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Former restaurant owner and pastry chef who just can't kick the habit of cooking and eating. Currently sharing my skills at

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  • Location: Philadelphia
  • Favorite foods: Easier to list the ones I don't like: lima beans and squid intestines.

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Share Your Sweets: Valentine's Day

Good point Autumn Produce, I guess there are more romantic couples. But the only tragedy here is when these cookies are all gone!

Share Your Sweets: Pumpkin Pie

I don't think this is that terrible of a UI design choice, but people are more conditioned to clicking on the title of something in order to find a link. Perhaps the editors are hoping that the viewer stays on the page long enough to read what is written about the recipe before linking to the page itself. Having said that it's universally excepted that any word of a different color is a link. But more to the point, how 'bout that pumpkin mousse pie!!

Share Your Sweets: Brownies

Great job, all these brownies look amazing! I know what I want for lunch! :)

Trader Joe's Discontinues King Arthur Brand Flour

I'm glad to hear that KA is an employee-owned company. I use their white whole wheat flour almost exclusively for all my baking. You can taste the integrity!

Salted Cashew Caramel Bars

These look amazing! It's nice to see a recipe with cashews, they're my favorite and totally underused.

Serious Eats Is Six: Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy Birthday Serious Eats! Great job, thanks for all you do. Can't wait to see what you cook up for us in the coming year!

Pie of the Week: Classic Peach Pie

I like to cover the whole pie because I love the crust! Although lattice pies do look cool and give you a chance to show off your skills (and the filling). But it's really up to you.