I like reading and cooking. Hanging out with my friends and drinking good beer is top of the list too.


"it puts the oatmeal on its skin or else it gets the hose again"
lol!!! Sloppy, you are bad!

What are you cooking for Rosh Hashanah?

i finally figured out my Rosh Hashanah menu:

Challah w/raisins
matzah ball soup
Turkey breast stuffed with onions, figs and apricots
Honey glazed sweet potatoes and carrots with pineapple
some kinda green bean side dish
apple cake for dessert

Gadgets: Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers

i just realized you could use a sterilized coat hanger with the same effect.

Standing Room Only: Bari Foods

arrghh, i wish i'd read about this before my trip to Chicago last week!! and I was right off Grand st too.

Any Bring-From-Home Snack Ideas?

home made trail mix is the best!

City Flavor Guide: Grand Rapids

yay for some SW Michigan love!!

I eat ______ out of the tin/jar/bottle...

peanut butter and kalamata olives. but not together, that would be nasty.

'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

i work late two nights a week, so i'm on my own for dinner when i get home around 8:30 and the family has already eaten something "normal".

dinner on those nights is usually eggs fried up with whatever veggies are in the fridge that need to be eaten, ramen, tuna melts, pasta with some butter & cheese, dry cereal, or whatever leftovers are in the fridge.

my solo meals are usually comfort food that anyone else would find really boring. you know, your guilty pleasures that you don't want to admit to the person you're dining with.

Video: The Ross Sisters Sing About Solid Potato Salad

DaveFaris - thanks for that article!

Video: The Ross Sisters Sing About Solid Potato Salad

yes, a bit freakish to watch.

i looked up Ross Sisters on Wiki, and they had about 3 sentences about them. anyone know where i can learn more about them? contortionism is one of those train wreck things for me - major ick factor, but i can't turn away and i want to learn more!

Cookout Etiquette

i'm with smallblondmom too, and sounds like i had a similar experience. when i was in college, all parties/bbq/ cookouts were pot lucks, all the time. the host provided the house, the grill, some booze, some meats, some snacks, and everyone brought something, because we were all poor college kids. not enough chairs? we sat on the floor. we were in college, it was cool. it was all about hanging with friends, not about who provided what for the grill.

now that i'm a grown up, i know how much work going into planning and hosting a party, so i always offer to bring something, or if no additional food is wanted, i'll offer to come by the day before to help clean, prepare, whatever.

in defense of people who do make specific requests of their guests, i am guilty of asking people to bring chairs. we have a very small apartment and only 3 chairs. when we hae dinner parties, we move all the furniture, and can seat 8. so i have asked that friends bring a chair.

French in a Flash: Pistoued Lamb Brochettes with Bay Leaves and Seared Olives

oh Kerry, i just love your posts! how your passion for food is intimately intertwined with your passion for life and the wonderful tidbits of your childhood. i don't know a lick a french, and i'm average cook, but you make me want to drop everything and go to France and sign up for any cooking school that will have me.

you should be coaching those lame Next Food Network Star people on how to tell a story about what they are making.

Mmmm...Non-Breakfast Food Breakfast

the first meal of the day for me is nearly always leftovers that are in the fridge from last night's dinner. if i'm on my own for dinner (no point in cooking up a ton of food for the house), i'll make bacon, fried eggs, and toast.

Cute, Morbid Sushi Figures

i just saved that photo as my background image.

dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) recipe?

the recipe i've used is pretty similar to Yankeesgals, but i add a few tablespoons of dried currents or dried cranberries to the rice mixture. it gives the stuffed leaves a nice shot of sweetness. a little spritz of lemon juice right before eating them makes them ever tastier!

i made stuffed grape leaves once for a party, and everyeone else thought they were too weird to eat, so over the course of a few days i ate about 60 stuffed grape leaves. OMG were they good!! but my tummy thought it was too much.

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: Booty Fruit

WATERMELON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

greek / turkish coffee

turkish coffee is the best. i mail order it and make it at home.

Now i gotta find me a southern michigan/chicago turkish coffee place. ann arbor? chicago? dearborn?

Restaurant Naming Problems

sounds like your going to be spending more energy than the typical restaurant owner on greening/locavoring your place. that is something you really, really, really need to brag about, or you will just be another neighborhood joint. i suggest a name that reflects your green/locavore/local sourcing/small carbon footprints, that way customers ask about the name and employees have an easy opening to talk up the social green-ness of the place.

the local
farmers market
enter-your-name-here farmer's market restaurant

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: Baron VonFunburger's Haunted Castle Cavalcade

omg gimme some french fries!! hot and greasy and crispy and heavenly french fry-ee!

Not Worth the Trouble?

i buy canned pumpkin and frozen spinach. it's just not worth it for me to process a stupid pumpkin.

Ugly Organic

i need that happy medium between scary Stepford perfect Walmart produce and organic crunchy granola produce.

I recently visited a locavore organic farmers market, there were about 8 vendors. most of the vegetables/greens i didn't recognize, and when i vendor convinced me to buy some weedy looking greens they were absolutely filthy.

don't get me wrong, i don't mind washing my stuff at home. i'm going to do that anyways, regardless of how clean the veggies/greens are. but it doesn't hurt your marketing to leave some of the dirt at the farm.

Nutrition Info for recipes

HeartofGlass - i like that caloriecount about site, and i put a bunch of recipes on there from my blog and it gave them all failing grades. :(

Cook the Book: 'L.A.'s Original Farmers Market Cookbook'

I love the one armed man's booth in the corner at the Bank Street Market in Kalamazoo. Him and his wife look to be in their mid 70's, and they have more energy than vendors a third their age. The one armed man isn't going to let a prosthetic arm get his way of doing anything, including running out of eggs before i get there.

Dinner Tonight: Pork Schnitzel




those are the two most beautiful words in the english language.

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

yes, what's with the weird photoshoppy hand and oddly lumpy elbow?

other than that, super cute!

what to do with Grappa?

So we bought some Grappa. It smells like jet fuel yet tastes a little like vodka. nice stuff. But there is no way we're going to be able to drive a fifth of it.

how long will it last once it's opened?

should it be refridgerated after opening?

besides using as a paint thinner or snow mobile fuel, what can i do with it besides drink it? can i use it in recipes that call for vodka or other liquors?

"dinner" vs "supper"

my parents are from the east coast and I grew up hearing "supper's ready!". I was raised in the midwest and invited to friends houses "for dinner". As I've moved further west in my life, I hear "supper" less and less, even though I use the words interchangeably.

Which do you use? Is it a regional thing? Can i use them interchangably, or do they actually mean different things?

btw, i also say "soda" instead of "pop".

Trying to use less butter

I really enjoy my baking - pie crusts, pastries, bread, all of it. I never said i was very good at it, but i really do enjoy it.

and I go through a LOT of butter. pie crust has a whole stick of butter per pie, a dozen cookies usually has half a stick, croisants at least a half stick. i was always a proponent of "using the real stuff", but the more i bake, the more butter my family and I eat. now that i'm working part time, i'm baking more. it's relaxing, it's fun, it makes the house smell nice.

but baking with butter isn't doing anything to get us to eat healthier.

how can i bake more but only use a little more butter? use half butter and half shortening? half butter and half margarine or vegetable oil? half butter and half something else?


Serious Passover Eats

What are some good Passover recipe websites? I started my Passover menu last night, and it's still looking a little boring.

also, what's your favorite passover food?

burnt parchment paper

I recently started using parchment paper, especially when cooking breads. The parchment paper makes clean up a breeze, and helps protect the bread bottoms from my beat up baking sheets, but the paper always burns to a crisp in the oven! is that normal? it smells terrible when it burns.

Good mix-ins for cous-cous?

I like cous-cous, but am always at a loss as to what to mix into it to make it more exciting. Usually some grated cheese and olive oil go in and maybe some chopped black olives, but after that i don't know what to add.


Getting toppings to stick to Focaccia Bread

how do I get my Focaccia toppings to stick to the bread? for example, today i made olive basil onion Focaccia, and it was super tasty, but the onions all dried out and were barely attached to the bread when i took it out of the oven. what's the trick to making the toppings stick?

Pumpkin Pie won't firm up!

My pumpkin pie hardly ever firms up correctly. I'm using a recipe out of Joy of Cooking. . . what are your suggestions for a firmer pie? more eggs? less eggs? more cream? less cream? evaporated milk instead of cream? better temp or cooking time in the oven? graham cracker crust instead of butter crust?

i follow the recipe exactly every time, so i think it's just a bad recipe, but i don't know what to change to make it better.

Dinner spots near Navy Pier in Chicago?

I'm in Chicago for business for 3 days next week. I'll be stuck at Navy Pier all day, does anyone have some recommendations for good breakfast and dinner places near Navy Pier? i know some neighborhoods in Chicago, but that isn't one of them.

Hot Weather Food Ideas

It's too hot to cook. what are some good dinners I can make that don't require the stove or oven to be on for hours? My husband says he's sick of tuna salad, egg salad, and pasta salad. we do pretty good with pizza (oven is only on for around 20 minutes), and anything we can make in the toaster oven. what do you recommend that requires a heating element (oven, stove, wok, etc) to be on for 20 minutes or less? What do other serious eaters make at home when temps are 80+ degrees, and the AC is acting iffy? unfortunatley grilling is out for me, as i live in an aparmtent where grills are forbidden.

Herbs gone wild!

The good news is the little mixed herb planter i bought is doing great. so great, in fact, that i need to repot the plants into a larger planter. no problem.

but now i have more herbs that i know what to do with! no matter how much rosemary chicken and rosemary potatoes i cook, i'm still going to have rosemary coming out my ears. what's the best way to dry, or store this stuff, so i can use it later? like in the winter? i've got: sage, rosemary, lemon thyme, basil. the sage plant is gigantic! what do i do with it??

Farmer's Market

After a LONG winter, i got to spend about an hour at my local Farmer's Market this morning. they've been open for about a month, but it took me a while to get a free saturday morning. I'd forgotten how much i love going to the farmers market! i got sugar snap peas, the sweetest bibb lettuce i've ever had, cucumbers, beefsteak tomatoes (everyone had these cardboard signs that said "safe tomatoes"), potatoes, gigantic green onions, peppers, all sorts of good stuff!

do you have a farmer's market near you? do you enjoy going there? what's your favorite thing to buy there?

Kitchen Garden

What tasty edibles do you grow in your garden? tomatoes? peppers? herbs? cucumbers? pumpkins? other tasty yummies?

right now i've just got basil and chives out there. the weather has finally turned, so i need to get my tomatoes, peppers, and anything else i have room for going!

Success with Meringue!

i made my Mom's Meringue cookies for the first time last night, and would you believe it, they were a success!

but i think i got lucky. however, i've also been told there are certain things you should never do when making a meringue. Such as use a metal bowl, or metal utensils. I used a glass bowl, but my hand mixer has metal attachments. and then i used a plastic spoon to make the drop cookies.

Metal bowl not OK? plastic bowls not OK? metal mixer OK? plastic spatula/other utensils OK for meringues? What else should I know for next time?

Asking for "odd" amounts

my husband and I are pretty proud of the fact that we've got alot of our grocery shopping down a science. we know exactly how much ground turkey to buy to get 8 hambergers, we know how much deli lunch meat we can eat in a week. but the amounts always seem odd. for example, this was the conversation at the deli counter earlier today:

husband: I'd like nine tenths of a pound of such and such turkey please.
deli counter worker: so, like, a little more than three quarters?
husband: no, nine tenths of a pound, please.
deli counter worker: so, like, a little less than a pound?
husband: no, nine tenths of a pound. that's exactly how much my wife and I can eat before it goes bad.

the young lady behind the counter measured out slightly more than three quarters of a pound, and slightly less than one pound, and it was what it was. husband was almost afraid to ask for sliced cheese at this point.

here's my question: are we overly anal retentive about quantities (and shouldn't be), or does the average deli employee in my town not understand how to translate fractions to a digital scale? hubby and I were a little flabbergasted after this deli experience.

anyone else ask for odd amounts? do you get them? does the person behind the counter look at you like you're crazy? have you learned to stick with the basic quarter pound increments? should I learn to stick with the basic quarter pound increments, and just deal with it?

looking for some non-chickpea chickpea recipes

i love chickpeas. i eat those suckers right out of the can. i never met a chickpea i didn't want to eat.

my husband knows chickpeas are healthy for him, but he doesn't like hummus, doesn't like the "chickpea tabbouli" (exactly what it sounds like, swap the bulgar for chickpeas) I make, doesn't like chick-pea dishes where the chickpeas are the main attractions.

any suggestions for recipes that include chickpeas, but aren't chickpea centric?

Crediting recipes on a food blog?

when casually blogging about food, what are the rules for crediting where recipes come from? Do I need to provide the name of the website/cookbook/ cooking tv show? the author of the cookbook and year of publication? etc?

I usually give some information about where the recipe came from (Joy of Cooking, Mom's recipe cards, epicurious website, etc), but are there stricter rules I should be following?

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