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I teach beginning band and strings to 4th and 5th graders in Seattle.

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  • Favorite foods: Pizza of all kinds, almost anything on or in a corn tortilla.

8 Must-Eat Mexican Sandwiches in Chicago

A whole article on tortas and there's only one restaurant on the list in Little Village / Pilsen? I sure wish SE would talk more about the great food on the South and West sides of the city.

The Food Lab Turbo: Forget the Flank, Skirt Steak is the King of Stir Fries!

Skirt steak tends to be more inexpensive at Hispanic grocery stores. Here in Pilsen it's usually about $5-$6/lb, cheaper around the Major Grilling Holidays.

Cook the Book: 'Afro-Vegan' by Bryant Terry

This looks like such a great book!

A plate of spaghetti with too much sauce reflects my Italian-American identity. With, honestly, one of those paper cans of romano cheese.

How to Make Sweetleaf's Iced Chicory-Coffee 'Rocket Fuel'

"Standard cold brew ratios are 1 part coffee to 4.5 parts water. Rocket Fuel is a little more demanding, so 1 part coffee/chicory mix you'll use 6 times that in water." So just to clarify: make the 2:1 coffee/chicory mix and then dilute that at a ratio of 1:6?

A Day in the Life: J. Kenji López-Alt, Chief Creative Officer

Kenji, can you write more about Yuba and Hambone's food sometime?

Open Thread: How are You Going to Cook Your Turkey?

I'm doing two turkeys this year: one spatchcocked per Kenji's recipe (it was a hit last year, no need to change anything!) and one grilled rolled boneless breast [with separate grilled thighs/wings/legs] following the Cook's Illustrated recipe. It's pretty similar to the Turchetta recipe, but without the curing spices and stuffing. I'm spatchcocking / rolling and salting both of them this evening... wish me luck!

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

I used a thermometer while frying some apple cider donuts for a "Tom Turkey" gift swap at my school! (I'm an elementary school teacher).

How to Cook a Spatchcocked Turkey: The Fastest, Easiest Thanksgiving Turkey

Do you have to do anything to the drumsticks to make the skin and flesh pull away from the ends of the legs like that? I seem to remember seeing Pepin make little incisions near the tips of chicken legs for that reason.

Cocktails to make with ginger liqueur?

This is a self link, but I like to make a Fred and Ginger (, which is ginger liqueur with bourbon and lemon.

Sponsored Giveaway: Enter to Win Tervis Products

I like to drink water from my Klean Kanteen, but more often than not I reach for a Mason jar for my beverage drinking.

Meals to Gift to Grieving/Busy Families

I am signed up to bring dinner for a colleague who just had a family member enter hospice. What are your favorite meals to deliver in situations like this? I don't know how many people yet but I'm assuming 6-8.

Factors to consider:
- should be packable in disposable containers (I have lots of deli containers and can buy foil pans, etc).
- should keep for a few days in case they don't eat it that night.
- freezable is good but not required.

I know things like enchiladas, lasagna, and other casseroles are a go-to in this situation, which is fine - but I'm also looking for more creative ideas, since I'm sure that they will get lots of "reheat at 350 degrees for 30 minutes" type of dishes.

Favorite restaurant supply store purchases?

What are your favorite kitchen items to buy at restaurant supply stores? For instance, squeeze bottles and sheet pans are much cheaper at these types of places, and they're usually better-made. I also like to get Forschner knives, ladles, and quart size deli containers. What else am I missing?

Favorite dish-drying system?

We just moved into an apartment with a tiny kitchen and no dishwasher. We have been using the Simplehuman System Dishrack but I'm not liking it - our sink has a pretty high lip that the spout can't get up and over, and even if I prop it up on some blocks, water pools in the corners.

I'm looking at some of the other Simplehuman options, but I'm also thinking about just using clean dishtowels.

Serious Eaters with small kitchens and no dishwashers - what do you use?

Dinner Tonight: Salmon in a Bengali Mustard Sauce

Normally, when I get my hands on a nice fillet of salmon I tend to treat it like a steak, keeping it whole and cooking it over moderately high heat. So I was completely off balance when I began to cook this recipe from Madhur Jaffrey's At Home with Madhur Jaffrey. The fillet is cut into pieces, covered in a spicy rub, and then cooked gently in a mustard-loaded sauce. I mean, there's ground mustard and mustard seeds in this one! But I didn't worry too much; Jaffrey has never failed me before. More