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How Do You Pay the Bill at Restaurants?

Splitting the bill equally is fine, as others have said, when the folks at the table have some equity between them. Sometimes my friends do, and sometimes they don't. I think its about the values of your friends. Mine are mostly around inclusion.

I don't ever want my friend who is in her third year of residency with mondo student loans to feel like she can't go out because she couldn't afford to split the check. My other dear one who is in recovery shouldn't have to pay for the alcohol the wine lovers drink. Because we care about spending time together we try to be gracious with each other and make it work. We're all good folks, and we're all good tippers. I mostly don't eat out with those who aren't.

Also, as others have said, most restaurants here won't split the bill even if you ask in advance.

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Tamari Sauce

I love my gluten-free tamari, but I also keep a bottle of Bragg's Liquid Aminos on hand. I find the tamari to be darker, richer, earthier than soy sauce. Braggs is brighter, thinner and saltier. Having both options provides a larger range of flavors in my kitchen.


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