Indian food kick and would like to know...does anyone know the names of the various condiments served at Indian restaurants? Our local place offers three with meals and is bright green, one an oniony mixture, and the third a brown sauce that I think the third might be tamarind but am not sure...are these mixtures found in Indian restaurants all around? Any feedback would be helpful. Thanks.

Favorite Grilling Recipes

My husband and I just purchased a new gas grill and I have grilling fever...this past weekend we had some wonderful ribeye steaks and on the menu for the next week we have burgers, jerk chicken and shish-ke-bobs...all of which leads me to the inevitable question...
What are some of your favorite things to grill, recipes, tips on grilling and smoking, etc.
Thanks so much!
(I did try to search the archives and all i got was the serious grilling topics so forgive if this has been covered to death...)

Roasting pan problem

So not more than six months ago I bought a Tools of the Trade roasting pan from Macy's, having had good experience with this brand in the past. Yesterday, I was making a variation on Ina's lemon roast chicken where she puts some lemon chunks right into the bottom of the roasting pan. Well that went over all well and good...until I went to make the gravy and found the coating on the pan had started flaking off. So now I need to replace this pan (it wasn't expensive - lesson learned)...has anyone had a similar experience and a recommendation for a new pan that won't be reactive? Many thanks.

Talking Textures

On Saturday, I made Salmon in Vanilla Champange Sauce. I served it with Jasmine white rice and sauteed spinach, with the sauce spilling over all three components. It was very good and I want to make it again, but it seemed to be lacking something. I thought it needed some kind of texture but don't know what I would change as I liked very much the flavors together...any ideas? Thanks!

Cookbook Recomendations

I won a 75 dollar gift certificate to the local bookstore. I have an extensive cookbook collection and was hoping to add to it but when I got to the bookstore I was overwhelmed by how many new books are out there. What are some of your personal favorites and why?

Eating in Las Vegas

We're just back from Las Vegas...Overall I was disappointed with the food...but there were definitely some high points...
The first night we were there we went to the buffet at the Bellagio - at $30 a piece we were disappointed. The sushi bar and the desserts were great as were all of the soups...but the rest of the offerings were pretty standard and dried out. We did a breakfast buffet at Harrahs, which was just ok but the coffee was absolutely was better at the Carnegie Deli but the service was awful.
We did a lunch at Emeril's in the MGM Grand, which was very good. My husband's andouille burger was way overdone, my oyster po boy was sensational.
Breakfast at the Paris Buffet however was sooo very good, I only wish I had two stomach so I could have eaten more. Also at Paris we had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi, the food was out of this world but it was very very noisy and the evening's special was sold out by 7pm. We had the Chicken Liver Mousse appetizer and it was heavenly...We had planned to do sushi at Benihana but had a big plate of nachos at Margaritaville as a late lunch and had no room for sushi!
We'll be going back year after next...any thoughts.

Fennel Question

I don't like licorice anytime fennel is mentioned, I immediately turn my nose up at it. I've read that people who don't like fennel, do like it tell me, does it really lose it's licoricey taste? How do you roast it, temp and time? Any comments, recipes, ideas? Thanks and Happy Monday.

Fresh Duck in Southern Maine?

I have been searching for a place to buy fresh duck here in Maine to no avail...does anyone live in the area and have any ideas or contacts?
I have asked local butchers and the local restaurants serve duck so they must be getting it somewhere...
I'd rather not buy it by mail that just seems kinda icky to me. Your thoughts are appreciated.
Thanks for your help.

Favorite Sandwiches for busy weeknights

Forgive me if this has been covered recently. I went back quite a ways and did not see a thread.

Please tell me of your favorite sandwiches for busy work weeknights. Any help is appreciated...thanks.

Boston: Top Four Tapas at Toro

My all-around favorite restaurant in Boston? Probably Toro. Somehow it seems to be just as cut out for grabbing dinner on the fly as it is for lingering with friends over small plates and pitchers of sangria. More importantly, the menu is almost 50 items deep, and the flavors are so bright and full that I have to reign myself in from ordering multiple rounds of each dish. More

tapas favorites?

Some friends of mine are hosting a tapas party this weekend, and these things get quite competative, I'm told. They OK'd baba ghanoush as tapas - saving my butt since I've got a killer recipe that I know the hosts... More

Weeknight Staples

My family has strange weeknight eating habits. We used to have a pretty set schedule in terms of dinner (mondays would be chicken parm, tuesdays pizza, etc.) but we are so overworked by the time we get home and it's... More