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______ is my favorite quick bread.

Zucchini bread with toasted walnuts - no one makes it like my mom. She uses brown rather than white sugar and adds cinnamon and vanilla. The kitchen smells like heaven....

What do you do with your ground meat?

Cheffy, I am always concerned that the meatballs will not have that browned, "cooked" look if they're just put in the sauce. Thus, I've baked them, browned them, and almost fried them in advance. I've never been completely satisfied... Did you use any egg or bread crumbs in the meatballs?

I have a good recipe for_______

I agree with cheffy, guys, would any of you be willing to share your recipes?

Excluding: NYC, SF, Paris, Chicago, Tokyo...favorite food city?

London, hands down, and certainly not for the traditional English fare. I've travelled extensively and never eaten better French, Chinese, Japanese, or Italian. Expensive, yes, but worth every pennny, er, I mean pence!

Post your profession...

I'm a 46 year-old mom of two active teenagers and wife to super-lawyer husband. Grew up in a very priviledged home with LOTS of help - never in a million years did I dream that I'd love cooking my own food, working in my own garden, cleaning my own house! I am not as talented as most of you, so I'm feeling pretty humble, but I love reading about your wonderful accomplishments. I started cooking when we moved to a city where I knew no one and had a toddler on my hip - it was a lifesaver! Now it's a hobby I enjoy more and more. Cookies are my specialty, but I'm happy cooking anything!

What was the one meal your mother made when you were little that you absolutely hated?

Salmon croquettes - I have no idea whatsoever why such a good cook like my mum would be so proud of something so thoroughly awful!

Do you have weekly food traditions?

When I was growing up, every Saturday night was "family night". My dad grilled a beef tenderloin and topped it with his top secret sauce (over the years we have tried unsuccessfully to copy it; butter, honey, dry mustard, cider vinegar, red pepper flakes, it was perfection!) and my sister and I helped Mom with the twice-baked potatoes, salad, and crispy french bread. We ate on tv trays in the den and watched The Honeymooners or some other show. My other favorite night of the week was Friday night, when my parents were out. Our babysitter had 13 kids of her own and always took a few "sips" of whatever was in my parents' bar. She was a huge wrestling fan (parents would have freaked) and we ate frozen waffles in front of the tv while Lois shouted at the wrestlers and mimicked their moves. She had a fantastic sense of humor and we all laugh about our Friday night antics!

July belongs to Blueberries Month

Blueberry Lemon Bread is delicious - even the pickiest eaters in my family love it. It's unbeatable with fresh blueberries, and still delicious with frozen ones.


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