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  • Last bite on earth: Something I haven't tried before and hopefully it's not poisoned so it won't kill me. I'd rather not die by food.

How to Export Your Recipe Box When Ziplist Shuts Down

@ mikedavidjeff - I'm in the same boat. Tried e-mailing a generic help question on their contact site but no response after several days. My guess is that despite ZipList saying we could export to EpiCurious and start using the Epicliper, it stopped working anyway. So I guess it's find another service to use and hope you saved your files! Or at least most of them.

The Glorious Return of French Toast Crunch

@ Leandra - Thank you too! I'm glad we both share the same dislike of french toast (shudder) and I have confidence I'll enjoy this cereal! Looking forward to this plus future articles you have!

The Glorious Return of French Toast Crunch

@ RyanW2 - cool, thank you! I am looking forward to this!

The Glorious Return of French Toast Crunch

I have a *really* stupid question. The kind that makes you go uh seriously? But I honestly do not know so I must ask: I've never tried this cereal because I don't like french toast. Obviously there's a difference from the real thing compared to a cereal, but well if I don't like french toast will I enjoy this cereal?

An Easy Thanksgiving Menu for Two

It's just two of us, me and mom. Who says it has to be turkey when you don't really care for it? It'll be salmon for us! But you gotta at least have the apple pie.

How to Export Your Recipe Box When Ziplist Shuts Down

At one point Ziplist offered the ability to add tags to your recipes after you clipped them. So if you went to you recipes you could click on 'fish' to see all you tagged under that item. Do Paprika or Evernote or Pepper Plate offer that ability? I browse on my computer, not through an app. Though it is nice to have the app that syncs with it.

Why Candy Corn Deserves Our Respect: An Appreciation

I can't help but look at the pictures of the candy corn in circles and think it looks like teeth. And it is kinda freaky.

Win a Copy of 'Baked Occasions'

If the pie fails, then I'll just make apple bread. Dessert to me!

21 Halloween Candies We're Hoarding

I didn't know that See's candies joined the "pumpkin spice" train. What do those lollys taste like?

As for Halloween candy? There isn't enough chocolate on this list! But maybe I just prefer chocolate above all else.

Side note: has anyone realized that Easter candy tends to be better than Halloween? Maybe by October the stuff has gotten stale!

Win a Copy of 'Plenty More'

Cauliflower rice with maybe a little spice of flavor. I want to try paprika next!

Win a Copy of 'Ovenly'

Salted caramel chocolate chip ice cream!

Win a Copy of 'Jamie Oliver's Comfort Food'

Oatmeal with a little cocoa powder, maple syrup (or hickory!) and greek yogurt

20 Nutty Desserts to Kick off Fall

I'm honestly surprised there isn't pumpkin listed! It's only been several weeks and I see it everywhere.

Manner Matters: A Spicy Food Lover's Conundrum

My mother has her nose run no matter what she eats. Could be hot, could be cold. She just blows her nose. Because she's going to do what she wants to do!

Win a Copy of 'Seriously Delish'

It's gotta be apple pie with the apples picked right from the nearby farm!

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Honey?

Cool, thank you Jacqueline!

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Honey?

I'll have to try out honey powder! I primarily use it in my yogurt so the powder would be a different touch.

Now about how to use creamed honey? I see lots of recipes on how to make it but I get confused on how to use it!

Win a Copy of 'Sweet and Vicious: Baking With Attitude'

Some weird concoction of food I actually like but people find weird. It varies, lately it's adding tuna fish and babybel cheese to Amy's frozen food meal of mushroom risotto. It's actually quite tasty!

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Congratulations Jim!

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

I would cook some steak! I like the orange color, it stands out!

Win a Copy of 'Mother Daughter Dishes: Reinventing Loved Classics'

Oatmeal raisin cookies but I much prefer the apple nut bread! Yes, bread is a dessert.

15 Fresh Blueberry Desserts We Love

What happened to the favorite button so I could fav this page and access it for later?

How to Make the Crispiest Shredded Hash Browns

I've always thought hash browns were shredded too. I haven't had them in a long time, but I would add onion to it for some extra flavor.

We Try All 18 Kinds of Trader Joe's Trail Mix

The Omega Mix is my favorite too! But if I'm going to buy it, it'll have to be for a potluck gathering because I will eat it all in one night.

Win a Copy of 'Fruitful: Four Seasons of Fresh Fruit Recipes'

The summer offers a variety of fruits with limited 'seasonability'. First there are the sweet cherries. Then come the blueberries and strawberries. Then by August there are the peaches!

Planning Christmas Dinner

So for this Christmas, I'm trying to keep things easy and simple since I'll be doing the cooking. Chicken, some veggies, and potatoes. I'm using the French Chicken in a Pot recipe (note: does 250 degrees seem a bit too low?). My problem is the potatoes. I'd like to make either the ultra crispy new potatoes with garlic and herbs or the ultra crispy roast potatoes, both by Kenji. The problem is the oven temperature.

The chicken will be small, about 3.5 pounds so I think going by the recipe it would cook about an hour (unless that is too low so hopefully someone will correct me). The potato recipes both cook at 500 degrees.

So how do I cook both things at once or should I look for another recipe for potatoes?

Round vs. Oval Stewpots

So for being at my work for 10 years now, I've been given a service award booklet to choose from. Many different items and I settled on a stewpot. Which is really the same as a dutch oven from what I have read. I've never had a dutch oven/stewpot so it'd be neat to use.

The description says round, but the actual stewpot in the catalogue is oval. To me, round makes perfect sense since oven burners are round. But does it really matter if the stewpot is round or oval?

Look who's talking feature

For the past two Sunday's I haven't seen the article of "Look Who's Talking" showing us the funniest lines or useful tips we members have quipped.

Are we not entertaining anymore?

Roasted Pork Loin

For Christmas I'll be cooking roasted pork loin, bone-in, following Mark Bittman's recipe found here. I won't be roasting potatoes with it, so it's just the meat. Now the recipe says to cook the pork at a constant temperature of 325. Then once it's ready to take it out to rest, crank the oven up to cook the potatoes.

When I placed my order for the pork at the Fresh Market, the butcher said he cooks the pork at low heat, then towards the end of cooking (not sure what temp the pork would be at) crank the oven up so you get a nice crust.

I like the idea of a nice crust. I'll just have salt & pepper, thyme and sage on it. But now I'm confused and not sure how best to cook the pork. Should I follow Mark's recipe or is there a better way? Easier? And should I take it out when it hits 145 degrees or between 140-145? (Should I make little tin-foil caps for the end bones so they don't burn?)

The size is just a rack, enough for the 4 people eating it with just a little leftover.

Thank you!

Browsing the SE mobile site

Ok guys, I'm confused. I'm on vacation but it's not preventing me from visiting SE and photograzing. But it seems like there are articles that are not appearing on the mobile. For instance, isn't the cereal article posted every Monday? I can't find it! Is it not posted to a specific column? Maybe that's why I can't see it. Or am I missing something obvious?

The photograzing page doesn't seem to to display in a consistent order. I click on "more photos" and see the recent posts. Then I click on "older" but I have to swipe down to see the more recent posts. It doesn't seem to display the photos in the same type of order as the regular site.

I am viewing the mobile site on an iPhone if that helps figure things out.

Searching Serious Eats by Column?

Is there a way to search by column? I know that usually every week there is a review about a food related book or cookbook. But I don't remember what that column is called and there doesn't seem to be a list of columns on the site map.

For example, I know Mark Bittman has been reviewed on the site, by recipes and books. But if I search by his name, I get a lot of results. So after trying different search methods I finally found the article on his book "How to Cook Everything, the Basics".

The columns are sort of a sub-header of each site, right? Well in a sense, like the Food Lab for example. So if I could see what columns there are, it could help with searching.

Or is there some much easier way to go about this?

Substitute for Red Wine

I want to make this recipe for dinner tonight:

I have the red wine vinegar but not the red wine. I do have white wine as well as Marsala cooking wine. Could I use either one of those to replace the red wine? Or should I increase the amount of the red wine vinegar?

I can't buy red wine because it's Sunday and Indiana still has those pesky no buying alcohol on Sunday's rule.

Unlabeled Flour

I store my flour in containers. Normally I label them but I have one that is not. How do I find out what kind of flour is it? I think it's all purpose white but it looks just a shade or two darker.

Thank you!

Using too sweet chocolate

So I have some Trader Joe's 100 calorie milk chocolate bars. And they are good, it's just for some reason my taste buds have switched and I find the chocolate too sweet now. I know I could always take them back to TJ's for a refund. But is there a way I can use them instead? Can I bake them into something and they become not as sweet?

7 Nut and Seed Butters for Your Pantry

It wasn't long ago that buying nut butter at the supermarket meant little more than the choice between smooth or crunchy. Oh, how times have changed. On the shelves where you used to find little more than Jif and Skippy, there is now a dauntingly vast—if utterly delicious—array of spreads. In the interest of making sense out of the wide variety of nut and seed butters out there, allow us to guide you through the different kinds you can find in supermarkets, specialty stores, and online. More

How to Make No-Cook Freezer Jam

With freezer jam you get to preserve the bounty of summer without the fuss, heat, equipment, and time that canned jams require. All you need is ripe fruit, sugar (or another sweetener), pectin, and about 15 minutes of easy kitchen time. Before you know it, you'll be proudly scooping up homemade jam for toast, smoothies, yogurt, or just straight into your mouth. More

The Serious Eats Guide to British Sweets

We Brits love little squares of things on bone china plates served of an afternoon following a game of cribbage. We love puddings that steam like a behemoth emerging from a sauna, made from beef fat, treacle, and shrivelled fruit. We love sugared, crunchy things from packets. It's no overstatement to say tea and biscuits are our actual lifeblood. More

The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Potato Hash

In my line of work, you end up with lots of leftovers, and lots of leftovers means that I make a lot of hash. I mean, a lot of it. What better way is there to recycle that little hunk of bacon, that half onion, and that just-about-to-get-wrinkled pepper than to chop them up, fry them in a skillet with cubes of potatoes, and serve them with runny eggs on a lazy sunday morning? (Hint: there is no better way.) More

Easy Stir-Fried Chicken With Ginger and Scallions

This simple and classic stir-fry combines tender strips of lean marinated chicken breast with scallions and ginger. With a marinade that enhances the natural flavor of the chicken while helping it stay moist and juicy, this is the kind of quick and easy meal that is custom-designed to be thrown together on a busy Tuesday night. More

Knife Skills: How to Debone a Chicken Thigh

Recipes often call for boneless skinless chicken thighs, yet finding them in supermarkets can be a bit of a hassle. You're far more likely to find bone-in thighs or even whole legs. Knowing how to take that bone out yourself will save you some hassle and provide you with some good bones for making stock in the process. Here's how to do it. More

The Food Lab: Really Awesome Black Bean Burgers

Scan your way through the internet or the cooking section at the book store and you'll find recipe after recipe for black bean burgers that follows the same basic procedure. I've followed a half dozen of these recipes, and while most of them produce pretty good flavor, they're all have one fatal flaw: mushy texture. What's the secret to black bean burger patties with great flavor and texture? I had to cook my way through a few dozen to figure it out. More