Ed Levine's Golden Rules of the Perfect Pancake

I wonder if everyone shares the Overlord's preference for pancakes with crisp edges. I think of the ideal pancake being tender throughout. For crisp outsides and tender insides, I turn to waffles.

Ed Levine's Golden Rules of the Perfect Pancake

Though buckwheat pancakes would not be my choice for breakfast, let it be said that buckwheat blini make a pretty fine vehicle for caviar.

Help Support The Upcoming Food Lab Video Series for Big Prizes!


I do get that funders will receive the book before it's officially released. According to the indiegogo page, the expected delivery of the book to funders giving $100 and above is September. The book will be released on September 21 to the general public; its price on Amazon is $34.33. So you can get it on Amazon on September 21 for thirty-four bucks or via indiegogo perhaps one to three weeks earlier for a hundred bucks. Given that, I'd say the emphasis should be not on the exclusivity of the inducements but simply on the inclination of people to give you--somebody they've come to like and admire--a helping hand.

Help Support The Upcoming Food Lab Video Series for Big Prizes!

With the greatest respect, this seems a little odd: crowdfunding for a commercial project (i.e., intended to make a profit) that will take place regardless, and with the inducements offered to funders not goods at a preferred price but rather at a price far higher than they'll command in the marketplace when available to the public. So in essence it's a charitable contribution to a profit-making enterprise. But it's a free-will offering, and if people are inclined to pony up, that's certainly their prerogative. Operators are standing by.

How to Make Sichuan-Style Wontons in Chili Oil

Respect to Mary Chung, but Shun Lee Dynasty opened in New York in 1965 serving very spicy Sichuan cuisine. I believe that was fifteen years or so before Mary Chung Restaurant came along.

How to Make Japanese-Style Pork and Cabbage Dumplings (Gyoza)

Are the gyoza wrappers you use the same as wonton wrappers? The latter are in supermarkets, but I don't remember seeing a Japanese version.

The Secret to Great Coq au Vin? Lose the Coq

But I'm very attached to my coq!

16 Game Day Wing Recipes We Love

Here's the thing about chicken wings that fascinates me. It was only in 1964, according to most accounts, that Buffalo chicken wings were invented at the Anchor Bar--not so long ago, certainly within the memory of those of us with a bit of gray in our hair. Back then chicken wings were cheap and largely unloved, of little use for anything. Now they're ubiquitous, highly desired and accordingly much more expensive--even the far less desirable portion with the ulna and radius. They're the foundation of a gazillion dollar industry and grist for more than a dozen recipes on Serious Eats. And all within the space of just a couple of generations. It causes one to wonder, what advances will we see in the next fifty years in pig tail gastronomy?

Making Panela at a Colombian Sugar Mill is Still a Low-Tech Affair

Congratulations on the photography, especially the two images showing the molten sugar in flight.

Why You Should Own a Pair of Good Kitchen Shears

Yes, they're shears, jar opener, bottle opener, shell cracker and screwdriver, but wait, there's more! In the event of a zombie apocalypse, separate the two sides and you have weapons to stab a zombie. Did I say "a" zombie? Make that TWO zombies!

The Secret to Extra-Crispy Herb-Roasted New Potatoes: More Than a Pinch of Salt

Some sentences are declarative, some are imperative, some are interrogative and some--"Kenji, why don't you ever make those salt-crusted potatoes we have back home for me?"--are accusatory. Hypothesis: the closer the relationship, the more likely a simple request is to be recast as accusatory.

The Food Lab: This Isan Thai-Inspired Sliced Steak Salad Will Knock Your Socks Off

If palm sugar is available, would that be preferable to brown sugar? Similarly, if Thai basil is available, would you use it in place of the basil/cilantro combo? Or at least substitute it for the basil?

The Food Lab: How to Make the Best Pumpkin Pizza

You must be out of your gourd.

The Clammiest Chowder: How to Make Rhode Island-Style Dairy-Free Clam Chowder

Just as one can rend fat from bacon, it's easy to rend guilt from a son: what's the matter, you couldn't give your dad a lift to Boston on your drive back to New York?

A Better Than Snickers Milkshake for Halloween

A noble effort, but an ontological impossibility. Nothing can be better than Snickers.

How to Make the Best Chicken Parm Sandwiches? Start With Great Chicken Parm

I made this today. Instead of ciabatta, I used rye bread, and instead of cutting it lengthwise I cut it crosswise. I didn't toast it. Instead of a layer of sauce on the bottom, I used Russian dressing. Instead of the chicken parm, I used corned beef. Instead of topping it with extra cheese, I used cole slaw. I omitted running it under the broiler. This was a great recipe. Five stars.
h/t: the recipe reviews at

Gadgets: Get Wavy With the Kuhn Rikon Krinkle Knife

What's the problem with putting knives in the dishwasher, assuming their handles are not wood and are otherwise dishwasher-safe? Does the dishwasher detergent or the heat damage the blade or dull the knife? I have a suspicion this may be one of those kitchen verities that cannot withstand scrutiny, like the myth that browning meat seals in the juices.

Does Pre-Salting Make for Tougher Scrambled Eggs and Omelets?

Drunkards who have handcuffed themselves together? What interesting parties you must attend.

One Easy Base, Three Awesome Peanut Butter Ice Creams

Inasmuch as a Snickers bar defines perfection, "better than Snickers" is an impossible concept. If you can duplicate its perfection, that is as great an achievement as any human can attain. Beware of hubris, lest you meet Nemesis.

The Perfect Chicken Schnitzel

And some parmesan cheese mixed in with the bread crumbs makes for a terrific variation.

The Best Lobster Rolls in NYC

Those are things of beauty. Must eat lobster roll. Must eat lobster roll.

Taste Test: Dennis Eats All of Cricket's Cat Food

Say what now? Testing out her litter box?

Quick and Easy Turkey and Brussels Sprout Quesadillas

Damn if I didn't think the same thing, dorek. So we've got six people, Kenji's wife and him, your wife and you and my wife and me.

I fear we're fighting a losing battle on this elementary grammatical issue, when even at the highest levels of government we hear people talking about something being given "to Michelle and I." But fight it I shall, especially when it's so easy to get right: just eliminate the other person and see what sounds correct. One wouldn't talk about "a meal for I," so one shouldn't talk about a meal for somebody else and I.

Secret Tools and Tricks of the Ice Cream Pros: How to Make Creamy Ice Cream

Good advice re eating ice cream quickly. I've been doing that for quite a while now. Rarely does a pint of Cherry Garcia last more than 15 minutes.

Max, in view of the very high prices of the Carpigiani machines, what's your take on the Pacojet, which can be gotten for a mere mid-four figure price? I've been resisting the urge, but if I can justify it as a bargain alternative . . . .

Sunday Brunch: Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict With Dill Hollandaise

I made this recipe, but instead of smoked salmon I used a hamburger, instead of dill hollandaise I used ketchup, and instead of English muffin I used a bun. I was out of eggs so I omitted the poached eggs. It was tasty, but it seemed pretty similar to other dishes I make. And it would have been improved with a side of fries. So, three stars.

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