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Gluten Free Fried Chicken

Half cornmeal, half chickpea flour

My Favorite Happy Hour: Discount Bottles of Wine

Beast in P. Heights does half price on their whole bottle list on Tuesdays, and they have a few very good selections.

Where to Drink Coffee in Prospect Heights and Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Eastern Parkway would make a much better Champ-Elysees analogy.

Taste Test: We Try 9 Green Juices

Instead of juicing, I make my own green smoothies every workday.
Couple handfuls of baby spinach, a banana, some frozen berries, and almond milk or water or yogurt or... Or I sub the berries for a spoon of almond butter.
I just put all the stuff in a tub and immersion blend for about a minute. It's easy, cheap, unmessy and I can put it in a jar and take it with me.

Daily Scoop: Strawberry at Blue Marble

I feel the same way about their Cherry Chip.

Things to do in NYC in between meals

Also: there are always a bunch of free outdoor concerts in NYC in the summer. here's a list:

Things to do in NYC in between meals

Good walks: over the Brooklyn Bridge, and along the High Line on the West side.

Check out the New Museum, their fantastic bookstore, and their cookies (which are supplied by City Bakery--huge chewy amazing), on your way from west to east village, or vice versa:

Go to the Upper West Side and check out the clock for an hour or 20 (it really is immersive and spectacular)

Daily Scoop: Steve's Ice Cream

ok ok maybe salted caramel is in every damn dessert in nyc these days, but Steve's Salty Caramel is really a revelation.

Where to eat on Staten Island (near the ferry)

I'm sorry this isn't as helpful as it could be, since the place is closed on Mondays, but do try Enoteca Maria if you happen to go there Wed-Sun. Wonderful seasonal regional food, and tons of it. And they're such nice people. It's a five minute walk off the Ferry:

Steak Frites! -- Downtown or Brooklyn

Will check out Canialle though, thanks! One of those places I always pass but don't register.

Steak Frites! -- Downtown or Brooklyn

Whelp. We went to Babbo instead. No steak, but RABBIT FOUR WAYS. Tiny baby vegetables. Cinzano reduction. With a quartino of Paolo Bea Sagrantino for the mf win.

Steak Frites! -- Downtown or Brooklyn

Or maybe we'll just go to Minetta Tavern--late. Any suggestions better than Minetta?

Food/Drink in Park Slope for a bunch of co-workers after work

Bar Toto on 6th has a happy hour and good paninis, and it's a very nice space.


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