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Dinner Tonight: Tyler Florence's Ultimate Potato Salad

In my humble opinion, and I admit it's humble, no one can make potato salad like my Grandma. She wasn't a chef, she certainly never considered herself a restaurant cook, but she made potato salad, cheese cake (made with cottage cheese and a lot of nutmeg) fried chicken and God, her cabbage rolls, I've never had anything even close to them and her home made rolls. All recipes she brought from her home country, Hungary, at the time, and all fantastic. Of course this is what I grew up on, I thank my parents for letting her be a huge part of my life and letting her teach me to cook. I'll remember her, and her food, forever. And, she hardly ever used cheese, she taught us to love food as what it was, not disguised with some heavy sauce or nasty cheese.

Dinner Tonight: Tyler Florence's Ultimate Potato Salad

In my opinion, potato salad isn't potato salad without a lot of eggs. But that's my personal taste and I won't force that on anyone else. I agree with the pickle juice though, I've done that for years and people have always asked me my secret, which I willingly shared. I'm just glad to see he didn't ruin another perfectly good dish by smothering it with some nasty cheese or heavy sauce. His potato salad is good, not great and certainly not ultimate, it's very heavy and way too much for summer for me. But as I've already stated, that's my opinion, others may feel differently.


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