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Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches From Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Now in NYC

They've also had 'em at Greene Grape Provisions in Brooklyn for a while now!

NYC Food Events for the Weekend and Beyond

I think the links to Masters of Social Gastronomy (which is also on Tuesday, the 25th, not Monday) and Special Event! Pop Up Wine Bar are both broken. The real ones are here:

Cereal Eats: We Admit Our Cereal Habits

I put ice cubes in my cereal.

I mean it when I say I like my cereal milk ICY cold. All the way until the end. If I have it, I'll put frozen fruit in my cereal, which is obviously better, but quite often I end up just throwing some ice cubes in there.

Cook the Book: 'Baked Explorations'

Seven Stars Bakery in Providence. I have not found bread as good as theirs anywhere else...including the great city of new york. Plus, granola nut scones, berry muffins, almond macaroons, cinnamon twists...the list goes on.

Doughnut Chains in Rhode Island: What's Your Favorite?

Yeah, the sell Allie's Doughnuts at East Side Creamery on the corner of Ives and Williams, which is nice and close to Brown. I was so excited when I found that out.
Even better: they sell grab bags of three day-old doughnuts for a dollar whenever they have leftovers.

Sugar Rush: Icebox Cake at Billy's Bakery

I don't get it. Did I go on a bad day? I got a slice of this once and was so disappointed. It tasted stale, like the refrigerator (admittedly, going stale in the refrigerator is essentially what makes icebox cake icebox cake, but it shouldn't taste like it.) Also, the whipped cream--if that's even what it was--had the consistency of bad supermarket buttercream.

I usually love icebox cake, but this just wasn't good. Has anyone else had this experience?

Hidden gems of the cereal isle...

Thanks all! puffins are one of my current faves, and I do also like some of the Nature's Path cereals, although I find some of the too...cardboard-y. And I'm scarred by the fact that I one bought their blueberry Optimum cereal and found a total of about 3 blueberries in the entire box (which is exactly what I'm talking about with this cereal problem: looks great, huge disappointment).

I'll definitely take the TJ's I just have to steel myself for the experience that is the Union Square Trader Joe's. Or make the trek to Brooklyn.

Have an abundance of marshmallow cream...

oh my god, kakugori, i had no idea. you just satisfied my long-standing craving for vegetarian rice krispie treats (marshmallows have gelatin, fluff doesn't).

seriously, i have been wanting rice krispie treats for so long and I thought I could never have them!

Providence, Rhode Island: Where to Eat on College Hill

Also, Brickway is a serious contender for best breakfast.

And what about Hope Street? There are all kinds of amazing places there--Seven Stars is one of the best bakeries I've been to anywhere (and they're where blue state gets all their pastries anyways), Not Just Snacks would be my pick for best Indian food in Providence, plus there are some really nice restaurants like Chez Pascal and Cook & Brown Public house (which is brand new) serving really good local, seasonal food.

Providence, Rhode Island: Where to Eat on College Hill

recently spotted at the Duck & Bunny: Emma Watson and Tyra Banks. If that doesn't confirm it as the Best Place to Go With Gal Friends, I don't know what does.

Cook the Book: 'Seasonal Fruit Desserts'

I once made a blackberry basil and creme fraiche tart with an orange cornmeal crust that was sooo good.

Cook the Book: 'The Vegetarian Option'

some form of starch--potatoes, grits, quinoa, whatever--with some form of green vegetable (whatever's in season) topped with a fried or poached egg. Or basically anything topped with an egg.

Cook the Book: 'Ready for Dessert'

banana pudding. I found a recipe that is a perfect replica of the one from Sugar Sweet Sunshine and it is sooo good.

Salty & Sweet

I keep a jar of fleur de sel on the little table where I eat my breakfast. I sprinkle it on everything from toast with peanut butter and jelly to oatmeal. It really rounds out the flavors. I also break it out for ice cream, chocolate and making cookies. Peanut butter cookies are especially good sprinkled with salt.

Weird food quirks?

I always put ice cubes in my bowl of cereal. Otherwise the milk just gets too warm too fast and nothing is grosser than soggy cereal in lukewarm milk. Soggy cereal in ice cold milk, however=delicious.

Same goes for chocolate milk. I always put ice cubes in it because at any temperature above frigid it's just not good. I think it's because the cold helps cut the sweetness.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution (Ep. 3): 'French Fries Are Vegetables!'

I just want to point out, the girl who was overweight said her doctor told her she might have seven YEARS to live, not seven months. That would be a little extreme. But that number is still shocking and sad for a girl in high school, and the work she and the rest of the high schoolers did was by far the most impressive thing on the show last night.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society

duck confit and duck fat potatoes prepared by an old farmer in the countryside in the dordogne

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Zingerman's Culinary Adventure Society

An entire lavender themed meal at the height of lavender season in Provence--everything from chilled tomato soup with fried lavender to lamb with lavender and herbs to champagne with lavender sorbet.

Cereal with Water and Other Cereal Compulsions

@Deeberry: I do the ice cube thing too! I started putting frozen fruit on my cereal and after that, cereal without always seems horribly warm. So if there's no frozen fruit around, I have to toss in a couple ice cubes.

when my dad was a kid he saw the picture on the cornflakes box of a bowl of cornflakes with peaches in it and thought the peaches were chunks of margarine. After this he went through a phase of insisting on eating his cereal with spoonfuls of margarine in it, no milk (you couldn't see any milk in the picture)

Pricey Providence, RI

My absolute favorite is New Rivers. They serve incredible food made with seasonal, local ingredients. There's also La Laiterie in Wayland Square. They're known for their delicious cheeses, but the rest of their food is amazing too. Those would be my top two choices if I were lucky enough to get taken out to two expensive restaurants!

Cook the Book: 'Gourmet Today'

I spent hours pouring over cook's illustrated Best Recipes cookbook...learning the science helped me learn how to cook even without a book.

Cook the Book: 'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

small nibbles...bread with tomatoes or cheese or butter, fruit.

And a soft boiled egg with toast is somehow the most wonderful comforting thing ever.


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