Help! My roommate wrecked my bakeware!

Thank you! @salsasis14, moving into my own place tomorrow!

Where to Drink Beer Outside in Portland, OR

They don't have a huge selection, but I'm partial to the Captured by Porches buses.

Help! My roommate wrecked my bakeware!

I've got some nice, heavy bakeware that my old roommate really did a number on. Some of the cookie sheets have dark spots, some have food that baked on that I can't seem to get off, a few have weird sticky gunk that refuses to come up. My loaf pan has what I think is baked on Baker's Joy, which also refuses to come off. My frying pans have a weird, sticky, brown residue on the bottom that won't go away.

I've tried soaking everything in hot water, boiling water in some of the pans that have food stuck on and scraping with a wooden spoon, and Barkeeper's Friend, all with little success. I read that putting anything dirty in the oven and using the self cleaning function helps, but mine unfortunately doesn't have that function. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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