Poll: What's Your Favorite Gummy Candy?

The cola bottles are the bestr...I like the green frogs with the whie bottoms as well

Where should I eat in NYC?

I have a sweet tooth, So i'd have to say go for a big black and white cookie, and a rainbow cookie(the three layered square kind) Also, for a little more money than students might have,but still affordable, go to DBGB for dinner; its got a good downtown vibe

What Foods Do You Miss Most as an Expat?

I've been in Scotland for the past 3 1/2 years and while I have a new affinity for Porridge, Soup, and Cottage Pie; I miss NY deli food, rainbow cookies, chopped salads and a proper chinese restaurant and OH GOD, NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA!

NYC Challah Bread: 5 Loaves We Love

No Joke, Costco's 2 pack challah is probably the best I have ever had. People, go and try some and tell me differently.

The Best Bread Baskets in New York City

I really like the bread they offer at Josie's East. It comes with a sweet potato spread which is really nice.

Passover-Friendly Sweets at Crumbs

@ StephanieL: Be careful, they are not kosher for passover according to the crumbs website. I guess they are just passover inspired...

Ice Cream Float

im really surprised there are not more chocolate ice cream people here...think a nice creamy chocolate ice cream combined with a fizzy drink is the best, if you like a new little twist, try it coke and chocolate ice cream

What's The Best Sandwich You've Ever Had?

how about a good old Fluffernutter!

What's The Best Sandwich You've Ever Had?

butternut squash and tomato panino, i should say, its the best one ive had while in scotland

What's Your Favorite Hamantash Filling?

i still make my granma bake extra apricot for me....can not get enough. Like almost all of her baked goods...they are parve and damn delish! I'd post her recipe but I think she might not like it being spread around. Anyone else have a killer recipe that the must keep "in the family"? Also just out of curiosity, does anyone else think its strange the amount of kosher recipes for holiday cookies made with dairy, I always assume for holiday recipes especially, they would be parve since holiday meals usually include meat.

Vegetarian Lasagna

oh sorry, haha almost forgot, for the actually recipe its just layer of sauce followed by the cooked noodles followed by a little sauce and some of the cheese( as much or little as you want) and repeat those steps as much as you like and then bake in the oven for about 40 min, or until you think its ready, its a real 'eyeball it' dish

Vegetarian Lasagna

Growing up my mom made a lasagna which consisted of only a red sauce and mozzarella and ricotta cheese between the simple yet honestly so so good...and surprisingly filling,nothing was over powering. I recently made it with her for a pot luck dinner. It tasted just how I remembered, and everyone at the party loved it...all gone!

Scottish Oatmeal help

Thank you all for your help, I woke up today and tried baking a serving..I used half the water the directions call for, It came out well. I especially liked the added texture of a crust that forms when baking the oatmeal!

"Oh no... I did NOT just bite into that..."

Growing up, we always had a problem with moths in the kitchen; maggots would often be found crawling around our food. I had always, always been very careful to inspect the food that came from that area of the kitchen. I was probably 11 or 12 and opened a fresh bag of Chex and poured myself a bowl for a snack. Everything was good and Chexy, until I got to the bottom of the bowl to discover literally about 30 maggots crawling around....just typing the story makes me cringe. I sat there for a few second totally frozen in horror, then proceeded to throw out everything in the cabinet . Note: you can't even trust an unopened box of food...those maggots can get into anything.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Kind of Savory Pie?

I've been living in Scotland for the last 3 years, and in that time, I have definitely been turned on to the cottage pie. On winter nights....mmmm

The Perfect Jelly Doughnut

really? Am I the only person who thinks that that is wayyy to much jelly. I like to be able to taste the fried dough when I eat my channukah treat, too much jam, regardless of how good it is, seems like it would overpower any pastry flavor.

Rugelach filling

my granma always added bread crumbs for texture, the nuts were for flavor and also texture, but I'm sure if you put bread crumbs in, it shouldn't be a problem to omit the nuts

Your Starch, Veg, Fruit, Meat, Liqour, Guilty Pleasure of Choice

sweet potato, haricots verts, apples(not red delicious), lean cut of steak, no liqour, rainbow cookies...the marzipan style ones not the rainbow sprinkle kind

Anyone use pumpkin (or apple sauce) and oil to replace butter?

when i bake a cake, i don't hesitate to replace butter with oil and applesauce, BUT when making cookies, you have to be careful, because its the type of fat that usually determines the spread, and the texture. And those elements really do make or break a cookie

Choose My Restaurant, Manhattan

Hi All,

So here is the deal; My best friend and I are going to be celebrating her birthday in Manhattan, and I want to take her out for a special birthday dinner. I was thinking restaurant week options would be good since they are 3 course specials that will be a break from our norm of "entree and share a dessert, check please" I have made reservations for Le Cirque, but my foodie boss told me to skip it and wasn't worth it. I am also having seconds thoughts. So I put my full trust in your foodie minds to pick a place for me here are some specs about the two diners: We are both 21 year old young ladies who like to be in chic trendy places, but please quality is still super important, a look can not make a place worth while. We like all foods, but we usually end up at either Greek, Japanese or Italian places. I have posted the link to the restaurant week list and hopefully you guys can guide me in the best bet.


Let the reader choose my dinner destiny

I am hosting a pot luck dinner of sorts in my flat for about 4 or 5 friends. As the host, I get the honor of cooking a main course for the dinner. I know I want to have sweet potatoes as a side to go with the main, but I am not sure exactly what to cook. Here are a few things:

I don't eat pork
I like to cook healthy
I like crock pot type of dishes
I am a the more frugal the better.
I live in Aberdeen, interesting and crazy ingredients are not the easiest to come by

With this in mind, can you guys offer me some interesting suggestions on what to make..and also maybe how to utilize. the sweet potato ... I was thinking of either making fries or just a mash


Ice Cream Float

I was just thinking back to when my brother and I used to make ice cream floats back in the day. I use the term ice cream float instead of root beer float because I always used to make mine with Coke and Chocolate ice cream instead of the usual root beer and vanilla. It would drive my brother mad. Anyway, I never thought it too strange. So here is my question for you: what is your ice cream float combo?...and on from that, do you have any strange adaptations to standard snacks?

Zucchini help

I want to make a veg. bake, basically lasagna minus the pasta, plus strips of zucchini. However, I know that the zucchini has a lot of water in it and I don't want the bake to be soupy. Does anyone have a good technique to remove some of the liquid from the zucchini?

Does Anyone Else...

When you guys make pancakes...does anyone else seem to have the thing where their first pancake doesn't brown like the proceeding ones....whats the deal with that?, is there some science to it?

Scottish Oatmeal help

So I have a bag of Scottish Oatmeal, same as Steel cut if I'm not mistaken...Anyway, I followed the directions and prepared the oatmeal with 1/4th a cup of oats to 1 cup water. Added the oats to the water at a boil, let it boil for about 5 min and then simmered for about 20 min. after (that is 10 min longer than the directions on the bag) It was good but too soupy; I like my oatmeal pretty thick. The next time I made it I used almost less than half the amount of water and yet it still came out a bit water....Is there something I am missing here?

Plus, whats the best consistency for the oats to be?

Plus, Plus, if anyone had any healthy and interesting ways to mix it up in the oatmeal department feel free to shout em' out.

Thanks a bunch

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