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What's for Dinner: football tailgate food!

Fried up some catfish and shrimp....sourdough bread and some potato salad...delicous

What's your favorite bread?

Sourdough with challenge butter, can pretty much accompany any dinner I prepare. I also love wheat bread, and sweet rolls.

Twisted Dish

I am just asking for your twist on an original recipe....

When I grow up I'm going to eat all the____I want to. everyday?!

Cake batter, deep fried prawns (from my parents favorite chinese restaurant),lobster, and pizza (I actually was able to fufill that want, so much that I now have a hard time digesting it at my ripe age of 37). LOL

Foods we did not like as kids but now like as an adult..Got one?

I totally hated green beans as a child, now I love them..I think it's due to my perfecting it in my own way..Once Im done boiling them, I saute them with butter, shallots, garlic, and cream...Delicious!!!!!
I used to love mushrooms, used them on soooo many things, and now I hate them,everything from the texture to the smell....(weird uh?)


@holliemonster- I bet...I am going to have to try that recipe (new twist on hashbrowns)


To everyone: Wow!!!!!!!!that's what I am talking about....

I was wondering about sandwiches?

That makes alot of sense to don't want to start the toasting with the veggies or they would just wilt (gross) so I would second adding them halfway thru the cooking, or the end........

Wouldn't this be fun?

That would definitely be interesting.

Trout shortage?

They are easy to get in my local supermarket....Love me some baked Trout with brown butter.

Make your own Sushi?

The ideal place to go for a repeat of the show, would actually be "" go to Alton Brown and type in sushi.....


Wow, good eats...sOUNDS delicious....Risotto is also one of my favorite foods..

At the movie theatre...Do you sneak snacks or buy there?

I have to have the entire movie experience. I purchase popcorn, which is awfully hard to duplicate. I also have to have a fountain soda...maybe its the ice, allowing my soda to stay cold...
My husband on the other hand, stocks up on dollar store candies and soda....

Top Chef Contestants - Least Favorite

I for some reason, just cant become a fan of Kelly's...I am not totally anti Angelo, however he can be a bit cocky at times. I see him now being the winner, now that Kenny and Tiffany are gone home.
I am still in shock over the fact that Tiffany has been eliminated from the competition...I cant believe it. She was so strong, and her one week dish last week was enough to send her home, that's crap...........

Mint Overflow! Cocktails? :D

If all else fails, just make some ice cold minty every time.

Make your own Sushi?

I have made suishi quite a few times in my home. It was actually pretty fun, not at all complex as you may think it is. Steamed rice is a must, you also want to make sure you use medium or small grain rice. Rice vinegar and sugar are the components that give it its sticky texture.
I would say the essential items needed, would be a wooden flat spoon and the bamboo mat....check out some suishi books, they can also be quite helpful. It's a bunch of fun, and the variations are endless......


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