Ragú Napoletano (Neapolitan-Style Italian Meat Sauce with Pork, Beef, and Sausage)

Hey, Azerule, you may be all book learned about that garum stuff but guess what? - The best garum? Freakin' anchovies. Badda Bing!

Ragú Napoletano (Neapolitan-Style Italian Meat Sauce with Pork, Beef, and Sausage)

I know fish sauce "works" but ay, this be-you-tee-ful dish, it's freakin' ITALIAN, I mean, we use ANCHOVIES. Ya know; them little fishies ITALIANS been using for like 2000 freakin' years. Fish sauce?! Fugheddaboudit.

Chinese Broccoli With Oyster Sauce and Fried Garlic

Ah, it's amazing what one can find on the Internet. Same search query "Vegetarian Oyster Sauce" also turned up many home recipes.

Vegetarian Oyster Sauce, 10 oz bottle
We are pleased to offer the premium Healthy Boy brand vegetarian oyster sauce, also called Mushroom Vegetarian Sauce. Packed in a glass bottle. This is a tasty alternative for vegetarians who want authentic Asian stir-fry but don't want oyster sauce. This will enhance the flavor of any stir-fry, and also used as a dipping sauce. Please see our feature story on how soy sauce is made. Ingredients: soy sauce, mushroom extract, sugar, salt, glucose syrup, msg, modified starch, preservative. Product of Thailand.

Chinese Broccoli With Oyster Sauce and Fried Garlic

Glad punchjc brought up the not so veggie Oyster sauce problem. Anybody know of a good substitute - like some kind of "mock" oyster sauce?

Chicken, Leek, and Mushroom Strata

Sounds fantastic. How do I loose the 10 pounds I will gain after eating the entire thing?

In the Halls of Chinatown's Faux Meat Marketplace

So when will Part II come out: "May Wah -Cooking and Tasting Their Products"? Perhaps as part of a tasting review you can compare them to products we are all familiar with like Morning Star, Bocca and Beyond Meat.

Velvety Menorcan Fish Soup (Caldereta de Pescado) From 'Spain'

Pretty sure the answer is "Of course!" but what about adding shrimp, mussels or just more chunks of fish?

Crispy Vegan Smoked Mushroom "Bacon"

Liquid smoke instead of a fire?

Vegan "B.L.A.T."s: Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado, and Crispy Smoked Mushroom Sandwiches

So, in case I don't want to attempt a campfire on the stove, how well do you think a drop of Liquid Smoke would work in making those 'shrooms into bacon-esque masterpieces and put the "fun" in fungi. Also, I was wondering if I tried it with certain types of "happy" 'shrooms would I eat one and think that I was the bacon?

Pantry Essentials: All About Ketchup

All this ketchup talk and yet no one has paid our respects to the Prairie Home Companion Catchup Advisory Board and their immortal theme song:

"These are the good years/
in the golden sun/
A new day is dawning/
A new life has begun/
The river flowing/
Like catchup on a bun."

How to Grill the Juiciest Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

Flatten - Yes.
Marinade - Yes.
Heat - Sure, why not?
Grill cage - Nope. What? You mean nobody's mentioned one of those wire cages that has the handle that sticks out that you can flip easily and put veggies and marinated 'shrooms in a the same time and can be cleaned and oiled or PAM'd waaaay more easily than the grill itself and is also a great way to cook fish on the grill or even toast bread?! Really? No one? Jeez. I hope somebody brings it up because my coals are ready.

The Best Bagel in New York City

A Bagel Is More Than A Jewish Donut
Richard Marcus

A bagel is more than a Jewish donut,
More than a roll with a hole.
More than a strange English muffin.
A bagel’s got bagely soul.

It is something a baby can teethe on.
The true home of cream cheese and lox.
Bagels are used to tie boats,
To keep them from hitting the docks.

A bagel’s a friend.
A bagel’s a buddy.
A bagel never forgets.
Bagels as hard as bricks and concrete
Make wonderful weapons and pets.

A bagel is kind.
A bagel’s well rounded.
A bagel is wholesome and neat.
I’ve seen bagel Boy Scouts on busses and subways
Graciously give up their seat.

A bagel is brilliant,
The Einstein of bread,
The Shakespeare of flour, inspired,
The Rolls Royce of noshing,
The Buick of Bulk,
And as chewy as one of the tires.

I once knew a man who was struck by a bagel,
It gave him such a “potch” in the head.
Yet I heard him exclaim,
“I would rather be maimed by a bagel
Than be crippled by bread.”

First given to Israelites fleeing from Egypt,
Who whined, “Enough with matzo, already!
Smoked salmon on manna?
That’s a pox on the lox!
Would it kill You to make something bready?”

But bagels today? Oy.
They’ve gone to extremes,
No gluten? Low carb? Not to nag,
But vegan-schmaggegan? Tofu-banana?!
It’s like eating bagels in drag.

But in hard times like these,
A bagel’s a comfort,
A warm, chewy halos we eat.
They fill us with love, they fill us with joy,
Not to mention two pounds of wheat.

So when you’re worried or tired,
Outsourced or fired,
Caught in the grind and the crunch,
Stagger right into your neighborhood bagelry
And take a nice bagel to lunch.

Copyright, 2002, All Rights, Richard Marcus

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