I've been in the Foodservice industry for almost 30 years. Wait. Impossible. Nevermind I'm convinced I'm still 20. Waited tables, became a caterer and have been in foodservice sales for about 15+ years.Shark infested climate.

  • Location: virginia
  • Favorite foods: All seafood, beef ,pork & poultry. Big lover of all things not processed..with the exception of Doritos..Red wine, Bourbon and cheap beer.
  • Last bite on earth: that bite will last a few days ..

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Pineapple Sage!?

I love pineapple sage for Iced Tea...warning:It grows quickly and can get very large...bonus..when it flowers it's beautiful!

Overused food descriptions.

Sexy.What kind of sex are these people having or not having?


My husband(who does not cook anything but eggs)decided he wanted to make beef stroganoff for the family dinner. He found a recipe to use and said he needed no help.."I've got this"..Okey dokey..I keep flour, powdered sugar and sugar in clear unmarked canisters.When the first bite was taken it was clear he dredged the beef in powdered sugar. A remarkable amount of powdered sugar...We laughed and ordered pizza...Ehh at least he tried.


"Yelp is a collection of self-important self-obsessed ego maniacal pinheads" Skewed.Agreed.I've had a lot of restaurants ask me if I could help them out and ask friends to give a positve yelp review even if they've never stepped foot in their restaurant. It's not just on Yelp..look at people asking for help to vote for them to win a recipe contest, best recipe blog, best recipe blogged in a recipe blog contest..get my drift?. Skewed. Stacked.Phony. No thank you..I'd rather use recommendations from friends and food friends than Yelp.

Does anyone use beef hearts?

WOW.."ghetto towns"? At least we know how your mind works.

The Fresh Market--Anyone have one?

We have a FM and shop there a couple times a month.. Bakery stocks fresh baked Vie De France pastries(choc or almond croissaints) and addictive cheese rolls. The one complaint I have ( and it may just be our store) is that it's so damn dark..I know it's the trend but it's like shopping in a cave. Hope you enjoy it when it opens !

Just harvested 40 quarts of green tomatoes - now what?

I have about 50 tomatoes in a long box lined with newspaper in my basement. They are ripening at different stages..had 7 ready for Thanksgiving and today I have about 12 ready to eat. Agreed..taste like summer!

My nourishment is talking to me... o_O

The sound of the knife against the butcher block...the rythmic chopping.And the glug, glug sound of wine into my wine glass!

What's for Dinner Tonight?

Bloomin' Onion Bread...yep just bread.

Progressive Dinner Party ?

@ Teachertalk...exactly.We are vino lovers as well and the rest of the group..well they do love their cocktails..!

Buying a new BBQ. Should it be gas or charcoal?

I have both but 9 times out of 10 use hardwood charcoal....Pick up an inexpensive one at Walmart or Target for 25 bucks....mine lasted 3 seasons with a cover before bottom dropped out.....Yeah, you have some ash to clean out but big deal...get a chimney, a sheet of newspaper and grill on..!!,

Electric French Press Coffee Maker..Anyone Have It?

I bought one but sent it back after a month..started leaking...back to my non electric press !!! Good may want to check out the reviews first..wish I had :)

Runny yolk, way or no way?

Yes..but only if I'm cooking them. Once had them served to me in a restaurant and the yolk was even.Count me out for a cold yolk,YUCK.

What food makes you happy?

Jelly Belly's...ohhh and Cotton Candy !

Washington DC Must Dine

Ben's Chili Bowl.....metro station literally across the street...order a half smoked with chili ....we never leave the city withouth stopping. $

Coffeemaker Advice, Please

I switched to a percolater,12 cup snazzy stainless steel.Love my coffee piping hot and never have to buy coffee filters again!!


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