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  • Last bite on earth: Something I haven't tried before and hopefully it's not poisoned so it won't kill me. I'd rather not die by food.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I will never look at a cat's paw the same again...

The Best Delivery Snack Packages in the U.S.

Wow, Mouth does look beautiful! Now if only I could keep to portion sizes with snacks.

Cook the Book: 'The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone' by Deborah Madison

Lentil chili with sweet potato.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

No proper comments except: Hello Daniel! Yay Pixel and Cricket! And Yay Hambone and Yuba!

Oh yeah and mmm… doughnuts!

What's your favorite way to prepare cauliflower?

Cauliflower 'rice'. Grate it up in a food processor, put some butter in a pan, add some onions, maybe some seasonings depending on the mood, cook a bit, add cauliflower and cook for about 10-15 min I think on medium. It's been a while because I need a new food processor. And I'm not grating it by hand!

Open Thread: What's the Best Frozen Pizza?

Single serving size, which I realize can mean anything for anyone, but a small pizza meant for one person. Which there isn't a lot of and I end up towards Amy's Margarita.

Behind the Scenes In Kenji's Home Kitchen (A.K.A. Home of The Food Lab)

This made me decide to wander through my kitchen and see how stuff is laid out. I ended up cleaning out the pantry. No exciting foods, just gadgets and odds and ends. How many battery chargers must one need? But it did make me wonder why I have a box of matches next to a bag of clothes pins. Then I wondered how long I've had them in there!

Bake the Book: First Prize Pies

Fruit pies. Something about cooked fruit makes me shudder. Apple pie is the only one I can muster.

Cook the Book: 'My Irish Table' by Cathal Armstrong

I don't have an ultimate Irish meal because I keep getting confused between what is *real* Irish food vs. Americanized Irish! Therefore I'm just going to the Jewish food route and say brisket.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

The Sugar Bear is very creepy! I can't decide if Leandra's face is shock or horror. But I am concerned about the first picture. Creepy bear, a box, cue Timberlake's song **** in a box. Oh dear!

Bake the Book: The Irish Pantry

favorite easter candy

I haven't seen the Dove chocolate eggs in years. OH they were so good. I think they were chocolate truffle in a big blue wrapper. I just tried doing a google image search. Bad idea, I now want chocolate!

Russell Stover vs. Whitman's: Which $5 Box of Valentine's Day Chocolate Reigns Supreme?

Or just go to See's Candy and get an assortment! Though I don't know if a heart package is included.

Cook the Book: 'Nom Nom Paleo' by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong

Meat and coconut oil.

Bake the Book: Puddin'

Rich chocolate pudding is the way to go.

Win Pop Chart Lab's 'The Various Varieties of Fruits'

Wait, pecans are fruit? Ha!

New Ways to Prepare Oatmeal

I've discovered that different brands of oats produce different levels of thickness to my taste. Always made in the microwave and never on high. Nothing like cleaning up overflowing oatmeal in the microwave to ruin an appetite. But find a brand of oats you like, then add some greek yogurt and either honey or maple syrup. Then let it sit for a few minutes so it thickens up, then stir and eat! But that's what I like. Experiment with different fruits, sweeteners, whatever.

Bake the Book: The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Book of Pie

Cook the Book: 'Lighten Up, America!'

Make dinners at home instead of relying on frozen food.

The Serious Eats Chicago Cold Weather Survival Guide

I'm in Indianapolis and the travel is still limited for essential only. I was out once to clean up on the shoveling (11 something inches) and once was enough! Too damn cold out there.

I made Ovaltine last night, first time I've had it since I was a kid. Didn't seem any special to me now.

Open Thread: Do You Give Up Sweets in the New Year?

I try to give up sweets every week. Then I do grocery shopping. I'll try a jar of peanut butter or almond butter again. I won't eat it within two days… Yeah right. Rinse, lather, repeat. Actually for me it's sweets and carbs. Two great tastes meant to be together!

Best day for cooking...what is in your oven?

Chili! Made two kinds, a beef one for my mom and a lentil veggie one for me. And the best thing is with the leftovers, I don't need to think about what to make for dinner for the next week.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Thermapen Thermometer

Maybe I'll try my hand at steak. I'm apprehensive about cooking meat, but pork and chicken is fine.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: 'Round Things Are Tasty' Tote Bag

cookies! Round cookies so you can eat yourself around the edges.

What did Santa bring you?

My brother and SIL had fun at Penzeys! A small container of ceylon cinnamon (which I'm like, wait do you pronounce it Cylon? Is this turning into BSG?). Then a small box of mini-spice jars called Kind spice. There is oregano, smoked paprika (!!), garlic, pepper… I can't wait to cook with them I don't know where to start! The box even comes with a little pin. How cute! My SIL wondered if it would be too weird to give someone this. Na, it's the gift of food!

Planning Christmas Dinner

So for this Christmas, I'm trying to keep things easy and simple since I'll be doing the cooking. Chicken, some veggies, and potatoes. I'm using the French Chicken in a Pot recipe (note: does 250 degrees seem a bit too low?). My problem is the potatoes. I'd like to make either the ultra crispy new potatoes with garlic and herbs or the ultra crispy roast potatoes, both by Kenji. The problem is the oven temperature.

The chicken will be small, about 3.5 pounds so I think going by the recipe it would cook about an hour (unless that is too low so hopefully someone will correct me). The potato recipes both cook at 500 degrees.

So how do I cook both things at once or should I look for another recipe for potatoes?

Round vs. Oval Stewpots

So for being at my work for 10 years now, I've been given a service award booklet to choose from. Many different items and I settled on a stewpot. Which is really the same as a dutch oven from what I have read. I've never had a dutch oven/stewpot so it'd be neat to use.

The description says round, but the actual stewpot in the catalogue is oval. To me, round makes perfect sense since oven burners are round. But does it really matter if the stewpot is round or oval?

Roasted Pork Loin

For Christmas I'll be cooking roasted pork loin, bone-in, following Mark Bittman's recipe found here. I won't be roasting potatoes with it, so it's just the meat. Now the recipe says to cook the pork at a constant temperature of 325. Then once it's ready to take it out to rest, crank the oven up to cook the potatoes.

When I placed my order for the pork at the Fresh Market, the butcher said he cooks the pork at low heat, then towards the end of cooking (not sure what temp the pork would be at) crank the oven up so you get a nice crust.

I like the idea of a nice crust. I'll just have salt & pepper, thyme and sage on it. But now I'm confused and not sure how best to cook the pork. Should I follow Mark's recipe or is there a better way? Easier? And should I take it out when it hits 145 degrees or between 140-145? (Should I make little tin-foil caps for the end bones so they don't burn?)

The size is just a rack, enough for the 4 people eating it with just a little leftover.

Thank you!

Browsing the SE mobile site

Ok guys, I'm confused. I'm on vacation but it's not preventing me from visiting SE and photograzing. But it seems like there are articles that are not appearing on the mobile. For instance, isn't the cereal article posted every Monday? I can't find it! Is it not posted to a specific column? Maybe that's why I can't see it. Or am I missing something obvious?

The photograzing page doesn't seem to to display in a consistent order. I click on "more photos" and see the recent posts. Then I click on "older" but I have to swipe down to see the more recent posts. It doesn't seem to display the photos in the same type of order as the regular site.

I am viewing the mobile site on an iPhone if that helps figure things out.

Searching Serious Eats by Column?

Is there a way to search by column? I know that usually every week there is a review about a food related book or cookbook. But I don't remember what that column is called and there doesn't seem to be a list of columns on the site map.

For example, I know Mark Bittman has been reviewed on the site, by recipes and books. But if I search by his name, I get a lot of results. So after trying different search methods I finally found the article on his book "How to Cook Everything, the Basics".

The columns are sort of a sub-header of each site, right? Well in a sense, like the Food Lab for example. So if I could see what columns there are, it could help with searching.

Or is there some much easier way to go about this?

Substitute for Red Wine

I want to make this recipe for dinner tonight:

I have the red wine vinegar but not the red wine. I do have white wine as well as Marsala cooking wine. Could I use either one of those to replace the red wine? Or should I increase the amount of the red wine vinegar?

I can't buy red wine because it's Sunday and Indiana still has those pesky no buying alcohol on Sunday's rule.

Unlabeled Flour

I store my flour in containers. Normally I label them but I have one that is not. How do I find out what kind of flour is it? I think it's all purpose white but it looks just a shade or two darker.

Thank you!

Using too sweet chocolate

So I have some Trader Joe's 100 calorie milk chocolate bars. And they are good, it's just for some reason my taste buds have switched and I find the chocolate too sweet now. I know I could always take them back to TJ's for a refund. But is there a way I can use them instead? Can I bake them into something and they become not as sweet?

The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Potato Hash

In my line of work, you end up with lots of leftovers, and lots of leftovers means that I make a lot of hash. I mean, a lot of it. What better way is there to recycle that little hunk of bacon, that half onion, and that just-about-to-get-wrinkled pepper than to chop them up, fry them in a skillet with cubes of potatoes, and serve them with runny eggs on a lazy sunday morning? (Hint: there is no better way.) More

Easy Stir-Fried Chicken With Ginger and Scallions

This simple and classic stir-fry combines tender strips of lean marinated chicken breast with scallions and ginger. With a marinade that enhances the natural flavor of the chicken while helping it stay moist and juicy, this is the kind of quick and easy meal that is custom-designed to be thrown together on a busy Tuesday night. More

Knife Skills: How to Debone a Chicken Thigh

Recipes often call for boneless skinless chicken thighs, yet finding them in supermarkets can be a bit of a hassle. You're far more likely to find bone-in thighs or even whole legs. Knowing how to take that bone out yourself will save you some hassle and provide you with some good bones for making stock in the process. Here's how to do it. More

The Food Lab: Really Awesome Black Bean Burgers

Scan your way through the internet or the cooking section at the book store and you'll find recipe after recipe for black bean burgers that follows the same basic procedure. I've followed a half dozen of these recipes, and while most of them produce pretty good flavor, they're all have one fatal flaw: mushy texture. What's the secret to black bean burger patties with great flavor and texture? I had to cook my way through a few dozen to figure it out. More

The Serious Eats Guide to Whole Grains

Grains have been a staple of the human diet for the last, oh, 10,000 years. And if you think about it properly—by which I mean with a few debatable leaps of logic and some generous omissions—grains are also basically responsible for all the best things: beer, adorable pets, beds, cheesy popcorn, and, yes, internet. In that fertile crescent-agricultural revolution-cradle of civilization sense, that is.

But have you ever listened to someone wax rhapsodic about the delights of whole grains and thought to yourself, meh? Welcome to the club that I totally just quit.


The Food Lab's Guide to Pan-Seared Pork Chops

Years of overcooked, lean pork has given pork chops a bad rap. But the times they are a-changin', and things are looking up for pork. For one thing, we now have relatively easy access to much better meat. We also have much safer pork—pork that can be eaten at a juicy medium or medium-rare, the way it was meant to be. On top of all that, we're in a virtual renaissance in terms of novel cooking techniques; better, smarter ways to maximize the flavor and texture of a pork chop. Today we're going to discuss a few of those techniques and see if we can't nail down the best. More

Yes or No Sexy: Debunking the Valentine's Day Aphrodisiac

My boyfriend and I are coming up on our six-year anniversary, and though we love each other dearly, we seem to have left the honeymoon phase of our relationship back in college. Would a single aphrodisiac be powerful enough to combat our five-plus years of accumulated farts, burps, and dissipating sense of mystery? I did some highly scientific calculations and concluded that our chances of, erm, success would be exponentially improved if we force-fed ourselves all the aphrodisiacs. More

The Food Lab: How to Make Creamy Vegetable Soups Without a Recipe

These days, there aren't too many vegetables in the world that I haven't made into a smooth, creamy soup, and there are even fewer that I've not loved, but my experience has taught me something: the first time I learned how to make a creamy chanterelle soup at my first real restaurant job wasn't really just a recipe for chanterelle soup. It was a blueprint for making any creamy vegetable soup. You just need to break it down into its individual steps and figure out how to universalize them. Here's how it's done. More

20 Quick and Easy One Pot Meals

Time, effort, and dishes? Making dinner on a weeknight can be a challenging prospect, especially for those hoping to steer clear of labor-intensive meals. But whether you're saving money or simply can't resist a home-cooked meal, we've dipped into our recipe archives for quick, simple, weeknight-friendly recipes that are easily prepared in just a single pot or skillet. More

The Food Lab: The Science of the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've never been able to get a chocolate chip cookie exactly the way I like. I'm talking chocolate cookies that are barely crisp around the edges with a buttery, toffee-like crunch that transitions into a chewy, moist center that bends like caramel, rich with butter and big pockets of melted chocolate. I made it my goal to test each and every element from ingredients to cooking process, leaving no chocolate chip unturned in my quest for the best. 32 pounds of flour, over 100 individual tests, and 1,536 cookies later, I had my answers. More