Street Vending/Farmers market What favorite food would you sell?

Its all about the fish tacos. Get hooked up with a good wholesale price on cod. Fry it up, throw it down on a thick, but small flour tortilla. Add red cabbage, cilantro and lime. Boom! I live in the northwest, so I make a seafood chowder or a Cioppino for those chilly days as well. Sell em for five. If your markets busy, (like a big city market) you will sell them as fast as you can make em.

To someone important at Dominos

I have recently tried the new dominos recipe. It's still a bit schwag but, what do you expect for a $5.99 medium pie. Needless to say it's a tasty hangover pie and conveinent. When I want something truly delicious I make it myself. Let me get to my point. I like to dip in sauce, red sauce to be exact. Have you ever asked Dominos for a side of marinara? It is the most rediculous thing ever. They give you a crappy little packet of preservatives. Its the nastiest stuff I have ever tasted. What am I at Mcdonalds? I hope someone important reads this and pulls there head out of their ass.

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