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Faux Cubano Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I call it a Faux Chick-fil-A, it is the same sandwich except with slices of bread instead of a bun, ham instead of a breaded pressure-cooked chicken breast, the addition of Swiss cheese, and the addition of mustard.

But it still has the pickle.

We Try Mama Walker's Breakfast-Inspired Booze

Looks like they run around $13 a bottle. Kind of pricey, there are plenty of 80 proof flavored vodkas out there.

Tipping: My latest conundrum

For fast/casual places I base tipping on whether someone is going to bus my table. If someone is going to be bussing my table then I leave the greater of 10% or $1. If I am bussing my own table (i.e. taking my tray to the trash can) then nobody is getting anything. Bringing me my order is not in and of itself tip worthy if I have to clean up my own table.

"kid" food??

@ Yo Landa:

"the children were asked to help themselves first"

Exactly, they were ASKED to help themselves, they didn't just start scarfing up the food.

Personally nothing a kid does offends me, I don't really have anything to do with kids, except to yell at them when they are on my lawn.

"kid" food??

When I was a kid, children did not help themselves to ANYTHING unless an adult told us it was okay to do so. No way any of us would have helped ourselves to shrimp in a bowl. Or to a plate full of hamburgers and hotdogs, you waited to be told it was okay to start eating them or you asked "Can I please have a hotdog?"

Might have taken a few M&Ms if there was a bowl full of those, but we would have thought we got away with something. We wouldn't decimate the bowl because then the adults would know for sure that we had been helping ourselves.

Kids these days ... get off of my lawn.

Dear Oreo, What In The What Are You Thinking?

I'm a wild man, trouble is my middle name, I'll eat any type of Oreo they can come up with.

Video: Zagat's Battle of the Red Bull Cocktails

Rock Star has a variety of flavors available including Sour.

Ask a Bartender: What's The Most Ridiculous Drink Order You've Ever Gotten?

Some people still think the U.S. doesn't make a decent beer so they will order something like a St. Pauli Girl over the local craft brew, lol.

Taste Test: Ready-To-Cook Meals From Blue Apron

It is an interesting niche, for people who would like to cook a meal at home but for one reason or another find it difficult to purchase the ingredients.

Speaking for me personally I value my time at $11,000 per hour, that is my going rate, so if I want to cook a meal at home to me this is a valuable service. I do not want to be mobbed by fans picking up some vegetables at the local grocery store, so yes, I would be a happy customer of this product.

Ask a Bartender: What's The Most Ridiculous Drink Order You've Ever Gotten?

Grey Goose and vodka
Dirty Crown Royal Martini

Make you want to punch someone ...

Pet Peeves When Dining Out

Only thing that has bothered me lately is I got served sashimi on a mountain of ice, kind of like this

Except my ice mountain was a couple of feet tall. If the menu had mentioned the ice mountain I probably wouldn't have ordered it, I prefer to have it on a plate or a tray.

Steakcraft: Steaks at Delmonico's, America's Oldest Fine Dining Restaurant

@ryu: Book refers to book of business, it varies from business to business, but when buying a business you can count on a certain % of past customers returning, depending on the nature of the business.

If the book shows customers who dine in the restaurant 8x per year and spend an average of $159, then that list of customers is in and of itself of value, because the purchaser can put some kind of floor on what the revenue will be during the change of ownership, without it the new owner is operating in the dark. The purchaser of the restaurant is assuming a guaranteed minimum gross revenue for the place.

Steakcraft: Steaks at Delmonico's, America's Oldest Fine Dining Restaurant

My beef is that the chef is wearing a jacket with two rows of buttons, I prefer that the chef wear a jacket with only one row of buttons.

Tipping & Bad Service: What's Your Policy?

I don't talk to anyone, ever. I will not talk to the server, I will not talk to the manager. You get a good meal to my table fine, if you don't I won't be back.

Not my job to give management advice to anyone. I am bone-tired, I opted to eat a meal at your restaurant, it didn't work out, here's a nice tip and I am out of there. Most times the meal works out, once in a while it doesn't.

Engaging either the server or the manager in conversation? That is called WORK, which is the opposite of what I am there to do. Not my job to consider their management practices and render judgment.

Don't care if they want constructive criticism or not, it is not my job to provide constructive anything, if they want something constructive they should hire a restaurant management consultant.

My job begins and ends with paying the bill and tipping the waitperson.

Tipping & Bad Service: What's Your Policy?

I might go as low as 15% but usually my approach is to tip normally and never eat there again.

In other occupations people get paid even when they are having an off day, should be the same deal with servers.

growing veggies without a garden

Once when I had a rather cushy job with the government, and an office with immense windows and sun exposure, I actually tried to grow veggies in my office. I got two huge containers and planted a tomato plant and a green pepper plant. The two plants grew to be eight feet tall. I used multiple plastic stakes wired together to keep them in line. They grew little flowers but never a single fruit, I think maybe it was a pollination problem. Eventually they grew to the point where people could smell the plants from outside my office, they probably thought I was growing weed, and I had to cut them down which was quite a chore.

I definitely over-fertilized, I figured "If a little is good, a lot must be better."

Brooklyn: Peter Luger's Lunchtime Burger is a Study in Simplicity

So is anybody going to argue that the burger is burnt to a crisp?

The Joy and Economics of Cooking Pizza At Home

Okay I'm not even going to mention frozen pizza but the fact is it doesn't require special equipment and it is easily cooked at home.

Ask a Bartender: What's Your Guilty Pleasure Drink?

White Russians make me feel guilty only because they are a great way to pack on a ton of weight.

Back when I used to drink them all the time I got huge.

Behind the Scenes at Letherbee Distillers in Chicago

Back then you could judge the quality of a stereo by the number of knobs. The more knobs, the more you had to pay for the stereo. You could combine a high-knob stereo with a graphic equalizer so that you had not only knobs to fiddle with but also levers to slide up and down until the sound was absolutely perfect.

Now I use an MP3 player that just has an on/off button.

Cured Meats Rule at Cask and Larder in Winter Park, Florida

They have a great menu but as for the cured meats I can't get past the "globs of fat."

Maybe it is a food phobia but when I see a glob of fat on a piece of meat I think "Couldn't they have trimmed that off?" Other people see the glob of fat and figure it's the best part of the deal.

I see the glob of fat and think "I'm being served lard."

Bad Food Anger

I just write it off as a loss and don't return. Getting angry just ruins your evening. If you want to get even with the restaurant set fire to the drapes and leave with a smile on your face.