Piquillo Peppers Stuffed With Tuna and Allioli: Proof That Canned Foods Can Be Delicious not walk to Despana (Broome St) for the superb ingredients !!!

Sorry, New York; Why Los Angeles is the Best Pastrami City in America

and...........shame on Kenji for buying into this nonsense...........

Sorry, New York; Why Los Angeles is the Best Pastrami City in America

Sacriledge ...this woman should be brought up on charges !!!

Why Diners Are More Important Than Ever

How to Eat Flushing: A One-Day Food Tour of NYC's Greatest Chinatown

What about the $ 1 Peking Duck........I suggest we keep that a secret from the masses.............

The Food Lab Turbo: How to Make a Simple Salad Worth Eating

Bravo Kenji, Bravo !! I always follow the Jacques Pepin technique which is a mirror of your presentation............ So simple yet such a lynchpin of superb culinary skills.........Thank you...

Contra's Jeremiah Stone's Favorite French Food in New York

For sure gaffer......the French would be offended and confused. As for the recommendations of Chef Stone.......all high end places that would also offend the French for their pretension............ There are some lovely Bistros in NYC that serve excellent food without having us break the bank...

Farmers Market Pro Tips: Shopping Dos and Don'ts's all a scam....I do love those heirloom tomatoes however...........

Where Do the Locals Go for Soul Food in Harlem?

and Miss Maude's Spoonbread is no slouch Lenox and 137 !!

Where Do the Locals Go for Soul Food in Harlem?

Best to keep Charles on the Q-T....lest it be invaded by tourstas....

Chicken Lady Chicken From 'My Paris Kitchen'

@the gelt....yes switch out the whole bird for legs and thighs... I always foresake the whole chicken in similar recipes.. Dont like breast meat.. As for the others..surprised over your skillet challenged...

Our New Favorite Sandwich at Russ and Daughters

Looking forward to Russ & Daughters Cafe... Any news on it's opening ??

Would You Pay a $10 Fee for Delivery?

I would gladly pay the $ 10 but they only deliver to addresses below 60th St... A tale of two cities...

American Heart and New Orleans Soul at Bo's Kitchen & Bar Room

OK......I'll bite. What the hell is NOMAD ??

Take a Tour of Gotham West Market

the continued canniabalization of NYC......... Sad ! Very sad !!

Scalloped Potato Question

Jacques Pepin prepares with cooked potatoes.........cup of CREAM...parm cheese toppping...30 mins/ 425

Trader Joe's Now Sells Poutine, and it's Awesome

Oh sorry Erin... I see now you are in San Diego... please disregard mmy comment... LOL

Trader Joe's Now Sells Poutine, and it's Awesome

There's always the frite place on 2nd avenue...They have Poutine....with freshly fried potatoes.......If in NY, why would you go for frozen ???

The Lobster Place's Ian MacGregor's 5 Favorite Eats in Hamilton Heights

It's pathetic the best places to eat in Hamilton Heights...are a sandwich joint and a bodega like eatery... The neighorhood is overrun by Chinese takeout and Dominican joints.........

Steakcraft: Watch Alex Guarnaschelli Cook a 40-Ounce Rib Steak at Butter Midtown

Dry aged 40 days ?? What you have here is a thick slice of liver !!!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

Surveying the Madness at Empire Biscuit, the East Village's 24-Hour Biscuit Restaurant

Too much and to have to schlep down to Avenue A ? I don't think so especially since my biscuits are superb and just down the hall to the kitchen...

Ask the Critic: What Are Some Alternatives to NYC Tourist Traps?

Where to Bring Tourists on the Lower East Side

Bigos in a Bread Bowl at Little Poland

"Your average Little Poland customer likely is a blue hair, and the restaurant's worn wood interior bears some aesthetic similarity to a retirement home dining room." Snarky!!!

Best NYC Supermarket

Being a devotee of superb California supermarkets, I have found NYC markets seriously lacking...that includes Fairways......What is your favorite supermarket in NYC...or is there one market in NYC that really lives up to a complete shopping experience ??

New Kim Tuong

Does anyone know what happened to New Kim Tuong on Chrystie Street in NYC ?? I went down there twice before the storm and they were all closed up.. As you know...fabulous roast pork and that flat duck to die for...and cheap !!! Thanks guys

Czech Cuisine, Manhattan

Looking for a restruant in MANHATTAN specializing in Czech cuisine... Not Polish... I know all the great Polish places but Czech...goose, dumplings, braised beef etc.. I know there are a couple in Queens but I don't want to go to queens.. Thanks all...

Good Bread: Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria

With his burly physique, shaved head, and cauliflower ears, Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria's head baker looks like the wrong kind of guy you'd want to meet down a back alley in Bordeaux. And you'd be right: as a youth in France, Kamel Saci was a professional judo champion. But in his basement bakery, a completely different side to his personality comes out. For Kamel, dough is not an opponent to be beaten into submission; it responds best to a minimum of handling, the gentler the better. The results show his techniques work. Il Buco's ovens produce some of the crustiest and most flavorsome artisan loaves in the city. More