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Where in New York can I buy dried fruits and nuts for cheap?

Bay Ridge has many stores with dry fruits/nuts. Balady's is a great store.

low-mid range restaurants for two girls in east village

Cafe Himalaya - Nepali-Tibetan-Indian Food
Little Poland - Polish, Hungarian Diner - It's heavy food but the Bigos are amazing.

Wow places to eat NYC

Pam's Thai is great. It's near Times Square and convenient if you're catching a show too.

2 non presentable, fast food places which I highly recommend:
Cuban/Dominican: (Highly recommend the Media Noche Sandwich)
Xi-an Famous Foods: 24 W. 45th Street (Two words: Lamb Sandwich is amazing)

Cheap lunch ideas?

Legumes like lentils and beans are great sources of protein on the cheap. Here is a favorite soup I'd come across a while back. Additionally, depending where you live, shop for produce at ethnic stores where it tends to be cheaper. Good luck!

Serbian/Bosnian Restaurant Recommendations

Salsasis14 - We ended up checking out the place you recommended this past Saturday and it was great. Being new to Serbian food I didn't know what to expect. The cevapli was grilled perfectly, the stuffed cabbage had just the right amount of heat and the burek were fresh. Also, I'd read comments on yelp about the unfriendliness of Serbs/Bosnians at some of the restaurants. We were greeted warmly and got very good service at least at this place. Thanks for your recommendation.

Max - After trying out Cevabdzinica Sarajevo's burek and cevapi I'm eager to try more Serbian food - Ukus looks great. I'll make that my next stop for East-of-the-Adriatic tastiness. Thanks for the recommendation.

Mooncakes in New York

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll check them out! I had one in Chinatown Brooklyn with red bean which was really good. Cheers.

Find Filipino Groceries at Johnny Air Mart in the East Village

Thanks for the heads up on this market. Banana ketchup is a definite must try. Cheers.

Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Sauce

We were looking for another way other than hummus and millet casserole to use Tahini. We made this yesterday and it was amazing. I gave you a shoutout on my blog. Cheers.

Do You Pick the Leaves Off when using Cilantro/Parsley?

I always do with cilantro. I'm more likely to use the full bunch if I've already removed the leaves from the stems. Usually I turn on the tv while removing the leaves. It's kind of meditative.I suggest watching something immersive like Dexter.


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