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An Open Letter to Serious Eaters

It seems like moving to FB, Twitter, etc. is more about driving new traffic to the site. The thing is that posts get lost all the time on FB even if you "like" a page. I rarely comment, but I love reading the Talk feature. I would hate to see the discourse go south. No more "Community"?

New Recommendations in San Fran

I have to second Zero Zero and Flour and Water (although it's not near Moscone).

The Best San Francisco-Style Sub Sandwiches in the Mission District

I lived in SF and now in the Netherlands. I've been eating Tiger Bread and now I know why I like it so much!

Asian-Inspired, Genius Level Drunk Food at... Hamburger King?

I've loved Hamburger King and their Auktuagawa for years! Got scared when it changed owners, but the place is kinda nice now. I used to go there often in my 20's and at that point it was hangover food. Now, it has a much larger Asian menu and I haven't seen Sonia. Not sure if that's good or bad.

48 hours in Chicago

Hot Goug's and Kuma's Corner. Not in a great touristy part of the city, but they are near each other. Both budget friendly.

I suck at making...

Well, I tried to make mayo last week and had to follow the recipe for what to do with it if you just failed. Will try again at some point but wasting all of that oil!

Alternative Proteins

Not entirely in line with this, but I was an anthropology student in college and a class touched on food related issues. It outlined that the more domestic animals not raised for meat (cats, dogs) were allowed in the house. Horses and transportation animals were next. After that were the animals raised for consumption and housed outside of the general living area.


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