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What seemingly basic ingredient can you simply not bear?

Bananas, jello, and cottage cheese. And its all about the texture. For the same reason I don't like cheesecake-even Lindy's (NYC). Okay, cheesecake is not a specific food, but I know people find it strange that I simply do not care for it.

Serious Eats Reader Survey

Any survey that asks for my income sends me to the exit.

Cruise Food

We have a wonderful cruise on Holland America (HAL) to Alaska. If you like salmon you will be a happy, happy, happy camper. You could eat salmon three times a day and they brought it in at port so it was mind-blowingly fresh.
HAL seems to favor quality over quantity. The eggs benedict, for example, was much better-even compared some places on land.

We have been on two cruises with them and they seem less interested in feeding you all the time like other cruises we have been on. Case in point, there was no daily late night buffet.

Was it five-star? No, but I didn't pay for five star. For what I pay for five-star I could pay for a good hunk of a decent cruise.


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