Best Margarita Pizza Greenpoint

I would say it is similar to the DiFara thin crust pie , three cheeses , lots of basil and olive oil. They use a conventional looking oven , but my pie was pretty well done with some char. Maybe they crank up the heat .

Finally checked out DiFara last Sunday


Barosa is on Woodhaven Blvd , exit 19W LIE. Approx 2 miles from LIE.

6229 Woodhaven Blvd Rego Park , NY

Barosa has good food too, it's my local neighborhood pizza joint. Usually I alternate between Barosa and Nick's. Barosa is good , although the pies have been a little dry lately. They have a Brick oven, not sure if it's wood fired.

Best Margarita Pizza Greenpoint

Just polished off a few really decent slices at the new "Best Margarita Pizza" on Norman Ave in Greenpoint. I really liked the Margarita pie , it definitely borrows a few elements from the DiFara/Lucali three cheese pie. The pie needs some fine tuning , but the place is new .The Pizza was very tasty overall and is a nice addition to the neighborhood.

Hopefully the place will get some exposure , would like to see what other people have to say. Didn't get the owner's name ,but he seemed like a nice guy even offered some free samples.

I hope they will add a regular Neopolitan style pie. Right now they have Artichoke, Margarita,Sicilian ,and Crab. The shop is on Norman ave in Greenpoint by Jewel Street , about two blocks from McGuiness Ave.

Finally checked out DiFara last Sunday

Finally checked out DiFara last Sunday. It really lived up to the hype for me, found it to be a truly awsome pizza expereince. Lucked out with the inclement weather , crowds not too bad. Snagged a few regular slices while on line with the g/f waiting for our pie. When I first saw the pie , I wasn't blown away,it looked to oily. I was worried that it would be soggy, boy was I wrong. I loved the complex flavor of the pizza, every bite yielded new flavors.

My only knock on the pizza would be that it's not the best reheatable pie. When reheated , it lost some of its magic for me. All in all it was a really positive experience and I am looking forward to going back.

My top 5 Pizza's.
1. Difara's
3. Grimaldi's
4. Nick's
5. Barosa Brickoven

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